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Lake House Master Bath Makeover

I hinted last week that (ok it was two weeks ago… last week was a crazy one and I didn’t blog) there was a story behind the master bath refresh. Like all good projects in our home, the Mr. was not, let’s say “enthused” about redoing our lake house master bath. I get it, there really wasn’t anything wrong with it, but it also didn’t fit in great with the rest of our home.

A bathrroom with a sink and a mirror


A bathroom with a sink and a mirror

I had always wanted to go back and tile the back wall or do something to it, because it just felt a little blah. I started sketching out ideas and settled on planking the back wall to look like ship lap. I’d been thinking of this since August, and the Mr. being the Mr., mandated that I wait until October to tackle this because (a) our September was nuts and tackling a big remodel project would not help that level of crazy and (b) I think he thought I would change my mind or forget about it. HA HA HA, oh no, my friend, this mind is a steel trap! Well, at least when it comes to obsessing over home decor ideas anyways.

A bathroom with a sink and a mirror

It just so happened the Mr. had to travel to Atlanta the last week of September…hmmm, really one whole week without the Mr. here to complain that I’m wrecking our house? And it just so happens to overlap October 1st?! I mean, you can see what’s about to happen right?!

Grey bathroom cabinets

His flight left Saturday afternoon and that Saturday night I spent ripping out all the drawers and painting the cabinets. Things were going great – I was totally going to make this thing happen before he came home.

A close up of a bottle

Monday it was time to get started on the planked walls, so I drove to 3 different home improvement stores to get underlayment 4 x 8 boards to have them cut into 6 inch strips and every store I stopped at their saw was broken! I persevered and drove over an hour away to grab these boards, such was the level of crazy I had reached.

A sink and a mirror

We still got this, (we being me and you, all collectively cheering me on in my head)…and then Tuesday morning hit with an unholy mix of pink eye, bronchitis, raging ear infection all wrapped in one sad package – me.

Lake House Bathroom accessories

I… WILL… PERSEVERE! You’ve never quite seen such a hot mess as me in my pajamas with one eye crusted shut, coughing up all matter of grossness with a nail gun in one hand and a box of kleenex in another. Simultaneously cursing the Mr. for being gone at this point and also thankful he wasn’t here to witness the poor life choices I was making… but – the plank wall got done!

A bathroom with a sink and a window

Wednesday I took a pit stop at my Dr. office for antibiotics and to throw some macaroni and cheese at my poor neglected children.

Meanwhile every time the Mr. called to check in I barely had 2 seconds to speak to him between coughing and painting. He was starting to get suspicious that I had moved a boyfriend in for the week or I was basically half dead from being sick, one of those was kind of true. ;)

A bathroom with a sink and a window

Thursday brought on electrical (more on my new lights in a different post) and more paint…and snot…

Friday da da da da da (ok imagine the theme from Rocky playing, no idea how to type that out as I pump my fists in the air!) I did it! The room is done, the paint is dry and I even vacuumed up all the sawdust (bonus points for me). I couldn’t resist sharing my victory, so I took a photo of the new and improved bathroom and texted it to the Mr. with the caption “it’s October 2, as usual I have showed restraint, like you asked…” :)

A room with a sink and a mirror

Thankfully he loved it, and as usual thought I was totally off my rocker for tackling it all while I was half dying and he was out of town, but sitting in my tub coated in vicks vapor rub trying to steam my lungs whilst staring at my new beautiful bathroom made it all worth it.

Pedestal tub cottage bath

I’m still shopping around for a few accessories, so it’s not quite done but I love the new planked wall. I also sanded the mirrors down and found out they were a gorgeous walnut that somehow got painted instead of stained.

Lake House Bathroom

I stained them to match these cute hooks I picked up from Target. The Mr. has some sort of condition where he is unable to hang up his towel (my kids also suffer from this ailment), so I thought hooks would be easier on his impairment. The jury is still out on that one, but like him, they sure look cute!

Bathroom and Wall

I’ll share my little lighting update trick later this week and then my Christmas gloves are coming off, so be prepared for lots of Christmas decor coming your way!

For more info on how I turned these basic builder cabinets into a more custom look click here.


Wall paint – Arctic Grey by Benjamin Moore

Striped Towels – Pottery Barn

Hooks -Target

White Shelves – IKEA

Rug – World Market

Glass Vase and Flowers – Pier 1

Tray – HomeGoods

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  1. I have been waiting for this post since you those adorable cabinet feet hooked me two weeks ago. Reading it at 10:30 last night inspired me so much I couldn’t sleep! The mix of insomnia, excitement, and two cups of coffee this morning have me bouncing in my seat. Are you still interested in receiving photos of rooms via email and helping me design something?

