My Top 10 Good Mom list…

This post all started in my head one night when my parents treated my kids to chocolate shakes and me to a frappe at 5pm, because… well… here,this was my Facebook post for the day…

“Driving home from school today and my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree, accompanied by an awful whirring noise and my car slowing to a crawl. Thankfully, I made it to the nearest Ford dealer, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride there with my little girlie screaming “We’re gonna die!!” and my little man yelling “No we not!!!” and Buddy (fresh from the groomer) incessantly barking at both of them. 
Thankful for my amazing parents, who not only picked us up at the dealership and bought us all chocolate shakes, but didn’t bat an eye when they realized little man was wearing his sister’s old bathrobe instead of a coat…”

Here let me provide you with a visual aid…and yes he really is this awesome in real life!

A small child is holding a bat

And yes, it was an epic afternoon. Now, to top it off, I was hopped up on caffeine from the frappe and wide awake at 2 am. I just laid in bed thinking about all the ways I’m falling short as a mom. Tell me you do this too?

For example that week alone –

I sent my daughter to school with mismatching socks, no library book, and the weirdest compilation of leftovers for lunch because I needed to hit the grocery store….

I  put dinner in the oven half hour ago only to realize I never turned the oven on…

I  made these cute chore charts with the kids with stickers and goals and graphs and flow charts and and and…and we haven’t even used them yet…

I cut little man’s grilled cheese sandwich the wrong way (oh the horror!) and he sat underneath the table crying  for the rest of dinner while I poured a glass of wine and just laid my head on the table….

I wouldn’t let my little 6 year old diva do something, I don’t even remember what it was, but “all my friend’s parents let them do it!!” it was probably jumping off a cliff or something…

I haven’t set foot in the playroom in 2 weeks because frankly, I’m afraid at what I might find. I mean, have you smelled it in there?

I haven’t washed my hair in like 4 days…but don’t worry I pinned at least 32 cute hairstyles to try when I do…

I stepped on a Lego and uttered certain choice words as I was positive they were going to need to  amputate my permanently disfigured foot…

I saw a certain 6 year old diva dropping her veggies “accidentally” to the dog, but I just didn’t feel like having that battle tonight…

This list could go on and on…cuz I’m not a perfect mom.

And I don’t have it all figured out. I make mistakes daily and lose my temper and yell more than I care to admit. I don’t always serve them 3 balanced meals a day and read to them an hour every night.

But I know this –  God entrusted me with these little people and He never gives me more than I can handle.

9L4A9558a-X3-2(photo by Zander & Breck photography)

So, I got this… or more accurately – He does!

Instead of tearing myself down and comparing myself to other moms out there who clearly have motherhood 1000 %  locked down and deserve all kinds of medals and #1 mom mugs, I decided at 2 in the morning, when I couldn’t sleep, to make a list on my phone (with the Mr. snoring away next to me) of all the things I do right.

So here is my official Top 10 Reasons why I’m a Good Mom List (complete with fancy graphic!)

Top 10 Reasons You're GOOD mom

#10 I can throw an epic dance party. It’s true, I can, and I make my kids laugh (at me) and there is  music and laughter and fun in our house (plus you should see me do the Dougie…I can teach you…).

#9 Little man thanked the waitress ever so politely for his dinner without me even prompting him.

#8 I asked my daughter who she was going to marry when she grows up and she said “I don’t know mom, but God will give me a man” ha love her, and I’m totally praying for that lucky guy :)

#7 Even after a long day of fighting and wrestling and “he’s looking out my window again mom!!” my kids insist on hugging and kissing each other at bedtime, because they really are best friends.

#6 My kisses have magical boo boo healing powers.

#5 I put sprinkles and whip cream on all forms of dessert, and sometimes when it’s been an especially good day straight out of the can into my mouth, I mean theirs…

#4 They are alive. And fed and clothed most of the time…albeit sometimes in pajamas and rain boots and bathrobes and mismatching socks…

#3 When the time comes, my kids know how to behave, they just generally enjoy testing me and pushing my buttons at home. At least that’s what I’ve been told by various teachers and babysitters, oh to be a fly on the wall…

#2 Every morning little man crawls in bed with me under the warm covers, wraps his scrawny little arms around my neck and presses his chubby cheeks against mine and whispers “you’re the great mom”

and I whisper back “you’re the great boy”

and he says “yes I am”

because they are awesome and they know it.

#1 They are loved and squeezed and hugged more than any other two pint sized blonde people on the planet and I get up every morning determined to do my best for them.

So, give yourself a break – you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be mom. Don’t let Pinterest/parenting books/that perfect mom down the street, take the joy out of being a mom. Just be you, try your best, pray for strength and patience and get up and do it again better the next day.

