Friday Feels – Coastal Laundry Room

Hey guys, today’s Friday Feels is short and sweet! I’m totally in the weeds with errands, laundry and life this week. Not to mention I had an extra buddy in bed last night, because my 6 year old had nightmares and then our dog puked all over us (when it rains it pours…I feel like there is a vomit joke in there, but I’m too brain dead to make it). What I’m saying is I’m running on 6 cups of coffee and trying to keep my eyes open. In the same brain dead vein I totally forgot to include photos of my mom’s cute little laundry room in yesterday’s coastal kitchen makeover post. So, I thought I would quick share those here today.

A laundry room with teal cabinets

Their laundry room is right off the kitchen and has a little pocket door so they can hide the mess if they want.

Laundry room

We decided to paint the cabinets in here the same Wythe Blue paint as the front door and her office for a fun pop of color. The counters were a plain white laminate so we wanted more of a contrast than painting these cabinets white too.

Laundry Room cabinets

My mom found this cute hardware on Amazon and we went with Extra White for the wall color.

Oh, and I should show you a look at the before as it had the dreaded old school wallpaper border –

A laundry room with cabinets

and the bright and fresh after!

A laundry room with windows

I hope you guys have a great weekend. The lake is trying to melt and it’s in the 40’s here, so it feels like spring may be around the corner!

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  1. amazing what a gallon of paint will do to transform a space. looks as if it was built from scratch that way.

  2. Oh good heavens, I know it’s not funny, but this post sure had me laughing! I love every room you decorate! This laundry room is perfect! I can’t believe the difference the paint on the cabinets and wall made! Perfect!

  3. I love it! Do you have a post, or can you share in a future post, your method for painting cabinets? How do you make sure they don’t chip like crazy? Sand first?

    1. Hi I don’t have a great post about it, I have done it myself in the past and the key is washing the cabinets really really well. I have never sanded cabinets I’ve painted but I use super high quality cabinet paint. I haven’t had any issues with chipping. They hired this project out though.

  4. So pretty and fresh! We have dreaded wallpaper border in a guest bath…?any tips for removing?
    Thank you! Hope you sleep better and without company tonight.

  5. Yes, I agree with Debbie. Please share the cabinet painting process. I was wondering if they are real wood or the builder grade laminate type.

  6. Absolutely love this makeover. The colour of the cabinets is gorgeous. What a beautiful light and airy laundry room.

  7. Love what you guys have done!! Would you mind sharing the process of painting the cabinets? And if it’s not the same, the kitchens cabinets also!
    Thank you so much ?

    1. Hi Debbie, they hired this project out but my biggest tip for painting cabinets is get a good sprayer and do nice thin coats. Be sure to wash the cabinets first really well with a heavy duty cleaner.

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