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Christmas Chalkboard Countdown

It’s Friday again which means…


Yup, only 9 fridays left! This week I’m sharing a cute sign I made for my kiddos. I promise not every Christmas idea I have will be chalkboard related, but chalkboard paint is such a cheap and easy thing to switch up. It’s perfect for seasonal decor.

Christmas Calendar

I don’t know about you, but my kids need, NEED to know when everything is happening –

“How many more minutes til dinner?”

“How many months til I’m 7?”


and the most popular one – “How many sleeps til Christmas?”

Chalkboard Christmas Countdown

So, this year I’m trying to save myself from at least that question every 3 minutes with my fun Christmas Chalkboard countdown.

All you need to make this is an empty picture frame and a piece of wood (or even heavy smooth cardboard would do the trick). Just paint it out with chalkboard paint and pop it in the frame.


Make a little grid with a ruler, slap some numbers on and you are good to go. Put it in a prominent place in your home so your kids always have a good look at it, and whenever you hear that question just point to the sign!

You’re welcome.

This little sign is spreading peace, joy and blessed silence all over the house this year.

Now if I could just figure out a way to make the “are we there yet?” stop….

Mudroom with advent calendar

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  1. Such a cute idea! I stumbled upon your blog a while back and really enjoy your creative ideas and down to earth, real life DYI stories :)

  2. How adorable is this!!!! LOVE that it is a chalkboard. Oh enjoy all the questions. Kids grow up in a blink of an eye! Seriously!
    You are such a creative girl, Kelly! I love your style!!!!

  3. Clever idea!! Kids don’t have concepts of time — especially car travel. We had the advantage of having a station wagon in the days when kids didn’t have to be tied down. The back of the car looked like a playroom/bedroom and snack room. Yep!! The five hour trips went by quickly because they were constantly able to do something. I love you chalkboard and I am thinking of doing something with it too — even though I don’t have little ones around the house any more.

    1. Oh back in the good ole days, now they are strapped in tight! I remember rolling around our own mini van all the time too :)

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