Because chances are your kids don’t know you’re totally screwing it up.

Unless you don’t take them to Disney World, because “mooo-om like every other kid  in their class has gone, and moo-oom life is so unfair, and moo-oom…”

then you are totally screwing it up ha :)

Happy Mother’s Day!

And if you feel like sharing, leave me a comment below with your #1 reason you’re  a good mom. GO make that list, because I’m sure you are totally rocking it…

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  1. I’m so glad I stumbled across this post today. My kids are 20 and 24 and I’m always asking myself if I “did it right.” But they tell me all the time that they had a magical childhood and more than anything, know that they are loved! Good enough for me. Love your blog.

  2. I love your realness! As a new Mom it is refreshing to hear some authenticity from a blogger. I love your sense of humour and think we would make great friends in real life. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and enjoy every post! You’re really great. Loved the “you’re the great Mom” and “you’re the great boy” part – and the message from your Mom. Love is Sweet and I’m so happy you’re surroundedby it! God bless you for putting smiles on the faces of your readers and for blessing your family so! xx

  3. Oh my gosh! You cracked me up so badly…especially the one where your daughter says that everyone’s else’s parents are letting them do it, and you said you couldn’t remember but it was probably jumping off a cliff or something! bahhahahaha! I LOVE IT! I LOVED reading all the things you felt bad about….I can relate to every single one of them!!! On some of the hard days, at dinner time….I lay my head on the table too….or don’t even show up. I’ll set food on the table and walk away to hide just so I can have a moment of silence and peace. Not too proud of that…but it’s been known to happen a time or two! I also LOVED all the things you are good at! Great post Kelly! I never thought I was one to compare or care about how other mom’s are doing things….but the older I get…the more I realize that I DO compare. Working really hard not to be this person. Love you and your writing! Happy belated Mother’s Day! xo Amber

    1. Thanks so much Amber, your comment totally made my day :) PS I totally hide in my pantry all the time!

  4. That was a GREAT post! Isn’t it funny how it takes another Mom to be so honest in order to feel so normal? I’m constantly judging myself and feeling judged by others, but at the end of the day I know that I am feeling that way because I CARE!!! You seriously brightened my day on what is a gloomy/blah kinda day. Thanks so much. YoU RoCk!!! :)

  5. The simple fact that you think you are failing at being a mom means you are a mother who loves her children dearly and wants the best for them sooooooooooo in a nut shell, this means you are a great mom. Only mothers who care about being better are the ones who enjoy and love making things fun and wonderful for their children. If we didn’t want the best for them and try to provide it, we wouldn’t even care if we were doing a good job. I know from personal experience and observation, you are an extraordinary, super-fantastic mom who is patient, energetic, and creatively fun (although I have never been invited to one of those fun dance parties) . I wish I had done many things differently too but in the end, if you try your best and your kids love you, you are more than a great mom. Ask your hubby, I messed up many times but he loves me anyway. We mothers need to stick together and encourage one another because Mother’s Day only comes once a year. I feel very blessed to have you as a daughter-in-law who is the 1000% perfect mom to my precious little man and little diva.

  6. Great idea! All too often, mothers are putting themselves down. This job is tough!
    With a molar-teething 2 year old and a test-the-limits *just* 4 year old, some days are better than others around here. ;) But I try my best to keep my cool and be goofy when I want to yell, because really, it’s the sound of their laughter that gets me through the day – good or bad!
    You sound like a hilarious mom! I love the antics you post and your responses to them are always comical.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. oh am I familiar with the “test the limits” kids ha :) Goofy is definitely key to motherhood, hang in there with the teething!

  7. The timing of this blog post literally couldn’t have been better. Right now my husband and I are experiencing some problems and to say I’ve felt like a bad mom lately is grossly understating what I’ve been feeling. This post made me laugh because it’s absolutely my life in a nutshell, but it also made me cry because you reminded me that even though I’m not perfect I am Mom and I can do this. My kids go to bed knowing they are loved, live in a comfortable house, and have food and clothes. All in all it’s a pretty good life. Thank you for reminding me of just how lucky I am and how much I am doing right.

    1. So sorry to hear things are tough lately, glad I could remind you of how awesome you are :) Make that list and look at it when you are having a bad day, I hope you had a great Mother’s Day today!

  8. Ok, seriously, that made me laugh and cry. My kids looked at me and I know they think I’m crazy and that makes me laugh again. Thanks for this! It is SO true and it so needed to be heard by those other mothers, like us, who doubt ourselves on a daily basis. Thanks!

