Coastal Kitchen and Family Room

While we are getting close to breaking ground on the new house (crossing all fingers and toes) and I’m anxiously awaiting having some progress to show you, I thought I would continue on with my parent’s Florida house tour. Up today is the kitchen and family room just off the kitchen.


A living room filled with furniture and a large window


A dining room table in front of a window

A kitchen island

My parent’s lucked out this time and the kitchen was move in ready. The previous owners had already put in brand new white cabinetry, appliances and pretty marble counter tops so my mom basically just needed to unpack her dishes and pour herself a glass of wine.

A kitchen with a sink and a microwave

A stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen

Well and paint, having the right paint color makes such a difference! The really warm beige/yellow they had before wasn’t playing well with the cool toned marble. The Top Sail paint color by Sherwin Williams really sets the kitchen off so much better.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

Other than that, just removing the drapes and swapping out a few light fixtures finished things off.

Coastal kitchen design

You will notice there is a cute pup photo bombing almost every shot. These rooms are the sunniest in the house and my parent’s 3 dogs are enjoying the retired life just as much as my dad. They basically lounge all day in the sun only breaking their dedicated napping to chase geckos.

Coastal Dining table

This little bar height kitchen table is actually part of the new Magnolia collection. We are still waiting for 2 more of these chairs from Pier 1 to arrive.

A small brown dog lying on a couch

Yep, I officially want to be a dog and nap in the Florida sun all day too.

Coastal living room decor

There is a cozy family room right off the kitchen that overlooks the canal in the back of the house and the pool.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Again this room got a coat of paint and some new furniture. My parent’s friends actually had these couches they weren’t using anymore and they fit perfectly in here. Which was nice because this home didn’t come furnished, and it’s a bit overwhelming to buy an entire house full of furniture all at once.

A living room filled with furniture and a tv

Sorry about the super sunny pics, I had to get to the airport to catch my flight so I had to deal with the morning lighting. We added a few pops of deeper teal in this room for a bit more fun.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

Coastal seagrass lamp

That’s all I got for now, but I will finally have some progress on our home to share soon. The house and trees are scheduled to be torn down next week, and we have all the required building permits in our little hands, so fun things will be starting soon!

You can catch up on the rest of the Florida home tour here and here.

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  1. Hi…I’m enjoying see the progress of your home and your mom’s new home in Florida. Where is the bar height table from in her home? Thanks!

      1. Thank you! Can you name the Florida store (and city/town). Is the Magnolia collection part of a particular manufacturer?

        1. The Magnolia collection is part of Joanna Gaines of the show Fixer Upper. I’m sure if you google her you will find a store near you that carries it, I don’t remember the name of the store sorry!

  2. Love the transformation. I was curious how your mom likes her GE dual gas range. I have the same range in my kitchen & really dislike it. We paid $2500 for it 5 years ago when we built our home in Door County, WI. I think I got a lemon. Thinking of replacing it. Any suggestions what to replace it with?

    1. Hey Deb, she hasn’t actually cooked anything with it yet ha :) She isn’t a big fan of cooking to be honest so it won’t get much use most likely!

  3. Love it! It’s amazing what can be done with paint and a good eye! I would like to know what kind of dog that is lounging in the front of the photo. He looks Yorker/poodle? Our dog passed away a few months ago and I’m eyeing a new one, but need the hypoallergenic kind. Anyway. They are adorable. They look like they have an awesome life.

    1. I think my mom answered this question but in case it didn’t go thru to you he is Beiwer Terrier, sorry to hear about your dog :(

  4. Love you decor style! Much like my own. Would love a source list. Especially for the rugs and kitchen decor. :)

    1. Hi Leslie, I’ve been so good about sourcing everything and I forgot on this post! The rug is from Wayfair and the kitchen decor is from Pier 1

      1. Thanks Kelly! You have been such an inspiration for me for decorating! Can’t wait to see what you do with you new home! Merry Christmas to you and your family! :)

  5. I love the TV cabinet, looking for one like this! Can you tell me where you purchased!
    Beautiful home!

  6. What a gorgeous kitchen and family room! What a find on those couches! Can’t wait to see your project pics… Hope they get the foundation in soon! It’s getting cold! You must be so excited…

  7. Love the house! I need to know where your mom bought the rugs for the kitchen and family, they are exactly what I need. Can’t wait to see more of their house and yours. I use to live in Michigan and moved to Florida two years ago so I love seeing both of your homes. I always look forward to your next post, keep up the good work. Thanks.

  8. So, so pretty! You did an awesome job! How fun that they sold their other place furnished and got to buy all new things! I love the way just a few simple changes made such a difference….especially in your previous post.

  9. Love! Love! Love! It is amazing what you can do in several days. I am obsessed with the personal beach touches you have added. You and your mom make a great team :)

  10. Ok, I have to give you something new to obsess over. Our backsplash is marble tile cut in little ovals. I love it, but every time I looked around, the switchplates jumped out like a sore thumb. I had decorative painters paint them for me. They charged $15 each and they are AMAZING! Now they just disappear. Tell your mom! I’m sure y’all could do it yourselves. ?

  11. Love the sunny place your folks have! Maybe some sweet day!! The bar stools look green, if they are did you paint them? Would love to know the colour, green is one of my favourite colour!

  12. Love, love everything! Where did you get the lamp? I have that cute little sailboat and one like it only a bit bigger. It came in yellow so I painted it to match the small one Target rocks!

  13. I love how bright it looks and the paint colors are perfect. I’m dealing with our kitchen and I am going light but what color I don’t know. Our cabinets are white-washed maple (former owners chose them) and they have a pink tinge to them. Hubby says NO to painting them so I’d like to find a color that helps tone them down :-( Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching you build your dream house. Have a happy day!

  14. Such outstanding transformation with just small changes. I’m drooling over the kitchen, especially the tile work behind the stove! Of course, the style and colors are so me, I can’t help but love it. When do we get to see pictures of your mom and dad enjoying their new home? It is so good to hear from you again, you have been MIA for too long. You have really been missed.

  15. What a beautiful and comfortable looking place! You all did a great job! I am so excited to follow you new home journey!

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