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Winter Mantel Decor

I keep waiting for life to slow down, so I can actually get back to blogging, but crazy stuff keeps happening. Like last week when a team from Better Homes and Gardens came to shoot my house for their special Christmas Ideas issue! It was especially crazy, because I got my wires crossed and was standing on my treadmill in my sweatpants, halfway thru my morning run, when I got the call from the stylist that they were 20 minutes away (insert wide eyed emoji face followed by a dozen poo emojis!!!) Whoops, I didn’t think they were coming til the next day! Cue me ridiculously panic stricken taking a 30 second shower and then running through the house like a mad woman making beds and hiding dirty dishes. I may have just thrown away water glasses from my nightstand I don’t even know, its all a blur. I’ll probably find a basket of dirty laundry tucked away in my freezer or something weeks from now, who knows!

Anyways, the team from Des Moines was amazing (and made me realize how much I loved living there and need to go back for a visit) and the shoot was so fun. I’ll tell you all more later next Christmas when the issue comes out!

White Winter Mantel Decor

For now let me explain how glorious it feels to have my house de-Christmasfied! I was really tempted to drag my tree out to the middle of the lake and set it on fire I was SO sick of it, but I held myself back and shoved the whole thing in the garage in the Mr.’s parking spot like a mature responsible person, crossing my fingers it would just disappear at some point (it in fact did, because I’m married to a saint. Thank you Mr. for moving it into our crawlspace!).

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Speaking of saints, Haley from Little Bits of Everything made me a new sign for the mantel for the photo shoot (you guys are going to love it!) and on the flip side, she made this gorgeous sign with the Laura Ingalls Wilder quote. Isn’t that sweet? She knew I was going to need a clean slate after all the crazy and what’s easier than just flipping over a piece of art? It’s perfect for a simple winter mantel, which I was craving after so many months of red.

Laura Ingalls WIlder quote

I just piled on the cozy candles and called it good.

Winter Coffee Table Styling

I meant for this to be a whole winter tour since I have rearranged a few things (as always), but life has been full of curveballs this week, so I’ll have to post the rest next week!

Neutral Winter Decor

PS:  I just realized that I left my kitchen basil plant on the window sill (trying to eek out any February sun it can get) and our file folder of tax stuff the Mr. is working on up on the bookshelf too – ha! So, just ignore those glorious winter accessories :)

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  1. I would love to know where you got the metal/wood candle holders on the coffee table from! I’ve been searching but can’t find anywhere where they were tagged or mentioned!!
    Please please please!!

  2. hi, any chance you know what the beautiful stone on the fireplace is? Love the grays, blues and greens. We are getting ready to install a new fireplace and this is right up my alley!
    Beautiful place you have!

  3. Hi Kelly! Do you mind sharing how to buy that sign? I wasn’t able to find it through the link you have posted. I love that quote! Thank you so much!

  4. Hi! I loved this post.
    I tried finding that Laura Ingalls quote on the website you mentioned, but can’t find it. Could you tell me how I would go about getting one like that?

  5. OH MY GOSH!! I died reading this I can’t even imagine!!!! They totally had to of told you the wrong day?! How does that even happen!! I think I would of just thrown up when I got that phone call laid in the middle of the floor and cried!! Thank you so much for working with me and letting me be apart of your beautiful home!!! Your posts always give me a well needed laugh!!!! HURRAH for no more Christmas decor! well you know for a couple months at least;)


    1. Hahaha I may never decorate for Christmas again, except I know I will :) and yes I almost died/threw up! I can’t thank YOU enough, I can’t wait to see it come out!!

  6. Love your chairs, where are they from?? I have been searching high and low for chairs for my living room.

  7. We are remodeling our fireplace and yours is our inspiration! I’m having a terrible time finding a gray stone I love as much as yours- can you share what it is/where you got it?

    1. I bought it at a local tile store, maybe bring in a picture of mine and they can point you in the right direction? Sorry I don’t have the exact info.

  8. I love that quote art! I have read every single Laura Ingalls Wilder Book as a child. I must have one of those! Beautiful mantle!

  9. This is so beautiful! I am in the process of redoing my living room and thinking I might throw some more candles on my mantel. Where are those candle sticks from?

  10. Oh Kelly! I don’ t know HOW in the world you lived with your tree up that long!! I’m always so ready to take mine down after Christmas and I know you felt the same. But wow! Better Homes and Gardens! How exciting! I’m going to buy 10 copies when it comes out! I may have to have you autograph one so I can convince my family I’m friends with a star. :) Seriously – congratulations! So happy for you! And your living room looks so warm and cozy! Love the candles. Love the blog. Love you! xo

    1. Oh you are so funny! I’ll autograph all your copies if you come organize my house, ugh I need your skills lady! Loved your fun Valentine’s mudroom!

  11. OMG I snorted my iced tea when i read this “I was really tempted to drag my tree out to the middle of the lake and set it on fire I was SO sick of it.” I love how honest you are and how you paint such a visual picture the way you write. Honestly my favorite Blog! Just wish that you posted more often, but I know you have a Life!!
    Thanks for all you do! I have a lake house too and just finally finished our bath remodel, which you were a huge inspiration for. Looking forward to seeing what all you are up to this year! Remember how blessed you are to live on a Lake. I know its easy to take for granted after a few years, especially in the WINTER. I have to keep looking at pics every now and then of our old backyard and former home to truly appreciate not having houses behind me and just a lot of ice cold but pretty water. Also thanks to you I found out Houston, TX has a H&M but i was disappointed when I drove 2 hours to it and it has no HOME SECTION. They said that they are only like that up north. SHOOT FIRE! But I had fun anyway. Thanks for sharing your home and blog with us! Always Love to read your posts and love the new puppy!

  12. What a hilarious post. It sure looks peaceful and calm now. Can I ask where you got your chairs? Love them!

  13. I know where that flat round basket is from, . . . her mom’s house!! And it hasn’t made its way back yet. Hint hint. . .

  14. Love that you can take the tree down! Congrats on BH&G photo shoot. cannot wait for the issue to come out later this year.

  15. Just wondering where you found the flat round basket. I’ve been looking for one for a while!
    P.S.–I love the quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder! I read all of her books when I was young. My daughter’s name is Laura.

    1. I snuck it from my mom’s house, she found it at a local store and I’ve been on the hunt for one too! I’ll let you know if I find one :)

  16. Oh my, that would have been me! Thank goodness they gave you a head’s up — even if it was only 20 minutes. What a beautiful home you have… can’t wait to see the rest. And, I didn’t even notice the plant and folder until you mentioned it! ; )

  17. I just bet you were a whirling dervish running through the house — see you didn’t need the treadmill after all! Glad to see you’re back and in tip top shape :-) Looking forward to the rest of the story . . .

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