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Florida House Progress

Hey all – sorry I missed my Friday Feels post last week! We took a family road trip for fall break to Niagara Falls and I was camping in a yurt (the Mr.’s idea as I’m not a camper). It was actually so fun, and I’ll be sharing more about our trip and #yurtlife (I feel like it needs it’s own hashtag) in this week’s feels. I’m still unpacking and trying to air the campfire smoke out of everything we own, but I thought I would pop in and share some progress photos of my parent’s Florida house remodel. My mom is thankfully reporting live from the scene and texting me up to the minute pics all day!

So far on the inside, they are still in demo mode. They have ripped out the upper cabinets and green countertops. We will be putting open shelving on either side of the window. My mom couldn’t believe how much more light there was in the kitchen removing all of the bulky upper cabinets. It really opens the kitchen up.

Here is the before again –

A kitchen with a wood floor

Progress shot –

A kitchen with an island in the middle of a room

We really wanted bar seating for when they entertain, and this window was giving us a bit of a problem with extending the countertop, until I realized we could curve the countertop! That way we can still fit 3 stools at this counter and make the kitchen work much better for them. Originally we were going to rip out all of the cabinets and make one big new island, but that unpacked a whole other can of worms with the wood flooring. I think this solution is really going to work well, plus the lower cabinets were really high quality and in nice shape so it was great to save them. With a new coat of fresh white paint it will look brand new in here.

We also decided to extend the island a bit to make it look a bit bulkier. They got a new counter depth fridge, so that bought another 4 inches of room on the other side of the island where the fridge used to stick out.

A kitchen with wooden cabinets in a room

Here is another solution I came up with for this office area in the kitchen that my mom wouldn’t really use. We decided to turn it into a little bar area. This is the one conversation where my Dad actually wasn’t zoned out on the design plan, apparently you say “beer fridge” and men snap to attention. I may just sprinkle that in whenever I need the Mr. to hear what I’m saying… Like “beer fridge” don’t forget to let the dog out or “beer fridge” can you pick up a gallon of milk? ;)

Here is my super fancy sketch of the plans for this area. I think it’s going to be a nice use of space.


Ok onto the outside! We made a decision on the paint colors. Here are the test paint swatches.

Window trim

The winner was Edgecomb Grey! They got the very top of the house painted and it looks amazing so far! I can’t believe what a difference a coat of crisp white paint can make. The shutters are just primed and will be getting that fun Wyeth Blue color soon.

A beach house with palm trees

I cannot wait to see all the railings and stairs get a coat of white paint too!

Oh, and I received a lot of questions about some of the sources in last week’s design plan post, so I’ll link them below.


Trim Paint – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Siding Paint – Edgecomb Grey

Carpet – Home Depot: LifeProof Sequin Sash in Oceanside 32

Counter top – Home Depot: Silestone White Arabesque

The tile was all from Home Depot too, but I don’t have the names yet.

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  1. Progress is slow but sure! Happy with all the decisions we made and can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. Love love LOVE everything so far. Thanks for the update!!! I love the paint colors, and what you’re doing with the kitchen. I agree with NOT gutting everything. Use as much as you can, and then splurge where it really counts!! Cabinets are cabinets!!! Blessings from Missouri!!! And, just a hint, I’d LOVE to see more fall pictures from your home looking across that amazing lake :)!!!

  3. Oh my it is coming together and the sketches … making it more real and the paint colors for the house love the edgewood grey

  4. What a great idea to curve the countertop – and add the wine fridge/beer fridge on the other side of the room. It appears that the cabinets are in great shape to painting them totally makes sense. After going through a full kitchen gut job a couple years ago, I know how much time/work and money goes into new cabinets! Beautiful plans – you are so talented!

  5. I am in the process of building my house now and i am so glad i found your blog for some ideals. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!

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