    1. Hey Jessica, oh man I remember when I put this out there about helping design rooms and then I underestimated how much time would be involved. At the moment my kids are keeping me too busy, maybe someday when little man is in school full time too!

  2. Lets just put it out there… YOU are fantastic! Love everything. Can I ask where you bought your shelves? Are they Ikea?

  3. Looks awesome! Quick question…how come you can’t see any seams on the shiplap wall? It looks longer than 8′ across? I love what you have done in there!

    1. Hey Tracey, so I actually cut the boards to go between the mirrors because they are glued to the wall. So there were no seams until above the mirrors and then it looked kind of weird, so I used spackle to fill in the seams.

  4. I love this look. Love that view from the tub. I was thinking of doing this in my Kitchen, I think you just sold me on this idea. Love it.

  5. I always suspected you were a crazy lady and now I know for sure Kelly. But at the same time, I love your shutzpah! Love, love, love the transformation. Please take better care of yourself.

  6. Been there done that, many times. When hubby was going to be away, sometimes as much as 6weeks, I would call the interior decorator in advance and have the project all planned out so that her crew came into the house as soon as hubby left. By the way, I’m still laughing. Love your sense of humor. Hubby definitely hates any in house project. We had a horrific storm that tore the roof up and caused water to drip down the foyer wall so I said we needed to paint. His comment was “no one will notice” I had to wait until another one of his trips, then had everything painted, not just the foyer. You know what he said everytime when he came home? “That looks nice”.

      1. How exactly did you plank you walla if you dpoint mind me asking? Did you have to out anything in them before painting to keep the wood from molding? Thanks your bathroom looks awesome !!

  7. You are totally a rock star …..beautiful transformation ?You didn’t mention the color of the cabinets ? Will you share , please !

  8. Wow, you are amazing! I’m sure I would have quit working, laid in bed feeling sorry for myself and totally ticked off the husband when he came home to an unfinished project. ;). I love the planked wall and the contrast of the warm wood mirror frames. Can’t wait to hear more about the lights! You are motivating me to get started on a master bath makeover that has been brewing in my brain!

  9. Beautiful makeover. I love following along on your blog as you remind me a bit of myself, and waiting for my husband to go out of town is something I totally do! My bathroom is also in need of a refresh (15years), and I feel like it will be a project for this winter, just not sure where I’ll send my husband. ;) and your bathroom will definitely be on my inspiration board!

  10. I’m certainly glad that you’re feeling better and it was pure genius waiting for the Mr. to go out of town before tackling such a wonderfully creative project. Males have a tendency to rain on our creative parade. Now, my hubby decided he would quash any superior ideas on my part. He gave ALL of his wood working tools to our sons. Now any time I ask for anything to be done he says he doesn’t have the tools — name of one of our sons has it. :-( That was pretty sneaky of him. I have so many little things I want him to do — especially making me backgrounds for my food staging. I just may have to get him so wood working tools for Christmas :-) heh!heh!heh!

  11. You are unbelievable! It is gorgeous . Did you remove the drywall o put up the boards over it? I want this look on my bedroom back wall. My invite is still open if you would like a beach vacation in Myrtle Beach. Maybe you could lend a hand?? LOL. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Hey Beth, nope the planks went right over the drywall! Ask me about florida again when it’s January and I can’t feel my feet!

  12. As with the rest of your house and projects, I love it! It’s perfect. You inspire me so much…now I just need some time and a pinch of your talent! :)

      1. Ok, did you buy the hooks from Target already mounted on the wood, or did you already have the wood and mount the hooks to it? I couldn’t find the hooks at Target like yours. We have VERY limited wall space (like only about five inches worth next to the shower) in our bathroom, and I think hooks would work well.

  13. Will you be listing the cabinet color? Love the redo. This is almost identical (minus the awesome tub and countertop) that I have planned for my main bath. Good job.

  14. I had to chuckle when you mentioned that your husband wasn’t enthused about doing more projects. I’m just about finished with the board and batten we’ve put up in our entry and our bedroom, but the entire time my husband kept saying that the walls are fine and didn’t need to be changed! If he only knew that I want a planked wall in both bathrooms and in our guest bedroom…LOL! You bathroom is so gorgeous with the new wall and the overall changes you’ve made. You did good!

  15. Oh my god beyond gorgeous. How you did it I’ll never know. I get bronchitis all the time and I know how awful you feel. It really compliments the rest of your beautiful home. You are one lucky girl.. Congrats on a gorgeous bathroom!!

  16. My bathroom is literally torn in half right now and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go through the trouble of planking the wall behind the sink…..this pretty much seals the deal!! I LOVE how it turned out!!

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