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Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Bed – Take 2

So you all remember little man’s nautical big boy room right?  

Nautical Bedding

And how I promised you all I would post info about his Annie Sloan chalk painted bed soon…

still waiting?

Well, I had planned on getting around to posting it, but then one night I heard this crazy scratching noise in the middle of the night, 




Nautical Big Boy Room

I grabbed the nearest thing to a weapon I could find, my yoga mat rolled up (hear that burglars?  I pack a yoga mat – beware!) and creeped down the hall, the noise seemed to be emanating from my son’s room.  I slowly opened the door ready to strike any small rodent/intruder/UFO I found when I hear “Hi Momma!” 

Yes, it was my very own kid – he was channeling a Beaver and was CHEWING his bed!

Not just chewing, but scraping the paint off! 


The paint that I painstakingly brushed on this huge bed, I had spent hours on this thing, it was my Everest!  

And yes those were my first thoughts upon finding him with blue paint chips all over his face, followed closely by “phew glad I didn’t have to kill a mouse with my yoga weapon” and then “WAIT, WHAT??!! Is this stuff TOXIC?” (I know this should have been my first thought, but it was 2 am and I was preparing to do battle with rodents)

Thankfully he didn’t seem to have ingested any of it.

Napoleonic Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

I have never had this happen with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before, it is awesome paint and I love it. I didn’t do my research, so it was my bad.  This bed was laminate and I should have test spotted it.  If I had done a light sanding or a coat of shellac first I would have been fine.  Lesson learned!  

I still loved the look of the Napoleonic Blue paint and lucked out at finding a cool bed from the 60’s for $30 (read more about it here) at a garage sale a few weeks later.  This one is solid wood, so no worries of the chalk paint chipping off.

2 coats of Napoleonic Blue, 1 coat of clear wax, 1 coat of dark wax later and bed number 2 is done!  

Navy Painted Bed

I actually like it way better than the first one, so it was all a happy accident!

Beaver boy has never chewed on his furniture again, I have no idea what possessed him, but I’m certain it won’t happen again.

Napoleonic Blue Painted Bed

If you want to see the rest of his room and the original bed you can check it out here.

Need more tips on How to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?  Find them here.

I’m thinking I need to start a whole new yoga mat pest exterminating service… 

Namaste Pest Removal?  No??

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  1. This is SOOO funny….beaver boy ….. You gave me a great laugh this morning. I’m glad he didn’t swallow any of the paint. The bed looks great and so does the rest of his room! I remember when my boys were his age. They sure do crazy things! Mine were big climbers. Up onto the countertops by the age of 2…. Alll the time!!! I’m surprised we didn’t have any “ER” trips with broken bones or concussions. Sooo different than girls! Thanks for the laugh. Have a blessed day :-)

    1. Glad I could make you laugh and that I’m not the only mom of a crazy boy! He has had 2 ER trips already, ugh that is two too many for a 3 year old ;)

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  3. I’ve seen this pic before and glad to see you posted the color blue you used. I have a bed I will be painting just like this for the Grandkids room once it gets cold outside.

  4. Love the room and it looks very similar to my sons. I missed out getting nautical flags through restoration hardware and have been looking for them since. Where did you find yours? Thank you!

  5. I love the color of the bed and the bedding. I just ordered a blue and white ticking duvet cover and am thinking about what I want for the pillows. I love the life preserver.

  6. What?! Chewing on his bed? Why are kids so crazy? Mine like to saw their furniture with whatever weapon-y thing they can find, but haven’t thought of chewing yet. I’ll have to keep them far away from this post :)

  7. Hi Kelly,

    I love your son’s bed! I always enjoy your posts. Thanks for all that you share! I was wondering about a previous post. Where did you find the kitchen cabinets that you put between your cupboards and the ceiling. I live in GH so we are local too.

  8. You never know what they’ll do! In my mother’s house there’s a piano bench with teeth marks in it. My brother had watched a nature show about beavers, and at 4 years old thought that the too could be a beaver. My mum never had the heart to refinish it.
    Yoga mat? I’ll have to get one for the bedside table!

  9. Oh my…I am relieved for you that it wasn’t a mouse either! I have a long history battling mice and it still gives me goosebumps. Can’t believe you had to paint a whole other bed. Love the look of this though and the drawers are a great bonus!

  10. Hi Kelly, great connecting with you at Haven. Congrats on the Annie Sloan win. I was totally coveting that paint giveaway but now I’ll just have to go buy some myself-lol.

    It was fun being part of the Anthro-posse too. Jennifer Carroll posted a photo of all of us on her blog this morning.

    I’m going to take some time to look around your blog and I’ll definitely subscribe so I can keep up with what you’re working on.

    Take care and enjoy the week.

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