Best Planters and Vases for Spring

After my decorating with plants post earlier this week I had a lot of requests to share planters and vases to go along with my favorite plants. I’ve got you covered today! I rounded up all the planters and vases in our home along with several favorites I’ve had my eye on as well.

Adding plants and faux branches to our home is my favorite way to bring a little spring inside. The right planter or vase can elevate your plant even more.

My Favorite Decorative Planters and Vases

collage of vases and planters

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  1. Kemi Pot
  2. Zentique Wavy Cement Pot
  3. Dia Natural Basket Planter
  4. Rati White Textured Vase
  5. Zentique Terracotta Large Pot
  6. Minka Textured Pot
  7. Cube Pot Planters
  8. Zentique Decorative Pitcher
  9. Sphere Indoor Outdoor Planters
  10. Adra White Vase
  11. Terra Garden Pot
  12. Weathered Terra Cotta Vase
  13. Concrete Fluted Planter
  14. Ceramic Flower Pot
  15. Pottery Table Vase
  16. Fired Black Terracotta Planter
  17. Concrete Planter Gray
  18. Izzie Self Watering Planter
  19. Maya Terra Cotta Planter
  20. Wide White Textured Vase
  21. Lila Planter
  22. Carved Ceramic Vase
  23. Nesting Seagrass Basket
  24. Braided Basket Pot
  25. Open Weave ZigZag Basket
  26. Rattan Planter

Happy planting!

a collage of vases and planters

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