White and Blue Lake House Master Bathroom

I’ve received a few questions about our master bathroom recently, which made me realize I haven’t shared this space since we moved in 2 1/2 years ago! Since I know not all of you have been around that long and I’ve made a few changes in here, I thought it would be a good time to update! I also have a new favorite organizer – is that not the dorkiest adulting sentence you have ever read? :)  Welcome to age 36 where bathroom organization is exciting! A new shower head filter is saving my hair too, so let’s dive in.

white and blue coastal master bathroom free standing tub and wood stools

First, I’m still loving our fun blue cabinets. It’s hard to believe these are the same color as our kitchen island, but this is one of those colors that looks so different depending on the light and time of day. You can see it in these photos because, in typical Michigan fall fashion, it went from sunny to thunderstorms in the 30 minutes it took me to shoot this room.

White and blue coastal lake house master bathroom blue cabinets

I swapped out the tray in here for a smaller white one to give me a little more counter space. I really don’t like to have clutter on my counters, so one trick I rely on a lot is using a pretty tray to corral the things I like to keep out.

White and blue coastal lake house master bathroom blue cabinets

I do this in the kitchen for bowls of fruit and napkins, etc…and on our coffee tables to hold remotes and coasters too! It feels more like a decorative choice vs. a practical necessity that way.

white bathroom counter tray

I keep a few products on the counter that I use every day plus a magnifying mirror and candle to pretty things up. I also keep a Trader Joe’s orchid here all year long. They usually last me a good 3 months or so and for $14 that is a great value. I love the little pop of color it adds. If caring for orchids scares you, the best trick is to put a few ice cubes in the container once a week and that’s all they need!

white and blue coastal master bathroom

I also recently snagged these foaming soap dispensers off amazon, and I’m not sure why I waited so long for us each to have our own soap dispenser.

white and blue coastal master bathroom

I like having these little stools over by my tub to set a book or glass of wine on. I also end up perching on one of these to rinse Charlie’s paws off too. That’s his towel hanging over the tub. This time of year it seems like he spends more time relaxing in this tub than me, but white furniture plus muddy paws don’t mix.

white and blue coastal master bathroom free standing tub and wood stools

Oh and I should mention that we have cellular shades from Budget Blinds that you just pull down to cover these windows, I get that question a lot!

A stool in front of bathtub

I’m still loving our IKEA linen cabinet tucked in this corner. Originally this was just supposed to be a closet, but I’m so glad we swapped it out for a piece of furniture to add more character to the bathroom. The Mr. even put this one together, but I don’t think they carry this exact style or color anymore.

wood and glass linen cabinet coastal lake house master bathroom

wood and glass linen cabinet coastal lake house master bathroom

Another swap I made was adding a taller shower curtain. We have 9-foot ceilings in here, and it felt a little dinky having such a short shower curtain.

wood and glass linen cabinet coastal lake house master bathroom

I’ve talked a few times about how hard our well water is and that was one of the reasons we decided not to do a big tile shower with a glass door. It was also an easy spot to cut our budget when we were over in other areas (like our living room ceiling and all the board and batten trim). I’ve had a lot of emails asking if I regret this choice. Yes and no. Well, first this is an easy upgrade we can add down the line someday (once we finish the pool house and a few other dozen projects that are more pressing).

white shower curtain

Do I think a gorgeous tile shower would be pretty in here and make more of a statement? Yes. Do I want to constantly be battling the hard water and rust stains? No. I also still hate glass shower doors. Especially with how open our bathroom is to our bedroom. I still don’t want my 543 hair and bath products on display (remember how I hate clutter?). You can see this is just my half of what is currently in my shower, so you know what I’m dealing with. I will never claim to be low maintenance when it comes to hair products! I love the ability to pull the curtain closed over the mess.

white and blue coastal lake house master bathroom

Here’s a view looking into the bedroom so you can get a better feel for the space. Our closet is the door on the left and the little toilet room is to the right.

You can see the shower filter head I added to this shower above, it just screws right on no tools required. I bought it 6 months ago and it has really really helped with our hard water. It has great reviews on Amazon, and I can tell it definitely cut down on the brassiness my blonde hair tends to pick up from our water. I just changed out the filter cartridge this week and look at all the gross stuff it filtered out!


