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Christmas Card Branch & Rudolf Makeover

Every year I have no idea what to do with all the beautiful Christmas Cards we get. I’ve always wanted some great way to display them. So, when I looked outside this morning and saw a big branch down in the yard, I thought I would try to make it a Christmas card holder.



christmas card holder


This project was super simple I just hot glued some twine on the back of the cards and stuck them up there. (I blurred out our friends faces in case they don’t want to be all over blog world, well at least my little blog world.)


Not all of them could fit, so I tucked the leftovers in a bowl (which you may remember from my Christmas Centerpiece – sadly my little man finally climbed up and ruined it)


christmas cards


This sits right in our entry way on my wine rack (you can see how I redid it here using our old dock – it was one of my first blog posts so excuse the bad pictures!)


Christmas cards


Speaking of redoing something check out the before shot of this reindeer I found in my mom’s basement.




Nothing wrong with it – just not my style. So I stripped the poor guy of his greenery and gave him a coat of spray paint.


He was feeling a bit shy and naked so I add this cute jingle bell around his neck and some greenery.


Reindeer and decoration


You can sneak a peek of our guest bedroom thru this door – I promise I’ll give you a tour in the new year.


christmas card branch


If you are wondering how my branches are just sticking up there, I actually just stuck them in the slats of the dock board (you could use floral foam though). Then I tied them with fishing line to the nails in the wall that are normally holding up the pictures that hang here.




spray painted reindeer


Ok – back to wrapping presents, can’t believe Christmas is next week!


I could really use some elves about now…


Elf on a reindeer


Too bad this guy’s all I got :)

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  1. Love this and love the table! I can’t wait to see a tour of your home! Also, I think my mom used to have reindeer like that as well, I am going to search her home soon!

  2. Hi Kelly!!!!
    Merry Christmas and great card tree!
    Nice to find you…my first time here.
    The reindeer redo is perfect….WHITE , my favorite.
    loved looking through your blog this morning…wonderful!
    Have a magical Christmas…”Following” for sure!

  3. If you find any elves, send them over!! I love your card tree…excellent idea! Now that our kids are older and everyone else (!!), we don’t get a lot of cute cards…I have a little Santa box for them, but this is just darling! Your deer turned out wonderful! Keep up the great ideas!


  4. Love the white deer!!!Great idea for the cards:).Thank you for such a nice comment you left, the funny thing is when I see your images other places I know right away it’s yours:). You have awesome style & I love seeing what you come up with and post. Have a good night, Jen

  5. Really cute! The reindeer makeover is fantastic. I always see things like this at garage sales and now I need to picture them in white which looks so much better!

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