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Navy Christmas Tablescape

This is my first year hosting Christmas like a real grown up! Since my parents have been down south all winter, their house isn’t very festive feeling without a tree up. So our family will be gathering here on Christmas Eve, which will be so fun.

A dining room table set for Christmas dinner

I thought I would play around with some practice tablescape ideas before hand. I think my final version on Christmas Eve will look close to this, plus a full tablecloth to protect my table because we will have 5 little kids here.

A dining room table set for Christmas dinner

Ok and maybe minus the candles actually being lit during dinner too, because again kids.

A dining table set for Christmas dinner

And also minus the glass ornaments that could make for a fun game of catch while waiting for dessert (this is actually more of risk for the Mr. than my kids…)

A Christmas decorated dining table

Hence the need for my “nice” vs “naughty” tags…

Wooden bowl place setting

Ok, so in reality I should just go the red solo cup, plastic tablecloth and possibly a full coverage bib situation depending on which of my kids I sit next to…

A dining room table in front of a window

But we can pretend I’m having a very fancy and sophisticated dinner for today.

A dining room table

Although to be honest, I’m not sure I can call this fancy. The runner is a $5 roll of wrapping paper I unrolled along the table.

A dining room table set for Christmas

The plates and bowls are all mismatched, because I don’t actually even have a matching set of 8 things (again thanks kids).

A dining room filled with furniture and a large window

Half the napkins are ikea towels or leftover fabric, and the boxwood wreath was $10 from Trader Joes. Add in a $5 box of ornaments from Michaels, this cute felted garland that I already had, and some random candles I stole from around the house – the whole thing clocked in at about $20.

A table with white plates and candles

Now to figure out the menu…

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Napkins – Ikea

Felted ball garland – West Elm

Navy Ribbon – Michaels

Navy & Gray ornaments – Michaels

Boxwood wreath – Trader Joes

Wrapping paper – JoAnn Fabric

Grey Chairs – Wayfair

White Chairs – Target

Table – Art Van

Pillows – Pottery Barn from a few years ago

Flooring – BuildDirect

Light – Wayfair


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  1. Hi Kelly. I love your home. It is so much like the one we are currently building on the lake. I’m struggling with picking flooring. I love the color and style of your flooring. Any chance you remember the color and brand of the wood?

  2. I love your house SO much! :D I have been drawing house plans for a long time dreaming about our new build, which, Lord willing, should become a reality in the next couple of years! I would love to know the dimensions of your living room, or at least the length of that back window wall, if you have time to share. We won’t have a lake to look out on, but we do have woods, and it would be amazing to be able to see our tall trees out of windows like yours! :)

  3. Hello again! Is there any chance you have the floor plans or room dimensions for the lake house? By your pictures its exactly what I have been looking for! Also the paint colour in the main rooms family room kitchen dining area!? ?

    1. Hi Virginia I’m unable to share our plans on the internet but our living room is 22 x 22 if that helps. The paint color is Extra White by Sherwin Williams.

  4. Hi! Could you tell me what is paint colour and brand you used in this room? It’s perfect for what I’m looking for!

  5. It’s so beautiful! All of it :)

    Speaking of kids, how do you handle the white furniture and contents of the red solo cups (or wine glasses), toddler hands with dessert on them, dog naps etc.?

    I’ve recently added two white sofas and said I’m just “not worrying” about it, just going to enjoy them. But when it happens…..

    1. Hey so our couches are in a really family friendly fabric and they also have a lifetime stain guarantee on them. But my kids pretty much hang out in the basement for the most part and we just have a cheap ikea couch with slipcovers down there so I don’t worry about it too much. They are really good about eating in the kitchen or the basement but they are also 6 and 9 so we are past the super messy toddler stage too. Good luck with your sofas!

  6. I just love the beachy, nautical look of your house and Christmas decorations. The random napkins and mismatched bowls really appeal to the new me. (I recently gave my mom my matching dishes.) Great job!

  7. The blue ribbons, the greens and the adorable alternating wooden salad bowls with the white porcelain. Sweet as can be! Cozy too :)

  8. It’s hard to set a pretty table with non breakable dishes and ornaments. But, nobody cares as long as food is good and the company better. Merry Christmas!

  9. Absolutely love your house. My husband and I just recently moved from a home on the water in Ontario Canada to be closer to our 2 boys in Calgary Alberta. We really do miss the water but love being with the boys close to the mountains. Look forward to more picks from you as it brightens my day.

  10. What a lovely read! :) Your table is so pretty! Those darn kids! Lol Bless their little, inquisitive souls! ? Gotta Love ‘em! You’re awesome!

  11. Your table looks so festive! May I ask, did you DIY the “naughty” and “nice” wooden tags?

  12. Wow! Kelly, your table is stunning! Wrapping paper table runner? Genius! The mismatched place settings? Charming! Your Ikea towel napkins are brilliant, too, and I’m still smitten with the NICE NAUGHTY tags. Adorable! I recently bought my first battery-operated Luminara pillar candle. When I told my hubby how expensive it was he said I was crazy but when he saw it turned on he changed his mind and told me to buy more, lol! I’m not surprised how incredibly real they look because they were created by the Disney Imagineers. I saw them on display at my BB&B and was hooked. You could have “lit” candles on your Christmas Eve table and the kids, not to mention the adults, would be fascinated! They’ve become quite the conversation starter in my house. Thanks, again, for sharing your beautiful home!

  13. How exciting to be hosting this Christmas Eve! Your home definitely looks ready and I love all your festive details. It’s great when you can come up with something so pretty without having to spend much!

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