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Painted Coffee Table

Do you ever wake up in the morning with the sudden urge for a change? Like it hits you at 5am that you need a new round coffee table, and you need it now! And you will scour the ends of the earth for it with your two unwilling children in tow until it comes home with you and takes it’s rightful place in the living room… Then you can breathe a sigh of relief, because all is right in the world again?

Distressed Round Coffee Table

Ok, so maybe that’s just me then…

I have to say, I had not been feeling my leather ottoman in our living room for a while, but it was my one practical piece of furniture that I own having two little kids.

Summer Cottage Home Tour

It felt really heavy amongst all the white furniture, but my kids have dance parties on this thing, jump around on it, and do various gymnastic routines on it. It was sort of part pummel horse/part dance floor.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

When Midwest Living came to shoot my house we borrowed my mom’s coffee table to switch it out, because it worked better for the room…and then once her table was in my room I didn’t want to let it out of my clutches! It made me realize how much better a round table would be for the flow of the room. Especially with the sunroom on the back of the house.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

The Mr. actually came home from work and saw my mom’s table and said “oh did they bring that with them? Can we keep it? It looks so much better in here!” Ha, unfortunately my mom was not willing to part with her table, I tried to convince her that her coffee table missed her hand me down couches that now live with us and she rationally explained to me that inanimate objects don’t actually have feelings…whatever :)

A gray coffee table

So, the hunt began! I have a few antique/vintage/home decor stores I like to hit up in downtown Hastings, MI. It’s a cute little town if you have never been. I went to three different stores dragging my poor kiddos along and finally scored at Jilly’s at the Hanger. The owner is great and also has a booth at the Allegan Flea Market that I go to every month. She is awesome at bringing new life to old pieces of furniture. I explained I was on the hunt for a round table and she was nice enough to let me down into the basement of the shop and show me a few pieces that she hadn’t fixed up yet – and there was my new glorious table!

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Well kinda. It needed a bit of work, and being the bad blogger I am, I never took before photos of it. But, it already had a coat of grey paint on it along with a bunch of other paint splotches and stains. It was also too tall to be a coffee table. So, I took it home and cut the legs down and then decided I kinda loved the grey as is, but needed to get the other splotches off. I just sanded it down a ton and I now love it!

Coffee table

The only little secret is, it’s not painted at all on this side whoops!

A living room filled with furniture and a window

I go back and forth between liking the character it lends and feeling the OCD need to paint it. We’ll see which side wins out, but for now I love the change in here. It’s funny how this table is actually bigger than the ottoman, but it makes the room feel bigger and more open. I’m still playing around with the styling of it, but this is what it looks like at the moment.

A living room with a gray coffee table

The dance party/pummel horse found a new home at my sister in law’s garage sale and the dance parties have been relocated to the newly decorated playroom (I know, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve redone this room, let’s not talk about it…especially in front of the Mr.) which is probably safer for everyone involved! More on that coming soon…

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  1. The table is a perfect fit, but I do understand the OCD in you because I share it. Whatever you decide, I’m certain will fit the space. The rugs are GORGEOUS!!! The table makes that room even more wonderful.

  2. I just love it!! I have been missing seeing you on here. I just realized that you live in Mi., so do I. I love the area that you are in. Your home is one of my favorites and can’t wait for the fall decor to be up!! You always do a wonderful job!!!

  3. What a great find. Love venturing down to shopkeepers basements. They sometimes keep great finds down there. The color is perfect with your stone on your fireplace. Liz Marie blog just did a periscope on Allegan.. She got some great finds. Tobacco baskets and all.. Have a great Labor Day.. Enjoy that lake and its views. Maggie

  4. Glad to know I am in good company with the NEED to decorate at strange times and the pull to just keep going until it is done, no matter what time it is. Or how many trips and stops it takes until the mission is accomplished.

    I love love love the table just as it is. Such character with a story all its own to tell. The round wooden piece on top helps to make the wooden part that shows work. The belong together to complete the story.

    Love your home and decorating style….and pleasant personality when we share our time together. LOL

  5. Love the new table- perfect for the room. I would probably live with it for a while before I decided to finish painting it. Seems to be what I do around my house, haha. Thank you for your blog. You seem to always pull off what I want to do and fail miserably at! Cheers!

  6. Kelly,
    I LOVE the new coffee table and I certainly understand getting a decorating idea at 5 a.m.!
    I have told you before, you ALWAYS make me laugh! You are a great writer and make me feel like we are sitting having a cup of coffee together!


  7. the table is beautiful! can you tell me about the rugs in here? is one a shag and one a jute? love the layering. thanks!

  8. Love the new table! My sister lives in Hastings and I’ve been to the Hanger a couple times. I also love going to Duvals to check out all the stuff they have.

  9. I agree – the new table looks great! I love the color – I don’t know if I could leave one side unpainted either. Hope the kids don’t ‘forget’ and flip around on it! :)
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  10. Well, I was going to say cruel mom — furniture does have feelings. I have the saddest looking furniture in the world and the only way I know to cheer it and me up is to load it off on someone else :-) But sadly, Hubby is not in a furniture buying mood ergo the depressed furniture stays. Your new/old table I think looks better painted. But who am I to say — I’m decor challenged or else I wouldn’t have sad furniture which makes for sad looking rooms. Looking forward to finding out your decision.

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