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Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Alright, I know… Christmas already??? Well, I’m trying to get a jump on things this year plus get some great ideas rattling around in your heads for your own Christmas decor. I mean, did you know there are only 10 FRIDAYS left til Christmas?


Every Friday for the next 7 weeks (til Black Friday) some of my favorite bloggers and I will be sharing a little Christmas cheer, so dust off your jingle bells and get excited!

DIY Chalkboard Christmas Gift Wrap

First up is my chalkboard gift wrap, and no, I’m not actually organized enough to have started my Christmas shopping  already. In fact, I typically wait til December to start. But in the meantime, I like to wrap up my kids empty puzzle boxes, pretend it’s Christmas and basically totally screw up my poor children’s time clocks.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “ooh can I open the present yet?” Even though I kept telling them over and over it was empty. They are going to require years of therapy I’m sure.

Gift wrapped gifts

Anyways, I love to make my own Christmas gift wrap every year, and I always use cheap brown kraft paper and dress it up a bit with paint or my kids doodles or whatever (you can check out last year’s gift wrap here)

Gift wrapped gifts

This project is so easy all you need is:

kraft paper



chalkboard paint

thickers (like stickers, but thicker)

First wrap your gift (or empty box if you feel like messing with your kids) and if you are like me, you only have duct tape available because your daughter steals every roll of scotch tape in the entire house to make a crazy glorious art installation involving legos and barbie shoes…

Gift and Chalk

Then tape off where you want your chalk paint to go using painters tape or just draw any shape you want. I traced a bowl with pen to get the circle. Then just fill in the space with chalk paint.

Kraft paper craft

Let it dry and doodle to your hearts content!

Craft paper and paint

I added these fun brown thickers I bought at JoAnn Fabric for a little something extra. But you could do this a million ways. Bonus you don’t need gift tags since you can just write the names right on there.

A close up of a box wrapped

I did spray the finished designs with a little hairspray to give them some extra hold (being a child of the eighties I’m an expert with hair spray, I had some pretty amazing permed bangs) and to keep them from being so easily smeared by little hands.

Gift wrapped presents

DIY Chalkboard Gift Wrap

Tada! Be sure to check out the other fab ideas from the bloggers below and start digging out those Christmas cd’s cuz Santa Claus is coming to town!

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  1. I love pretty, different gift wrap, I am totally stealing this idea. …so many possibilities! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Is there any concern about the paint bleeding through and making the boxes inside wet? How did the puzzles fare once they were unwrapped? Thanks!

  3. Frankly, I think there is a tape monster that steals all of our tape at night. When our youngest son was little, he loved to play Christmas — he would wrap and unwrap boxes. This would last for hours!! When he got a little older his older brother and sister would give him all of their gifts to wrap. He now HATES wrapping presents. He buys gift bags. :-)

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