    1. You are so very welcome! I hope you had a great day with your kids, even if they think you are crazy ha :)

  9. Have tears running down my cheeks as I write. Have so many times wished I could turn back the clock and undo the things I felt I did “wrong” as a mom.To have more patience, be more consistent, be less worried about what the house looked like, laugh and play more, (much more) let you be kids and not expect you to be perfect, and on and on and on. (Whew that was a long sentence, and I could have gone on more) But as my mom said “babies don’t come with instructions and each one is different and you just do your best and pray!! I know I must have done something right though, because you are an amazing mom, and I am so proud of the woman you have become. Happy Mother’s Day to my baby. I love you so Kel!!

  10. You expressed my whole day- sometimes everyday in that matter. Thank you for sharing your loves and frustrations as a mother. I know for me- as a mother of 5 (ages 11- to 8 mo. old) I myself feel so much better and don’t tear myself down as much when I know that there are mothers, and probably ALL mothers feel this same way, because life isn’t perfect. So thank you for making me feel better today. I can carry on and continue to try and do my best.

    1. Ok wow, I have no idea how you super mom’s with 4 or 5 kids do it! Hats off to you, you truly are rocking it! Hope your munchkins spoiled you rotten today or you at least got a nap ha :)

  11. I’m a mom to four wonderful children, who like to drive me crazy on a daily basis. I know I’m not perfect, but I try very hard to be there for them no matter what and make time for them whenever I can. It has been a hard year for us so far what with my mom getting in a car wreck and my health scare, my poor kids haven’t gotten much attention. I plan on making it up to them this summer though. It’s going to be epic! I love reading your blog especially the funny stories you share about your kids. You are a great mom! Oh and if you find that mom that is 1000% perfect, let me know so I can shake her hand.

    1. Oh Rebecca so sorry to hear about your rough year, sometimes you need those rough patches to appreciate the good stuff even more. Sounds like you are going to have all sorts of the good stuff this summer :) Happy Mother’s Day!

      1. I agree!! I can’t wait for this summer, everything seems to slow down. I like to plan a fun activity or craft for my kids to do everyday. Gotta make the most out of everything! :)

  12. This is so funny and sweet and honest!! Love it! Mom’s day really is a day for us because let’s face it we hold multiple hats! Happy mother’s day!

  13. I love you, Kelly!!! This was wondering. I’m always making lists in my head about all the ways I’m screwing up and never make a list about what I’m doing right. What a great reminder, God has faith in us to be wonderful parents to our kiddos sometimes we just have to give ourselves more credit and have faith in ourselves! Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Love you too chick! LOVED your mother’s day post today as well, why do you have to live across the country?!

  14. LOOOOOVE this. Very funny and endearing. My daughter will be 20 this summer and she’s awesome in spite of her imperfect parents. :) The good and the “bad”…it’s what makes life grand…and kids awesome.
    Have a great weekend, great mom! :)

  15. Reading your list at the beginning, I couldn’t help but think -you are the perfect imperfect mom! I loved that because it is real, and that is life. We could be such good friends.
    The list at the end literally warmed my heart.
    Simply Excellent!!!

  16. Great post!! I can relate to all of these items listed. I am often in the same boat, but at the end of the day when the boys snuggle with me on the couch and their dad says “come sit with me” and they reply “no, I want to sit with my mommy”…I know I’m doing something right! Happy Mother’s Day.

  17. Please write a book! You make me laugh out loud and this post even made me cry a little. I am the youngest of 11 children…I know, my poor mother. When we were growing up, we obviously never went to Disney, but we did camp all the time and swam in the ocean and ate supper on the beach and came home to the smell of homemade bread EVERY day. My memories of childhood are not of the things my mother bought me, but of the heart she gave to each and everyone of us everyday. Mother’s Day hugs : )

    1. Ha thanks Carol! I would have to first sit down in one spot long enough to write a book, oh would that be interesting :) Thanks for reading!

  18. Awesome post.

    There has been a time or two that I have thought what was he thinking blessing me with my two boys but I know he didn’t give me more than I can handle. I love being a mom. My oldest will be 21 in a few months and my baby will be 15. They both still like to hug and give kisses,they are best friends and everyone tells us they are the nicest boys. So I guess I’m doing okay. God not only blessed me with two boys but he blessed me with two boys who have amazing hearts.

    Happy Mothers Day!

  19. Amazing!! You were awake a 2 in the morning? So was I!! Of course good ole caffeine affects me too but I LOVE my coffee — I just can’t have too much of it. In the a m I was thinking of my mom and how lucky I was to have her and how much I wish she were still with me. Anyway — you are a great mom — kids are very resilient and it sounds like there is plenty of laughter in your house. Have a happy mothers day!! Big Hugs!!

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