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Family Photo Time – welcome to our chaos

It’s that time again…

You know what I’m talking about. The time where you try to scrub the peanut butter and lake water off your kids, brush their hair just so, dress them in something cute and then pray they keep themselves clean for the next hour…

Then you need them to be in a “happy smiling look at the camera mood” in order to capture it all on film, so you can look back someday and say “see – you were clean, happy, well behaved little people” for 2 minutes anyways!

A family posing for a camera on a bed

Ok so that last well behaved, staying clean part never really works out for us, which is why lifestyle photography is SOOOO much better for us. We can’t get a “posed everyone say cheese” photo to save our lives. Enter the amazing Kelly Braman!


a family posing on a bed

She came out to our house to capture us in our natural element – chaos :)

A woman sitting in a room with her family

I LOVED this photo shoot so much, because it really captured a day in our life – snuggling in our bedroom, airplane rides in the living room, climbing on the furniture, tickle fights – she got it all!

(and yes, if my little diva loses any more teeth she is going to need to live on smoothies, stop growing up already kid!!)

A little girl lying on a bed

The kids had a blast and Kelly did such a fantastic job with them. She actually got real genuine smiles from them both and little man keeps asking “when Miss Kelly can come back to play?” Clearly he is a fan. He may not have even realized she was there to photograph him, he was pretty much just in play date mode :)

(and yes he has pretty much the best hair ever)

A little boy sitting on a bed

I also loved that she captured us in our home, the photos just feel so us. I know I’m always going to cherish the moments she captured!

White kitchen with bar stools

If you are local and looking for a photographer for a wedding or need some amazing family photos you should definitely check out Kelly Braman Photography. She is so fun to work with, her images are incredible and bonus she overlooked the fact that little man required 3 wardrobe changes in the course of an hour (oh potty training, will it ever end???)…

You can follow her on Facebook here, check out her site here, or if you want to read her blog post about our photo shoot and see the rest of our fun family session (and some beautiful shots of our home, like 10,000 times more amazing than I could ever shoot myself) you can check that out here too!!

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  1. Seriously gorgeous, Kelly! Such a beautiful family. I love the master bedroom sneak peek. The baskets are perfect!! And I cannot even tell you how much I love your nightstands – they turned out amazing!!

  2. So cute. You will cherish everyone of them. Take it from an almost empty nester even the eyes closed, crying in front of the Christmas tree, bunny years behind your brother, will all be precious someday! You have beautiful children.

    1. Thanks Becky, I will! I probably take entirely too many photos of my living room as opposed to my kids in it ha :)

  3. Thank you for keeping it real !!!! You are truly blessed with such a beautiful family,as well as they are blessed to have you!!!!!

  4. Love these….Kelly does amazing photography work!! Would you be willing to mention the paint colors of your master bedroom and living/dining/kitchen walls? I love those fresh colors.


  5. Awwwww!! How great. I wish I would have had a Miss Kelly when my kids were little. Now they have kids of there own. Okay, now where is you know who?? You know the one with the hairy face– I don’t see him lurking around?? The pictures are gorgeous– years from now you’ll get all teary remembering this.

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