Purple Fall Front Porch

Sometimes it feels silly to be blogging about home decor, especially with all the horrific events that have happened lately. But maybe my blog is a temporary escape from the news for some of you, or 5 minutes of frivolous fun and relaxation. So I’ll keep sharing, but I just wanted to say I’m praying for everyone who has been affected by these awful hurricanes and the heartbreaking tragedy in Vegas as well. I’m hugging my family extra tight these days and counting blessings.

A fall front porch

I promised you all last week I was going to finish up my fall porch to share today, and it’s done! Well done enough for the blog, soon my kiddos will be adding their yearly jack-o-lantern masterpieces to the pumpkin pile. Even though carving pumpkins totally grosses me out. The Mr. is in charge of this event every year, because I can’t handle the slime.

A fall front porch with mums

I wanted to have color out here still, but I didn’t feel oranges would work well with our siding color. I decided on different shades of purple this year, with a few faux orange florals thrown in. Although the Mr. pointed out if I did all yellow mums next time, we would have the perfect U of M decor scheme for football season…

just what I always dreamed of :)

A large lawn in front of a house

I  wasn’t ready to transplant my hydrangeas just yet, so the purple mums played nicely with those also.

A bunch of pink flowers on a porch

I picked up some of these cute pumpkins while I was at Trader Joe’s grocery shopping. They are so much more fun than traditional orange pumpkins, even though my kids were horrified I actually paid for such “ugly” looking pumpkins.

Hydrangeas in planters on a front porch

I finally found a box of missing fall decor from our old house in the pool house, so I added in a few more faux leaf sprigs to the window boxes too.

Windows planted with flowers

That’s probably about the extent of my fall decor this year, but I did do a full fall home tour 2 years ago in our old home. It is still full of fun ideas, so if you need more inspiration check it out here. I’m trying to concentrate my creative mojo towards finishing the kids bedrooms instead this year. So hopefully I’ll be able to share those soon!

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  1. What color and brand is the blue on your house? I’m getting ready to paint mine and I love the color!!


  2. Hi! Your home is beautiful! Do you happen to know the color of the exterior house? I love the blueish color!

    1. It’s from Thermatru. I don’t have the make and model right now but I am trying to find out and will blog about it this spring hopefully since I have had to so many questions about it – thanks!

  3. I love, love your home. We have the same pitch on our roof. I would so appreciate the info on the decorative pitch above the door. House could not be more beautiful.

  4. Absolute perfection! Every detail is stunning and your use of color is so lovely. Would you mind sharing your house color?

  5. Your home is absolutely beautiful! Inside and out:))

    We are in the market for a new roof and trying to decide between charcoal or brown… then I see your roof and it has both! Can you please share the make and color name?

    Thank you!!

  6. Beautiful!!!!! Thank you for some beauty to the sadness going on in this world..we all need to continue to pray for this world we live in. God bless

  7. Gorgeous. Love the color combo of the flowers and the ‘white’ pumpkins. What is the paint color of your shingles? The exterior with the crisp white trim is beautiful.

  8. Thanks for sharing! I’m still numb from the events in Vegas. We lived in Henderson and we have many friends there. Praying for all.

  9. Keep blogging through horrific events. I need to see a pretty porch to feel good when there is so much all around. It’s not frivolous. You are a light in the darkness and seeing your porch made my day. I love how you put purple with pumpkins.

    Our being miserable doesn’t help anyone else’s misery so let’s just be happy while we can.

  10. Love the flowers and colors you chose for your porch. I need to see beauty each day to counter balance the sadness in the world. Thank you.

  11. I love the purple!! Such a pretty display. But I agree with another commenter that orange goes wonderfully with blue, and would look stunning with your siding color, should you ever want to go that route. I’m with you on the UM color scheme. I love blue and like yellow, but dislike using them together because my husband is a UM fan. I don’t want anyone thinking we are the UM house!

  12. Blogs that I enjoy make me feel better during trying times but I know what you mean. Instagram seemed silly on Monday. But we need our happy places more than ever.

  13. This purple scheme is very nice. There are many alternatives to a standard orange fall theme and I think sometimes people miss that. Finding fresh ideas are what blogs are all about. Your home is lovely. I actually created a white pumpkin, skeleton, burlap and teal display on my front entry table this year to coordinate with the nearby family room. I do think you should re-think the orange for another year though. I just went shopping for clothes this weekend and loved all the blue and orange combinations. In my opinion, the orange would have been just gorgeous.

  14. So very pretty! I love the purple! And we NEED normalcy. Don’t let anyone take that away from us. Yes, we do pray for the families involved but terrorism can only work if we allow it. That’s what those evil people want. To take away from us what we treasure!! Sending hugs.

  15. I totally understand your intro but we do need an escape from the sad happenings. Keep praying and keep sharing. Your front porch is so pretty! I love the white pumpkins. And, I wouldn’t have thought of going with just purples. (Purple and gold are our college football colors as well.) I haven’t decorated outside yet but inside our house is all about the orange and white pumpkins this year. (My favorite thing being a pumpkin succulent I put together at a pumpkin succulent workshop.)

  16. Stunning! In these times of such sad and devastating news, It’s a blessing to spend a few minutes with your blog.

  17. Keep posting. We all need a few minutes of beauty each day and your blog helps us each make our own homes more beautiful, serene and peaceful. That’s a pretty special gift right now. Praying also!

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