Neutral Christmas Decor

Ok don’t throw things at me, but I’m starting to think about my holiday decor for the year. I know, it’s not even Halloween yet. However, last year by the time I shared my Christmas decor most everything I used was sold out. I’m just getting ahead of the game if you are on the hunt for a few new ornaments to add to your collection. I’m returning to a quieter neutral Christmas decor theme this year. In the past few years, I have used more color, I did a green theme and a silver and blue theme. Not to mention my kid’s colorful tree in the basement. I’m going a bit more subtle with warm metallics and textures like rattan and wood.

neutral Christmas decor

Simple has been the theme for most of my decor this year. In talking with you on social media, a few of you are feeling the same! A lot of you have kids or spouses schooling/working from home and there is a lot more stuff in your house in general. I’m definitely feeling that with the Mr. spreading his stacks of paperwork, etc. all over the dining room. With so much extra stuff going on having a quiet calm space at home has been appealing. That said, if you want to have your own holiday extravaganza with a 30 ft. Santa Claus in your yard and 36 Christmas trees knock yourself out! It’s 2020 we all need to find our own happiness however that looks. For me, that’s keeping things simple and natural and less eye twitchy. I already have a lot of metallic and mercury glass ornaments. I’m just adding in a few new touches here and there to mix it up.

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Neutral Christmas tree ornaments


Neutral Christmas Decor

  1. Jute and Wood Beaded Swag – I love how unique these swags are.
  2. Carved Tree Topper – The wood tone of this will be perfect with our rustic mantel.
  3. Faux Jasmine Garland – I love to combine a few different varieties of garlands on my mantel, and the texture of this Jasmine will be a nice addition.
  4. Whitewashed Beaded Garland – These just arrived in the mail yesterday and they are so gorgeous in person! I also think these would be pretty in a decorative bowl year-round…
  5. Rattan Basket Bowl Tree – I upgraded to a larger tree a few years ago, but I never upgraded my tree collar. The one I have now actually won’t fit our new tree so I’ve been using an old blanket. I love the look of this basket!
  6. Espresso Glass Ornaments – I love the warm tone of these ornaments – they will be perfect to mix in with my mercury glass ornaments.
  7. Antique Duotone Ornaments – I love the antique look of these.
  8. Gold Stipple OrnamentsI can’t wait for these to arrive, the subtle gold color is so pretty.
  9. Rattan Woven Bells – Ok and the texture on these – love!
  10. Faux Cedar Garland – I actually tried to order this last year and they sold out before I could. I found one at a local store but I had wanted two for the fullness. Snagged another one this year!
  11. Winter Stripe Gift Wrap – I’m thinking of mixing in brown kraft paper with this gold paper for my gift wrap, maybe some bronzey ribbon too.

I’m loving the warmth and coziness of the fall pillows and blankets that I added. So I plan on keeping those all winter as they fit right in with the warm tones of the ornaments I’m using. A few of these items have already arrived so I’ll be sharing on Instagram later this week!

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  1. It’s all so beautiful. Do you have a estimate on what everything in the living room cost? I just wonder because some of the ornaments are more then $10 each and you would need to purchase more than ten of most of them to get them all around the tree. I know acquiring items over the years helps but if you want to get this look this year is it around $2500?

    1. I’m a big believer in buying a few special ornaments and filling in with less expensive ones. I bought a few $6 containers of bronze ornaments from Hobby Lobby to fill in, used what I had, and then only used 2 or 3 of the more special ornaments each. There are only 4 of the rope swags on the tree and 4 of the wood beads garlands.

  2. It’s not too early to start thinking Christmas. I decided I’m going to add some touches the day after Halloween. We all need a little cheer!
    People are starting their Christmas gift buying already, as there might be shortages, delays in delivery and who wants to be out in crowded malls. Early gift guides would be helpful.

    1. Thanks Joanna! I am planning on sharing gift guides this week thanks to your suggestion! I hadn’t even thought about the shipping issues etc!

  3. Can’t wait to see your home all decorated. Love your choices this year. Everything you do always looks beautiful.

  4. Hi Kelly, I can’t wait to see your home with all the neutral Christmas decorations. I especially like the idea of using the Rattan basket instead of the traditional tree skirt. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Have a great day

  5. I love your idea of doing a more natural, neutral theme with your holiday decor. What a great idea! I can’t wait to see the big reveal! You always do such a great job and I love your taste!

  6. Oh my word, Kelly, I can’t wait to see your home decorated for the holidays! LOVE, love, love everything you’ve chosen. And leave it to Anthropologie to come up with that amazing rattan bowl for the tree! I chuckled when I read “less eye twitchy” because that’s EXACTLY how I feel about decorating in general. I love your style so much because it doesn’t shout, it whispers… warm… charming… elegant. :)

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