Christmas Sneak Peek

I’m on a crazy blogger Christmas schedule, as in I already have my tree up and I’m sure as the last few straggler boats have been going by on the lake they have noticed my Christmas lights and thought I was a nut job. I mean more of a nut job than they already thought I was, as they regularly see me standing on my table outside to photograph food, or drag my entire dining room outside for a photo shoot…

I’m sure the guys fishing think I’m the weirdest thing ever, but I don’t exactly get hanging out in a boat all day with a fishing pole and worms so to each his own ;)

Anyhoo, I’m giving you a itsy bitsy sneak peek this week because I have to tell you how excited I am about the delivery that showed up at my front door this week! PS How cute is this classic rug?

Balsam Hill Rug

I got a few goodies from Balsam Hill and I’m in love! I feel like I finally have grown up Christmas decorations! Like before, I was stringing together whatever leftover garlands and greenery I found in my mom’s basement trying to make them look full and gorgeous, but with these new wreaths there is hardly any work involved.

Windows with Christmas wreaths

They popped out of the box looking gorgeous! Aren’t they perfect in the sunroom? They will be great at distracting me from the frozen tundra that will be soon replacing the pretty blue water.

Love how full my new garland is for my mantel too, bonus it is run on batteries! So no unsightly extension cords hanging out.

Round mirror and garland

This garland will be heading outside and it being pre-lit is the happiest thing on the planet for me.

A reindeer on a table

Normally to get this look, I wind together 4 different strands of garland and then wrap a tangle of lights around the whole thing, only to plug it in and find out half of them don’t work. This year is going to be a breeze. I’ll probably be sitting around drinking hot chocolate in my sunroom with all my free time :)

So check out Balsam Hill if you want a stress free, tangle free, hot cocoa drinking Christmas. I’m off to dig out our Elf on the Shelf and start writing up my shopping list.

*Disclaimer: I was provided products for this post but all honest opinions are my own!

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  1. Could you tell me how long the batteries last? Are you having to replace them often? Also, how bright are the lights? I want to buy some new garland but I’m worried the battery-operated are too dim and that the LEDs are warm. Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Kelly! I haven’t changed them yet, they have a timer on them which is nice so you can program them to come on and shut off. The are a little brighter white than the rest of my lights, but I don’t really notice the difference, hope that helps!

  2. Could you tell me how long the batteries last? Are you having to replace them often? Also, how bright are the lights? I want to buy some new garland but I’m worried the battery-operated are too dim and that the LEDs are warm. Thanks for your help!


  3. Love it Kelly! I was just looking at their catalog last night debating! Christmas is going up at our house this weekend! It would have sooner but it has been non-stop around here. Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

  4. So beautiful! I love everything about it! Would you mind sharing where you got the lights above your windows? I have been looking forever for lights like that, but can only find galvanized steel…

  5. Do you think beautiful? Everything I see at your place looks so professional. Anyway, I have solar lights on the garden shed and we stapled them to boards and then screwed them into the eves. We were going to take them down and they looked so pretty we decided to wait until spring. Well, they are still up and what fun to look out and see them on a starlit night. I live way out in the country, so I dont see many outside light. I am getting excited about doing some fun Christmas decorations this year. I try to never get stuck in a rut when it comes to decorating. I’m 80 years old and refuse to let it keep me from not changing with the times.

    Have fun with your beautiful products.

    1. Oh fun Carol! I live way out in the middle of nowhere too :) I love that you are keeping up on the trends, thanks so much for commenting!!

  6. You aren’t the only crazy one. Our home is completely decorated for the Christmas holidays on the inside. I always start the middle of October because it takes me a couple of weeks. I love seeing the little kids faces light when they see our trees as they come trick or treating at our home. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Love the sneak peek! Can’t wait to see you Holiday home tour! How do you attach those wreaths without ruining the molding?

    1. Hey Nancie! I will be sharing a quick tutorial later this week about it since I got so many questions and it is a little hard to explain :)

  8. Love ! Love! Love! garland and lights. At night that’s all you need. Taking photos in readiness for the season is a challenge — in order to post you have to do it weeks in advance. As for the fishermen and fishing? That’s one of the reasons I started blogging — my hubby loves to fish — I can’t see staring at the end of a fishing pole and waiting on the tide. Soooo I get to be creative — find recipes, write stories and do what I love :-) Oh!! also bug bloggers I really enjoy following.

    1. ha you are never bugging me, always glad to read your comments! You make me laugh, sorry it always takes me so long to get back ugh procrastinator over here!

  9. Kelly,
    There is nothing like “battery operated ” twinkle lights! And for Christmas, you can never have enough twinkle lights!!
    Love the wreaths, and to the previous question, how did you hang those beautiful wreaths?

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