Breakfast Nook Christmas Decor

Hey guys, I’m postponing this weeks edition of Friday Feels to bring you part two of our kitchen tour. If you missed the first part, you can check it out here. The weather cooperated and did it’s typical November grey rainy thing, so I could get some better shots today of our Christmas breakfast nook decor.

A kitchen with a wood floor

I am loving the fact that my old beams are totally beat up and already have a million holes in them, so hanging up this garland was a breeze. I used 6 nails to hang it up and felt good about just adding more character to them ;)

Garland and Kitchen with breakfast nook with rustic beams

I always get a lot of questions about where my garland is from, because it looks so real, and that’s because it is! Well kinda :) I always start with a good faux garland (this one is from Wayfair) and get that hung up first. They are easier to work with because they are wired and they give you that really full look.

A breakfast nook with rustic beams and wicker chairs

Then I bought a fresh $16 garland from Home Depot (you could also use tree clippings or grab some from the woods too) and break it up into pieces and stick it into the faux garland. You can wire it in if you want it really secure. I was able to use that one garland for this space, my mantel and another centerpiece, so it’s a good bang for your buck. Then, I lightly mist my fresh greens a few times a week to keep them fresh for the season.

A breakfast nook table and chairs

We eat on this table every meal, so I’ll be totally honest and say I just threw some presents and greenery on here to snap these pics. Although it has been my gift wrapping command center this past week…of the empty boxes I keep under the tree. I haven’t bought one Christmas gift yet, I’m not that on top of it.

And yet, that doesn’t stop my kids from sitting under the tree every day shaking the presents and wondering which ones are theirs – ha :)

A kitchen decorated for Christmas

Festive wrapped empty boxes don’t need to be just for bloggers though, I decorate with them everywhere. A few empty amazon boxes and a roll of wrapping paper is about as inexpensive as it gets for Christmas decor.

A breakfast nook with rustic beams

Happy weekend!

SOURCE LIST: (contains affiliate links)

Wall color – Extra white by Sherwin Williams

Island Color – Blustery Sky by Sherwin Williwams

Lights – Wayfair

Chairs – Ikea

Bar stools – World Market

Pillows -Target

Wood floor – BuildDirect

Garland – Wayfair

Ribbon – Hobby Lobby

Ornaments – Michaels

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  1. Looks wonderful! Love your Christmas nook and especially love your beautiful garland. I plan to do the same, use some faux garland and combine with fresh greenery.

  2. Could you give a name or direct link for the garland? It is so hard to pick out online. Thanks!

  3. Beautiful home! I love your decorating style and the fresh take eliminating red. Blues and greens always go so nicely together. Love your garland idea mixing faux with fresh, Ill have to try! Where did you find your breakfast nook chairs? So nice! Your blog always makes me happy! Thank you for sharing your home and awesome ideas with us!

  4. Love the breakfast nook. I’m so going to add some real greenery to my garlands. We have a cabin in northern Minnesota so I can get fresh greens of several types free. Thanks for the idea! Can’t wait to see your next revel of Christmas.

    1. Oh nice! I couldn’t reach any of the fresh greens on our property this year without a ladder so I cheated and bought some lol

  5. Your nook is SO pretty! I plan to use your clever garland tip and I just HAD to go and buy navy chargers at BB&B. Thanks for enabling me. :-)

  6. I ordered a sample of your kitchen/family room floor & although I like the color & matte finish I’m not sure about the grooves in the texture. It’s hard to tell from the sample so what is the over all effect of the grooves & does dirt & food collect in them? It’s for my lakehouse & we have 12 grandkids so I want a durable & dirt hiding floor! I love your house! Ours is our 2nd home so it’s a 20 year old ranch that we are updating.

    1. Hi Bev, I have not found that dirt and food collects in the grooves at all. The floor does hide dirt really well but it stains a bit easier than a floor with a higher sheen/sealed look would. The only area we have had to be careful with it is in the kitchen. It’s important to wipe liquid stains up fast because they tend to absorb easily rather than sit on top. My daughter spilled red popsicle and didn’t tell anyone for 2 days and the red was really hard to get out. Other than that I absolutely love the way it looks.

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