A shower filter

Even my hairstylist mentioned a difference. It’s really reasonably priced and you can change the filter out every few-6 months depending on your water. And yes, we do already have a water softener and filter system. We also have a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water and fridge hookup. This is just one of those little downfalls of living out where we do. I’ll link it below if you want to try it for yourself!

best makeup organizer

Ok, let’s talk organization a minute. I got this organizer a few months ago and I love it! It’s the perfect size to fit underneath the bathroom sink and I just pull the whole thing out and plop it on the counter when I get ready. Then when I’m done I tuck it right back under the sink again. Rather than searching through a makeup bag for mascara, I now have it organized by foundation & concealer, bronzer & blush, eyeshadow & eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. I swear this has cut down on my routine a ton just knowing everything is in the right spot. Also if you are curious about my fave makeup products you can read about them here.

best clear makeup organizer

So that’s our little updated bathroom tour!

White and blue coastal lake house bathroom cabinets

I’m in a little bit of limbo land right now with blog posts. I have a million DIY projects to tackle (painting our wet bar cabinets, finishing my daughter’s bedroom, wallpapering my son’s bathroom and planning the pool house reno), but I also have a Thanksgiving tablescape set up in the dining room and a Christmas tree in the basement. Ah, the life of a blogger ;) I have no idea what I’ll be sharing next, so if you have any requests leave me a comment!

white and blue coastal master bathroom free standing tub and wood stools

SOURCE LIST: (Disclosure- contains affiliate links)

Water Filter – find it here

Makeup organizer – find it here

Wall Paint colors – Silver Strand and Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Cabinet Paint – Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williams

Wood Stools – Find them here

Rug – Find it here

White tray – find it here

Faucet – Delta Cassidy Single Lavatory Faucet

Flooring – BuildDirect Salerno Porcelain Tile Wilderness Series

Cabinet – Ikea

Mirrors – Hobby Lobby

Countertop – Misterio quartz by Vicostone

Bathtub – Signature Hardware

Lights – Quorum


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  1. Can you share with me if you used real wood for the shiplap or an MDF material? We are having our bathroom remodeled and they told us the MDF would swell in the bathroom due to moisture… Thank you!

  2. Thank you for your quick reply….so glad to know it is as good as it is pretty, and has stood the test of time!!

  3. Your home is beautiful!!!! You must be looking forward to another summer enjoying lakeside living!!!
    I have a question about the free standing tub from Signature Hardware in your lovely Master Bathroom.
    We are considering several brands and I am just wondering if you are still pleased with the quality of yours from Signature Hardware after having used it for the past few years? Thank you for any guidance you may offer!!!

  4. Hi Kelly!

    I have been swooning over your house daily for the last several days. It is stunning! Can you please tell me what color the tile you have in your master bathroom is? It is linked but not to the particular color and I am having a hard time figuring if it is the brown or the white from the web pictures. It is on clearance and I want to get some before it is gone! Thank you so much for all of the beautiful inspiration! Jenn

  5. With our new build nearing completion, I am struggling with window treatments next to our massive tub window and my kitchen window. After seeing your low profile blind, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. I don’t want to obstruct the mountains views but definitely need the privacy without a bulky mass mounted up at the top. Your’s look perfect and exactly what I need to solve my dilemma! No strings, right. Just the tab to pull them down? Not too much of a stretch? I’ll definitely check out their site and see if motorized is an option. You’re my go-to source for inspiration, resources and ideas! THANK you for all you do and your willingness to share ❤️ It is truly appreciated!

  6. I’ve got well water and blonde hair too. My hair dresser recommended Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. It’s a toning shampoo and gets rid of brassiness, it works wonders! One more to add to your collection ;)

  7. Just wow. What a space! I am fairly certain I would never ever leave if I were soaking in that tub in that perfect master bathroom, It is absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Andrea – I do not have rust problems but have you tried Bar Keepers Friend?? Worth a try!

    Kelly – Beautiful home!

  9. We also have a lot of iron in our water. Prior to the addition of the showerhead filter, how did you keep your shower and tub surfaces so white? I have tried everything, it seems, but mine are perpetually rusty-looking. I welcome answers from other readers as well — feel free to respond if you have any tips or tricks.

