Green Console Table Refresh

If you watched my Instagram stories a few weeks back, I confessed that I’m a neat freak and clutter makes me crazy! I get it from my dad, he has been known to start vacuuming around my children as they are eating dinner – ha! I may not be on that level (yet), but I shared a few of my tips for staying organized. Today, I’m tackling one area that has always been a dumping ground for keys, spare change, and random legos – our green console table. I was determined to make this space work a little better for us in the new year, so I partnered with The Home Depot to refresh and renew this space!

green table, coastal wall art, striped ottomans

The baskets that were under the table previously were just space holders for when I could find the perfect thing, and I finally found it! These striped ottomans are not only cute, but they have been so handy for game night and extra seating in our living room. Many of you spotted them on Instagram during the “polar vortex game marathon” and I’ve never had so many dm’s! My kids love to sit on these, and they are nice and sturdy.

coastal console table striped ottomans

I’m not sure how we lived without them before! The Home Depot has a great selection of home decor and accessories, and I actually had a hard time choosing between a few different ottomans.

striped ottomans under green console table

I’ll link a few of my favorites below, but ultimately the striped ones stole my heart (big surprise).

wooden tray green console table striped ottomans

Next up, I found this raw wood tray. It adds great texture and warmth and bonus is a pretty spot for the Mr. to toss his car keys and change. Now it’s my kid’s go-to spot to grab some coins for the popcorn sale at school on Fridays.

wooden tray green console table striped ottomans

This floppy jute basket is great for extra pillows and blanket storage. They had so many great baskets to choose from that I linked a few more that were in the running as well. One big organizing tip I do every day is a little 15 minute pick up of our house in the morning and night to keep clutter at bay. Anything of my kids that I find throughout the house I toss in this basket for them to put away the next day. It’s become a little holding zone between upstairs and downstairs.

Green console table coastal decor and art striped ottomans

Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a few pretty things to round this space out! My ficus plant was in desperate need of a repotting and this pretty stoneware vase gave me the height I wanted on this table with extra room for the roots to grow. Can you believe this plant is going strong after 4 years?

white vase gold bookend coastal decor

There are so many fun home accent pieces and accessories at The Home Depot for styling bookshelves, coffee tables, and console tables, but I settled on this metal abstract piece that makes a great bookend.

white vase gold bookend coastal decor

I’m so happy with how this space looks now and it’s so much more functional as well.

lake house living room decor console table and striped ottomans

If you are looking to refresh and renew a space in your home, The Home Depot has so many great organizational options as well as pretty things to freshen up your newly organized space. I’m linking all my favorites below!

lake house living room decor console table and striped ottomans

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  1. Swoon!!!! Love every single thing about this space, especially the art! Thank you for all the inspiration!

    1. You can find them linked on my FAQ page on my blog but they are from BuildDirect they are by Vanier and they are engineered white oak in the color Robin thanks!

  2. Sounds like your dad and I would get along very well. Wish the rest of my family understood us. ;0)

  3. I am so in love with your style. Simple,clean and very inviting. I look forward to each and every post,thank you for the inspiration!!!!

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