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4th of July Decor

I hit up the Allegan Antique Market this weekend with my mom and sister in-law and we found some awesome goodies. So many that we had to make multiple trips back and forth to the car, which is always the sign of a successful day of shopping! Two of my favorite finds ended up in our dining area.

4th of July Decor

I loved this vintage flag, and when I saw it, I immediately envisioned it hanging up in our dining space. I got it home and hung it up from the grommets and I loved the way it looked, but it seemed a little incomplete.

A dining room table

I quick built this rustic wooden frame from scrap wood I had in my garage. It’s totally simple to make,  just four 1×4’s cut to size and a couple of  brackets. I hung the frame right over top of the flag that was already on the wall. It framed it out so nicely, not to mention it keeps little hands from pulling on the flag.

4th of July Flag Decor

Hanging the flag in here sparked a great discussion with my kids about the 4th of July and how blessed we are to enjoy the freedoms we have living in the United States.

Lake House Dining Room

It looks perfect with my red buffet table too!

My table got a little swap out also with this long wooden box I found. I always keep pots of fresh herbs around, but they are usually in my kitchen which doesn’t get much light. I’m constantly setting them over on the dining table in the afternoon to catch more sun, so I thought I would make it their new permanent home.

Herb garden box

I took the kids to the nursery to grab a few more herbs plus some terra-cotta pots to plant them in. The 6 inch pots fit perfectly in the trough and it will be so easy to lift them out to water them all.

Wooden Herb planter

My kids were so cute helping me pick out the herbs and they even named them all (after the kids in the Boxcar Children books). Which I thought was so fun until I tried to cut some basil off of “Benny” and they dissolved into shrieks and tears because I was “cutting off Benny’s arms!!”

Cottage Dining Room

So, now I have a super cute planter filled with delicious herbs that I’m not allowed to use, for fear of injuring “Susan or Henry”.

Table and Plant

I’m trying to convince them that it’s like getting a haircut, but they remain unconvinced. I really think this is just their secret ploy to avoid eating anything green, cleverly disguised as a humanitarian effort…

or a vegetarian effort? :)

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th of July!

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  1. I’ve been searching your blog all afternoon for your dining room table. Did you paint this yourself? If so, what are the colors you used? Thanks so much!!

  2. What kind of wood floor do you have in your dining room? Is it hardwood or engineered wood?

  3. The framed flag is just perfect! I could steal the long narrow box…..Question, we are rehabbing. What kind of floor do you have? Is it wood, did you install it yourself? Would you choose it again?


  4. Kelly, I love what you did with the flag and the trough. Your kids are too cute!! You have a beautiful home and I love following your blog!

  5. I’m new to Lilypad Cottage and I love your style! I also know you’re in MI on a lake, but trying to figure out where?
    I’m in Kalamazoo and if you went to Allegan, you can’t be TOO far!
    Keep up the great ideas !!

  6. Lovely looking decor…again! I know that 4th July is a big event in the US (I live in the UK). is it just a one day celebration? I like the idea of the flag as a decoration – looks great. Would you keep it on the wall for a while or just until after the weekend?

    D x

    1. Hi Mara, I’m not really sure what you mean by this comment except that I titled the post 4th of July decor? If that’s what you meant it’s because that was the best fit for good SEO (search engine optimization) just one of the many little behind the scenes things bloggers have to think about. So although it might not be proper, it was a better option for me :) Happy Independence Day!

  7. Hi, I love this blog & the way you present it along with many of your ideas. Just nit picking really but I think the flag frame would have looked better with the brackets on the reverse, out of sight. Still great though. Please dont bar me :)

  8. I really like how you framed your flag. I have box just like yours that my husband built me. And this is an awesome way to decorate with it–fresh herbs!
    Are your wicker chairs from Ikea?

  9. Hi,
    Your blog is always inspiring and your home so lovely! The rustic frame you made is really perfect. Did you know that the field of blue on the flag should be on the right? (So picture your flag hanging horizontally then if you were to turn it 90 degrees to the right to hang vertically – then the field of blue would be on the right side.)
    Fresh herbs are the best ~ and your kiddos… pretty cute!
    Hope your Independence Day is filled with fun. :-)

    1. Hi Carol! I actually researched this extensively bc I wanted to make sure I got it right :) the union is always supposed to be displayed on the left whether vertical or horizontal. It seems odd bc you are right if I rotated the flag it would be wrong, but thats what the flag code says thanks!

  10. You have done it again, outstanding! I just love the flag and your frame. Perfect location for it. Great idea for your herbs. Can’t wait to plan a trip to the antique market. I always look forward to your posts. Enjoy your fourth!

  11. The flag looks fantastic!!!!! I think framing it out was a great idea. The perfect touch. Happy 4th of July!

  12. Kelly,
    As always, you did it again. Wonderful!
    As far as the boxcar children, one of my favorites as a child.


  13. The flag looks great! Love the herbs in the pits… I just did the same thing. Hope you can sneak in a trim or two when the littles are sleeping ;-)

    1. I snuck one this morning while they were still snoozing, let’s hope they don’t notice it in their dinner tonight

  14. Very clever and I love the way the brackets show — very rustic. If you DON’T prune the herbs they will get leggy and die :-( That would be worse than giving them a slight haircut. Then they will grow heartier!! I know, we parents and grandparents have to be on our toes and one step ahead. You can do it!!!!

  15. I immediately thought “Kelly you did it again!” Looks great & love how the flag works into your decor :) My daughter really likes the Boxcar Kids too :) What a great idea naming the herbs & so funny about not wanting them “trimmed”. I’m a tad bit surprised that you didn’t paint the terra-cotta pots or the flag frame, but that might come later LOL :) We know how you like to change things up & freshen up your decor after awhile :) Thanks for opening your home to give us more ideas :)

    1. Hi Christy! The frame is actually stained a really pretty walnut color, it kind of doesn’t show up well in the photos though :)

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