    1. I don’t really have any good tips for you the tub stays pretty clean but I struggle with around the drain area turning orange. The toilets get bad too if we are gone for a few days.

      1. My mom uses a product called “Whink”. I’m amazed at how well it removes rust stains – in the toilet also.

  10. I love how you put things together. You decorate so well and don’t always put the most expensive things in but it always looks like a million bucks. I would never guess that cabinet was ikea!!! Your shower looks amazing and it’s not even tile!

  11. I love your house especially the front exterior. My house has a similar front and I would like to install new longer windows and copy the look of your boxout, metal roof and corbels. My husband and I disagree on where the window placement is in the boxout. Does the window recess in the boxout or is it flush with the exterior of the boxout? I hope this makes sense. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful home!!

  12. Hi Kelly, I LOVE your style. I’m about to paint my kitchen cabinets. If you were to choose a color that is going to be on-trend and work well for the foreseeable, can you give me a few suggestions?

    1. Oh man I think so many colors can be classic, white, cream, I’m seeing a lot of beige kitchens right now that feel timeless too! I even think navy and black can work for a long time. Good luck!

  13. Beautiful! Love the windows. Thanks for sharing where you got items. I just ordered tje makeup drawer stack for my college daughter. Thanks for helping her out wiht makeup clutter!

  14. Love whatever you want to share but include pictures of your beautiful home. It’s my dream home! Thanks Kelly?

  15. Hi Kelly,
    Love your space, we just finished a new bedroom Reno and I love living in a space that on the sparse side. I’m Canadain and we just had Thanksgiving weekend so my vote is for any Halloween or bring on the Christmas tree. It’s never to late to get ideas. Thanks again for sharing with us.
    Thanks Jony

  16. Do you happen to have any info that would be easy for you to share on your pull down blinds? You are my favorite!

    1. If you go to Budget Blinds website look at Cellular Shade that is what we have in White. It’s free to have them come out and measure and show you the options too so I would google for a Budget Blinds in your area!

      1. Another nice pleated shade option for bedrooms and bathrooms is a “top down/bottom up” shade. You can raise it from the bottom as you normally would but you can also lower it from the top. We had these in our home (in your typical suburban home) and loved the light they let in while maintaining our privacy.

  17. Hi-so beautiful! I’m thinking cabinets were custom made, are you able to give the dimensions?

  18. Such a pretty, pretty room and good call on the Ikea cabinet vs a closet. It adds so much warmth and character to the room and neatly folded linens make me smile. :-) I never could understand why people love big showers with glass walls unless they never use the shower, lol. Your shower set up is perfect. Oh, I love Charlie’s fall sweater, too.

    1. Thanks Dori, ha you know Charlie had to sneak in there! I didn’t even notice until I was editing photos lol. He has been freezing with his new haircut!

  19. Stunning bathroom and I thank you for sharing it with us :)
    Please tell me where you found your extra long shower curtain ?
    Thanks so much,
    Marisa from Boston

      1. Hello! Does the shower curtain have a waffle texture? That seems to be the only extra long one I can find and was hoping for more of a linen appearance. Love, love, love your bathroom, so serene and unfussy :-)

  20. Will have to check out that makeup organizer! And I agree on the orchids! Such an easy and affordable way to add a touch of beautiful color.

  21. Beautiful space! Very airy, which is so my style. Would you mind sharing what the material is on your floor? It’s stunning.
    Have a beautiful day!

    1. I’m not sure what brand it is we had a plumber install it for us. It’s in our basement and feeds up through the ceiling into the kitchen. I looked at it but didn’t see a brand on it – thanks!

      1. Hi, love your space! Wondering about the ship Lap? What product did you use? I worry about using wood or mdf behind a bathroom sink ( kids splash so much ) so I’d love to know what you used and how it’s holding up. Looks fantastic !

        1. Hey Leanne it is MDF but since this is our master we don’t have kids in here or issues with splashing so it’s holding up perfectly!

  22. What color stain would you say the mirrors are? I’ve been trying to find the perfect stain that looks like that.

    1. Good eye :) There is a vent coming out of the wall hiding under there. Our cabinet maker attached the Ikea cabinet to the wall so it is a bit more built-in and the vent is beneath it :)

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