8 Great Houseplants for your Home

Here in Michigan, March tends to be a long gray month that alternates between snow, rain, and the occasional hope inducing sunny day. To get me through til actual spring time hits, I like to decorate with houseplants. I have collected (and kept alive) quite a few houseplants over the years, but I always add a few new houseplant friends this time of year.

Don’t have a green thumb? I have quite a few no brainer, easy to keep alive plants that are favorite tried and true. I’m sharing my favorite 8 houseplants for your home.

Living room with stone fireplace, wood dining table, and houseplants

Dining Room Sources / Faux Branches

What are the easiest houseplants to keep alive?

  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant
  • Jade
  • Aloe
  • Pothos
  • Faux plants ;)

All of the above plants are pretty low maintenance, as long as you put them in the right kind of light. Still not ready to be a plant mom? Don’t worry I’m sharing some of my favorite faux plants as well!

stone fireplace with builtin bookshelves decorated with plants

Living Room Shelves / Living Room Sources

I always get questions about the different plants in our home, so I thought I would take you on a little tour and introduce you all.

Benjamin Ficus

ficus plant on white countertop in kitchen with white cabinets

It feels only right to start with my oldest plant – Mr. Benjamin Ficus. If you’ve been following a long time, you may remember this plant used to sit on our mantel at our last house. I’ve had it about 8 years now! He used to have a friend, but I made the mistake of putting that in my son’s room. My son was so helpful by watering it everyday…RIP

The Benjamin ficus prefers bright to moderate light, so he is happy by the window here. I water him once a week when the soil feels dry. Be careful not to overwater.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

dark gray wall with fiddle leaf fig plant

Basement Family Room

The ever popular fiddle leaf fig. This plant has been with me a long time too. He’s not quite looking his best at the moment. He got caught up in a nerf gun war and tipped over. I’m sure he will bounce back soon.

These can be pretty finicky plants. They like indirect light, but with a bit of direct light. Watering can also be tricky. I like to give mine a little splash every week. Then I actually let it take a shower in my shower once a month and let it fully drain. I also really like this fertilizer.


Dark gray walls and bookcase with white table and leather chairs with jade plant

Basement Sources

Jade is another easy to grow houseplant. I planted 3 separate plants in this large planter about 3 years ago and they’ve really filled in nicely.

I recently added this smaller one to our living room as well.

blue accent chairs with gray accent table with jade plant

Accent Chair Source

These thrive in our south facing home because they like bright light. They also prefer a dry soil so I water sparingly once a week when the top of the soil feels dry.

Alii Ficus

gray bookshelves with blue accent chairs and alii ficus plant

This houseplant is a relatively new addition, I’ve had about a year. I sometimes struggle with the Alii Ficus because it likes a nice moist soil, but you have to be careful of root rot. This is my only plant that I water twice a week to keep happy. It also prefers higher humidity which can be difficult in the winters here. I mist it once a week to help out with that. It’s also very common for them to drop leaves in the winter, so don’t freak out if they shed a bit.

ZZ Plant

Navy bathroom paneled walls with gray towel hanging on the wall with zz plant on counter

Son’s Bathroom Sources

I like the easy to care for ZZ Plant for my kid’s rooms and our basement. They don’t need a ton of water and are truly low maintenance. This one in my son’s bathroom has been thriving in the indirect light here.

Beige kitchen cabinets with white tile and zz plant on black countertop

Wet Bar Cabinets

zz plant sitting on window sill

Workout Room

Snake Plant

snake plant in a basket next to an entry bench

Entryway Sources

If you are looking for some height a snake plant is a great idea. I have one in the entry that has gotten so big.

wood nightstand with zz plant on top in white vase

Primary Bedroom Sources

This one on the Mr.’s nightstand is getting a little too tall for this space. I think it’s time to find him a new spot. A great excuse to go buy another plant!

blue walls with nautical artwork in a bathroom

They do well in pretty much any kind of light (although avoid all day direct light as they can burn) and really only need to be watered every 2-3 weeks.

Audrey Ficus

rattan bar cart with audrey ficus sitting on it with lake art work hanging above on white walls

Another new addition to our houseplant family. This Audrey Ficus was a bit finicky when I brought her home, but now she seems to be acclimating nicely. Once again bright indirect sunlight along with consistent watering is key here. They prefer a more moist soil.


green console table with white vase and pilea plant sitting on top

Pilea are so fun, they are known as the friendship plant. They grow little plant babies that you can repot or give to a friend.

wood table with black candlesticks and pilea plant

I just put these little guys into this pot to grow. They prefer bright indirect light and I water once a week.

small container with pilea plant
What are the benefits of houseplants?

Besides looking pretty they have been other benefits. Houseplants can help purify the air, boost your mood, and add humidity to your home.

Faux Plants

wood dining table with black chairs and plant centerpiece

Still don’t have you convinced to give houseplants a try? I’ll admit I love a good faux plant from time to time as well. Especially faux stems to give me a nice tall arrangement on our fireplace or counters.

stone fireplace with rustic mantel with white vase filled with faux branches

Faux Branch Source

In the summer I love to clip branches from our yard, but these are a few of my favorite faux branches for when that’s not possible.

Text over graphics of images of faux branches

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Whether you have a green thumb or not, houseplants (faux or real) add so much life and color to a space! You can find source information for each image beneath each photo or as always check out the Shop Our Home page.

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