Lake House Entryway Ideas

Our lake house entryway has had several looks over the years. We’ve tried a few different benches, plants, and rugs. I have to say of my lake house entryway ideas this new iteration is my favorite so far!

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls with wood table and lamp

Let’s back up and you may recognize this table

green console table with art

It is one of my most favorite flea market finds from over the years, it was a gorgeous green color. I loved it green but unfortunately, I left a vase of flowers on it that I didn’t realize was leaking. The next morning the top of the table was completely ruined.

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls

I figured that meant it was time for a change for our entryway decor! Rather than trying to repaint it (I knew I would never be able to duplicate that patina and perfect color) I decided to try and strip it instead.

black lamp on wood table in entryway

What I thought would be an easy DIY project to kick things off here on the blog, ended up being a week long process. I hit the hardware store no less than 4 times trying to get the layers of paint off this thing.

black lamp on wood table in entry

After 3 different paint stripping products and hours of sanding, I managed to remove the majority of the paint.

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls

The little bits of green that still show through are actually a fun character detail…or that’s what I’m telling myself, since I can’t spend one more minute sanding this thing.

black round mirror with black lamp over wooden table

It was well worth the effort though because I love how it looks in this space. Yes, it got a new home in our entryway! I’ve been switching a few things up on the main floor of our home and playing musical furniture. (More on that soon).

An entryway with a bench

We never ever sat on the bench that used to be here. It really became a catch all for dog leashes, keys, bags, whatever. I decided a table actually made more sense here.

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls

I like that I was able to tuck this bench underneath, so there is still the option for sitting down to put your shoes on if needed. I “borrowed” it from the pool house and like how it looks here.

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls

I added this mirror and lamp, and I love how welcoming our lake house entryway is now! We are at the stage of life where our teenage daughter seems to have more of a social life than we do! It’s nice to leave this cozy lamp on at night to welcome her home.

black lamp on a wooden console table

I’ll probably still add a rug here this fall yet, but it’s been a nice practical change for our house.

lake house entry with slate floors and white walls

What about that big blank wall by the kitchen now you ask? Well I ordered a large cabinet for that wall that I can’t wait to style. I’ll share next month when it is scheduled to arrive.

Small Entryway Ideas

  • Mirror – is always nice to open up a small space and reflect light
  • Skinny Table – nice to have a catchall spot for mail, keys etc…
  • Bench or Ottoman – a place guests can sit to tie shoes
  • Coat rack – if you are like us and lack a hall closet a vintage coat rack is fun and practical
  • Lamp – I much prefer the cozy light a lamp gives off than the harsh overhead lantern
  • Tray – on my list to find yet to corral keys and mail
  • Rug – also on my list to find yet, a pretty rug would warm up our slate tile
white vase with greenery on wood table

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I have a similar table, with a metal top. The edges are still green and I love it. I was told it is a European wallpaper hangers table. I’m still trying to find the right spot for it.
    I love what you have done with yours!

  2. As usual, Kelly, your idea to refresh that gorgeous, pre-loved, table was perfect! Antique pieces always add a special charm to more modern environments. Your entry is absolutely beautiful and very functional, even more so than it was with the bench. And the best compliment of all… it’s Charlie approved. ;)

  3. We just had slate installed in our mudroom/laundry room (inspired by your entryway) and it is going to be grouted tomorrow. Do you know the color of grout you used and would you recommend it? I like the light contrast but don’t know how it will look with wear.

  4. Wow!! I liked the green bench but I love the natural (with a little green) patina even more. Can’t wait to see the new cabinet.

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