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Guest Room Decor and Accessories

I’ve posted about my mom’s guest room before (see it here) but she just had it repainted the most soothing color. It’s like a pale celery/greenish/grayish non-color that I love. It’s one of those rooms you walk into and say “Oh love this room” instead of “Oh love this paint color” you know what I mean? Sometimes a subtle paint color can make a big impact.

A made bed in a room

Plus I have to share my mom’s knack for finding the cutest accessories. So cute that I want to steal them for my own house.

Side note: She has this knack with cute shoes as well, but of course she has to be totally unhelpful and have tiny cute feet. Which does not stop me from trying to smash my big boat feet into them every once in a while. I have it down to a science, basically I can handle about 4 hours in a pair of her open toe shoes without losing all circulation to my feet. Any longer than that and I’d probably be crippled for life.

Chippy Vintage Lake House chair

Ok sorry, shoe tangent! But is this not the most perfect chippy old little chair? And the little boat pillow! And hello cute little pelican friend that would look great in my bedroom?!

Blue boat throw pillow on a chair

Right? I should totally steal them, ahem except she reads my blog, so now she will know where they disappeared. So we should also definitely not talk about the basket I recently swiped that is currently hanging out on my coffee table – whoops!

You may remember from the last post that this is my old bedding from Pottery Barn in here.

A bedroom with a bed

The paint color is called Italian Ice and my mom could not remember the brand name (sorry not helpful, I know!)  so I’ll include a pic of the top of the paint can.

Color and Paint

Throw pillows on a bed

She found the chair and pillow at a local store in Hastings, Michigan called Blue Bird on the Moon. They have tons of cute stuff and come to think of it the lake sign is from there too.

Throw pillows on a bed

We are pretty much regulars over there.

A made bed

I just want to mention a quick thanks for all the kind comments on my last post! It was great to be welcomed back so warmly AND I do plan on returning the 30,000 emails and comments that I have been ignoring the past month by the end of the weekend. SO check your inboxes soon if you are waiting on me :)

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  1. Do you k ow what size the “better to wake at the lake sign is? Such a perfect room. Love it!!

  2. Love the chair and pillow number going on in the corner of the room! The guest bedroom looks so inviting. Great choices.

  3. When I first moved in to my new house the first room I decorated and set up was my guest room. I have light grey rooms thru out the house so I did the guest room in a soft turquoise, beige, and a touch of coral. The art work is also beach themed. Such a soft, inviting room it turned out to be.

  4. I love this color so much, when it is time to repaint I will be doing my hallways, etc. in this color!! Thanks for the kind words, love you so much, even if you are a little basket thief! – mom

  5. It’s looks great. My sister lives in Hastings, but I’ve never heard of the store. Now I’m going to have to go out there and check it out!

  6. Beautiful. Please tell your Mom I will be copying her entire guest bedroom for our guest room at our cottage. I have the same table in my front hall up there, so it made me so excited to see it in your photo. And I have a bunch of shutters from our original cottage that I kept, which I will make into a sign just like hers. Love the paint colour too. Thanks for always giving me so many beautiful ideas. Hubby has no idea where I come up with this stuff :)

  7. OMG!! Hastings, Michigan!!!!!! I was born there!!! I lived there until I was 9 and I still have relatives there. I now live near Buffalo, NY and have for 32 years, but I still consider myself from Michigan.

    1. So fun! We live about 20 minutes from Hastings so we drive there all the time for dinner or a movie, it’s such a cute little town.

  8. What a beautiful and restful bedroom! Obviously you got your decorating gene from your mom ! What a talented mother /daughter combo! Thank you for posting and Thanks to your mom as well!

  9. Love the room! And yes – love the chippy chair! Question: where did she get the small scale white night table? Would be perfect in my teensy beach bungalow bedroom. Thanks!

  10. I do love the non color!! I bet it is easy to find accessories that will look great with it. But if you snitch (borrow) anything from your mom I pinkie promise I won’t way a word!! :-) It’s good to have you back.

  11. I love that bedding. The design is so close to the background in a large framed poster I have of a 1918 McCalls magazine cover, Wish I could show you. You would be amazed!

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