Fall Kitchen Accessories

I’m continuing to add a few fall touches here and there in our house. I’m trying not to clutter up the house up with pumpkins and decor that we then have to move around to actually use the space. Instead, I’m focusing more on textures, fresh cuttings from the yard, and practical items that are also pretty.

navy island white quartz countertops

I’m so excited to be partnering with the Home Depot again for today’s post. Not only do they have great home decor, furniture, and lighting, but they also cover all your kitchen needs too! I also love their curbside pickup service, which is a great option if you don’t want to ship items to your home.

white and navy lake house kitchen

I tend to spend more time cooking cozy meals in the fall/winter months, so now seemed like a great time to pick up a few fun fall kitchen accessories.

navy and white lake house kitchen

Not to mention, the Mr. and I have been married for almost 19 years so a lot of our wedding kitchen gifts have seen better days!

navy and white lake house kitchen

copper kitchen accessories in a white kitchen
SHOP: Copper Colander (Similar)

Copper and wood tones always feel like fall to me, so I picked up a few new cutting boards and a pretty copper colander.

The mixed metal tones fit right in with my pots above the range plus, it’s a handy spot to keep a strainer when I’m making pasta. I’ve been on the hunt for a few more copper pieces like my beloved vintage pitcher/utensil holder and this fit the bill.

cutting board, rosemary plant, copper utensil holder
SHOP: Copper Water Pitcher (Similar)

The leather handle on this cutting board is such a fun detail, and is perfect for adding a little warmth to our kitchen. It would be great for a charcuterie board as well.

copper kitchen accessories
SHOP: Wood Cutting Board

Whenever people spy this little dog on my counter I get questions about it—I keep my watch and rings on it when I’m cooking or doing the dishes. My mom picked it up for me as a gift.

white pendant lights, navy island
SHOP: Wood Cutting Board

My new favorite item is this chunky cutting board. The wood tones are soo pretty!

white pendants, navy island, white cabinets lake house kitchen

It’s attractive enough to keep out on the counter all the time, and yet super practical. I can quickly chop up an apple for an after school snack. Which my kids will insist must be dipped in caramel, but whatever it’s still a fruit!

fall branches, white stoneware pitcher

I’ve been on a big stoneware kick for fall (I bought that gorgeous vase from Home Depot) and this pitcher is the ideal island centerpiece. It looks great on its own, but it’s perfect with branches from the yard too. I’m thinking pine boughs for winter or maybe even some holly branches.

white stoneware pitcher
SHOP: Stoneware Pitcher

Since our pantry is on the other end of the kitchen, I like to keep a few staples that I cook with on hand next to our range. I had a marble pedestal here before, but the salt and pepper were constantly being knocked off. I wanted this area to be more user friendly.

navy and white kitchen with black wallpaper

I fell in love with this little salt cellar and pepper grinder. The stone adds a lot of texture, and I love how handmade and unique they feel. I like to add black details throughout our kitchen which picks up on the black wallpaper and countertops from our pantry.

salt cellar and pepper grinders
SHOP: Salt Cellar

I’m a sucker for little odds and ends like this! I love to cook but it’s even more enjoyable when your tools are pretty. You may be wondering if I need four salt and pepper grinders? And yes, yes I do! One has pink salt, one has sea salt, one for black peppercorns, one for white…a girl needs options!

salt cellar and pepper grinders

I added these cute oil and vinegar jars which are great to have on hand for cooking (they’re sold out right now, sorry!)

salt cellar and pepper grinders
SHOP: Round Platter

I corralled it all with this round platter that will keep any spills at bay, and protect my counters. Now, this spot is ready to go for soup season.

white and navy lake house kitchen

I have massive glass jars in my pantry for flour and sugars, but I’ve been wanting some smaller ones to keep out here in the kitchen. These are the perfect size for baking soda etc…and the little details make them feel special.

white canister set
SHOP: Canister Set With Lids

They also seal airtight which you don’t always get with more decorative canisters. I put hot chocolate mix in one of them for my kids, and now that I think about it they would be perfect for a coffee/tea/hot cocoa station.

navy island white kitchen

So there we go, just a few small touches to cozy up the kitchen. Bonus the Mr. won’t go crazy moving a pile of fake pumpkins around to make his morning coffee ;) Be sure to check out The Home Depot for all of your home decor needs. I’m linking all my faves from The Home Depot below. You can find all of our kitchen sources on the shop our home page.

Chunky Wood Cutting Board

Leather Handle Wood Cutting Board

White Canister Set

Mixed Metal Colander

Glass Oil and Vinegar Jars

White Stoneware Pitcher

Salt Cellar

Marble Pepper Grinder

Black and White Platter

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  1. Your wood and copper fall kitchen accents are SO warm and pretty, Kelly! I just love your decorating style because it’s so warm and charming, very elegant instead of lots of clutter. I, too, put branches (not as pretty as yours though) and faux greens in my antique stoneware crocks but I had to put felt adhesive dots on their rough bottoms so they won’t scratch my counters or tables. :) You will always treasure your darling little dog ring holder. It’s thoughtful, heartfelt little gifts like that that always mean so much. And I’m sure Charlie loves it, too.

  2. Love all these practical yet oh so pretty finds!! All
    From Home Depot! Who knew?? I will be grabbing up a few of these things for my kitchen. Great post!

  3. Love the pop of color from copper and clippings from your yard. Will you share the source for the pot rod with hooks above your stove? Thanks!

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