Lake House Decor – my mom’s sunny living room

I’m kind of in decorating limbo over at my house and in the process of rearranging things, getting a few new rugs and just generally sprucing up after all the Christmas shenanigans. Which basically means my house is a total disaster and to escape it for the afternoon I headed to my mom’s house down the road. It was all clean and sunny in there so I grabbed my camera and thought I would give you a little tour of the living room and her take on lake house decor.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I love my mom’s sunny yellow walls and bright pops of color. You can see we have pretty similar style and tend to steal each other’s ideas.

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Like her built-ins you’ll notice mine have the same tv in the corner, centered fireplace look (we also have the same architect), but I love how much color she incorporates in her shelf styling.

A book shelf filled with books

You’ll also notice about 100 bunnies on her shelves, she got one and they just started to multiply, like…

bunnies, hardy har har…

A book shelf filled with books


A book shelf filled with books

A book shelf filled with books

She also has a thing for mermaids.

A stack of books on a table

She got her white couches after I got mine….and my Dad has been cursing them ever since, because they have 2 little dogs who somehow keep getting them completely filthy.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window


A living room

Here’s one of their cute pooches, the other is a grumpy old man and refused to model for me. Not that Lily here was really posing…I mean unless you count napping as posing.

A dog sleeping on a blue blanket

There used to be a big totally cozy fluffy rug in here, but not pointing any fingers…

A dog wearing a blue shirt

someone used it as a big litter box and my mom and I have been on a new rug hunt ever since.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I love the pops of green thru out the room too, like this comfy chair.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

and these fun chairs, because everyone needs a little zebra print in their life.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window

My mom and I are both kind of accessory junkies and love hitting up the flea markets for unique finds.

A vase of flowers on a table

A stone fireplace with lanterns

A bird sitting on top of a wooden table

Well, there you go – the grand tour! If you want to check out more of my mom’s home you can see her gorgeous piano room here or her guest room here.

Hopefully I’ll sort my house out soon and share some mind blowing awesome project that I have yet to dream up! Or not and I’ll just keep showing you the craziness of my real life :)

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  1. Hello just can upon your Mom’s house and love all the great stuff. Any idea where I can get a coffee table like that? Love it so much!

  2. Do you happen to know the name of the stacked stone used for your fire place? Is it natural blend ledge stone by chance? I’m in the process of selecting stone for our fireplace and really like the color & style of stone used for your fireplace.

  3. Gorgeous!! Love everything about it, and yes, you do have similar styles. :). Do you mind sharing what the yellow wall color is, if they still happen to have it noted somewhere? Thanks!

  4. Beautiful home! I recently moved and am decorating my home with a similar beach/cottage-y feel and will be using this as inspiration! You can follow along with me as I decorate my new home at hammerandheelsblog.com.

  5. Hi! Both you and your mom have beautiful homes!! Ones wondering where she got her white couches? (That you’d dad lives so much!) hehe :)

    1. Ha oh yes he loves them :) She actually had them made at a local home decor store, they were actually made out of that sunbrella fabric so they are pretty stain resistant.

  6. I love the fresh, put together look you and your Mom’s house’s both have. I am a designer and am researching faux stone for a fireplace surround and would love to know what brand, style and color was used in your Mom’s house. Found you on pinterest and really like your blog! Thanks Theresa

  7. First of all, I must say I love your blog. I have found so many wonderful ideas and I truly appreciate all your efforts. I do have a question for you. I too love the green table shown here and your Mom’s room. I Picked up some BM dill pickle this weekend and it turned the piece extremely sage-ish or even more of a khaki green I want to say. Do you know a better option than that? I know you said that was your color choice so I am wondering if maybe the photo just shows more of a vivid green or maybe there might be a better match then the dill you could possibly recommend?

    1. Hi Mariah, oh no! I’m pretty sure it was dill pickle? I don’t have the paint swatch anymore but I thought for sure it was it. My mom’s table is definitely not sage or khaki hmmm not sure what to tell you! The photo is pretty true to real life, on my computer screen anyways. Sorry!

  8. Your mom’s home is gorgeous! I notice that there are lots of colors but they all blend together so well. Love the artwork too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Love her house. Have a lakehouse of my own and would love to know what yellow she used on her walls…I’ve tried a few and still haven’t gotten it right. Thanks for the help!

  10. Kelly, I love the tour! Of Course since I do funky painted furniture, the green table with the turned legs caught my eye right away! Love the whole thing, and love the white couch. All of the decorating is just so peaceful, really looks relaxing. Like you would never get tired of looking around because there would be something interesting that you missed the first time you looked. Thanks for posting!

  11. I love your moms house. It is true that you guys do have similar taste. One of my favorite things to do is going to thrift stores or antique stores with my mama! Except the joke is we always ditch each other and run to find all of the good stuff before the other one spots it. Oh, mother and daughters are so funny. ;)


  12. What a beautiful room! Thanks for sharing. I did notice the white lampshade on the floor lamp beside that fabulous green console table…I could make a custom shade for that!!!

  13. I have a new email address and need to delete the yahoo one and give you the new one. Didn’t see on website where I can do this. Thanks,

    1. Hi Susan! You should just be able to enter your new email up in the “subscribe by email” in the upper right corner of my blog (just under my photo). If you want stop receiving my emails to your old email there should be an unsubscribe option in my next email. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense and I can try to explain myself better :)

    1. Thanks Jill, me too! I like to sneak over there and just sit too, it’s nice to get a break from the mess of my house ha :)

  14. So lovely! I can see the talent runs in the family! Can you tellus where she found that green console table with drawers? I need a piece like that desparately!

    1. Oh I wish I had a better answer for you but she bought it at a little local boutique :( BUT I did paint another table to match this one for her in Dill Pickle by Benjamin Moore, put a little brown glaze over it and you can make your very own!

  15. Ha! I love how concerned Lily looks as she is exposed to the world as a rug destroyer! Lots of memories having fun scouring flea markets for the perfect tchotchke! Love you!! Mom

  16. Thank you for sharing your moms house with us; it’s beautiful! Drooling over that gorgeous fireplace (and those floors, and pretty much everything else in that room!) I have a Yorkie who likes to nap in the exact same spot on my sofa… too funny!

    1. ugh, don’t ask!! Just kidding, but the start date keeps getting pushed back. Definitely a shortage of contractors around here right now…

  17. Your mom’s house is beautiful and I love the touch of a stuffed dog. Oh! he’s not stuffed? He sure is cute!! I have a confession to make {sigh} I am a snoop. Yep, whenever I see books, or anyone reading I try to look at the titles. I love to read and I am always curious to see what other people are reading. Sometimes it’s kinda hard if its at the beach and the book is practically on their lap. You have to do some contortions to see the title and author. But hey, call me limber Lola. I am looking forward to seeing the new things you are going to buy. Have a great day!!

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