Coastal Front Entry

My son said to me this morning “oh man, my foot is asleep…it’s so lucky that it gets to sleep in!” which pretty much sums up how we feel about daylight savings around here. :)

Although, I will say the one perk to getting up at zero dark thirty is that I can go back to my bathrobe chic bus stop outfit and it’s too dark for anyone to appreciate my fashion choices. Even though I did get a new pair of pajama pants recently and my daughter said to me “whoa, fancy new bus stop outfit mom!” You are welcome other moms at the bus stop, for raising the fashion bar for us all.

In other mom winning news, I told my little guy that he didn’t need snow clothes today because it was going to be warmer and it’s currently a blizzard outside. Oh March, you are so tricky…

oar rack decor

Speaking of tricky (wow, clever newscaster segue) my parent’s entry way at their Florida home was a tricky space to decorate. It’s a very large long spot with the office on one side and their staircase on the other, but not a lot of wall space for a piece of furniture. We found this bench at HomeGoods, which we felt made more sense in front of the railing than a table.

A large front door with windows

We decided to paint the previously dark interior of the door to add more of a pop of color and interest in this space.

Here’s the before so you can see how much darker it was –

A living room filled with furniture

and the after!

Coastal House Front Entry

We hung an old leaded glass window up on this wall and gave the whole room a fresh coat of paint. They also had the railing sprayed white to freshen it up.

My mom snagged one of the oar racks that I have in my home. It looks so fun in this room. We actually hung her oars the opposite direction of mine because it fit better in their space that way. It’s hard to tell in these photos, but they all have a variety of blue chippy finishes on them.

A room with a wood floor

Here’s mine in case you missed it (read about them here). I love that it allows you to rearrange the oars and add to your collection easily without having to put new holes in the wall all the time.

A room with a wood floor

We are still on the hunt for a rug for this space, but for now it feels fresh and bright (kind of the theme for this house makeover making everything fresh and bright).

Also, I am excited that we are heading back down to visit my parent’s in a few weeks, and I’m going to have a tripod that actually works this time! So, I will reshoot some of the spaces that I haven’t shared yet and stop apologizing for blurry photos ;)

SOURCES: (contains affiliate links)

Wall Color – Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams

Front Door color – Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore

Wicker Bench – HomeGoods

Oar Rack – Royal Barge Decorative Oar Rack (Oars Sold Separately)

Window – Flea Market

Plant Stand – Flea Market

Pillows – Pier 1

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  1. Would you give the color name of white paint used for large Living area in Lilypad Cottage. I do appreciate that you give names of products you use, such as in Pool House makeover. I don’t know if you have that type
    Of info for decorating the main home.
    Thank you,
    Karen Farrington

  2. Hi – I just love the look of this entrance space. Bright, beachy, beautiful. Can you please say what paint finish you use on the door and on the walls? It looks glossy in some shots, and I would really like to use the same finish on my own color choices in my beach home.
    thank you!!

    1. Hey Bella we used Extra White by Sherwin Williams on all the board and batten walls in satin finish – thanks!

  3. Such a beautiful open light space. Love your style! Can you tell me where you bought the flooring and the name of it? I’m having a hard time finding light flooring I like . Thank you . Love your blog!

    1. This is just red oak flooring that was finished on site, it’s original to the 20 year old home so I don’t know where they found it – thanks!

  4. WOW, what a difference fresh paint can make! I thought of you a week ago when I was at Home Goods in on 28th Street, they get a big shipment on Fridays and had a bunch of large oars come in. :)

  5. Love your style, and all of your ideas!
    Can you share where you purchased the light fixture over the front door?

    1. Hi Joni, it’s from Wayfair I think I actually linked to the exact fixture when I blogged about my mom’s office. If you type coastal office in the search bar of my blog you should find it!

  6. So, so pretty! I love the new color of the door! You are so brave to change the color! I also love the oars and the way you have hung them. Please continue to share your talents with us!

    1. It took a little convincing my Dad wanted to just paint it white, but it’s so fun to have that pop of color on the inside and out!

  7. I really love the new door color! The entire space, from the inside shot, just looks like “beach” :-)

  8. Love how this turned out. Each piece makes me happy and I enjoy it because it is so simple and uncluttered. The antique window frame reminds me of every good time had strolling the Allegan flea market ?❤️

      1. Hi, I love the way your entryway came out could you please tell me the color that you paint the door I absolutely love it. ? thank you so much!

  9. Absolutely stunning. What a transformation. I love everything about this space. Please come to Sydney Australia and do my house. X

  10. Wow! What a beautiful “fresh and bright” transformation! You really worked your magic in here, Kelly. I love the gorgeous crystal ceiling pendant in the foyer, too. Happy rug hunting!

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