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Beach Condo Guest Room and Bath Coastal Decor

Hey guys! Sorry for the extended blogging break – the weather in Michigan has been insanely beautiful, and I keep waiting for a rainy day so I can get my kids out of the lake long enough to jot something down here. We are finally getting a sprinkling of rain and there is a serious pillow fort happening in the playroom; so, I’m quick popping in to continue my parent’s new beach condo renovation tour. The guest room/guest bath is up today, or as my kids call it, their room :) They seem to be confused as they think they will also be spending the winter down in Florida. Youngest retirees ever!

Here is the before –

A bedroom with two beds

And After –

A bedroom with a bed in a room

First up, we got rid of the ceiling fan and drapes which made such a difference! Then a fresh coat of paint.

The guest room had two cute twin beds in it already so we just swapped out the  bedding. The fresh aqua and green bedding we found at the Company Store and it had the perfect amount of color and fun for a guest room. Don’t mind the fact that we are missing a pillow sham in all the photos my mom left it in Michigan on accident when we flew down. So just imagine the beds are twinning.

Coastal Guest Room

Also, we ran out of time to grab duvets to put in the duvet covers, but you get the idea.

Coastal bedroom Decor

My mom found this lamp at the consignment shop she sold all the old furniture at and the whole room just feels so bright and cheerful now.

Coastal Beach Guest Room

The art on the wall is courtesy of my mom and her iPhone; she took these shots of the bridge down the road and we used the waterlogue app to make them into works of art (check out my post here for more info on how to make your own!). Here’s a quick tip – instead of having the photos custom framed, we hit up HomeGoods and found these frames we liked but didn’t love the prints inside. I think each frame was $25?

Picture frame

I removed the staples from the back and the print, popped our own cute art in and duct taped the whole thing back together – duct tape for the win as always! Custom framing them would have been a lot pricier, plus we didn’t have time for that in our 4 day Florida trip.

Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ok, onto this little bathroom! This was a weird one as they had this off center tiny vanity in here with a huge medicine cabinet. We bought a pretty round mirror, but had a nasty surprise when we went to take the medicine cabinet off the wall and found there was an enormous hole that wouldn’t be covered up by the new mirror.

Here’s the Before (again with the palm tree love)

A shower curtain next to a sink

Back to the store we went and found a new one, but my mom and I could not get over the off center vanity you all know my OCD symmetry issue, I guess we know where I inherited it from. So we made the decision to pick up a new bigger vanity, which seems odd in a small bathroom, but it made all the difference. We found the right size on clearance at Home Depot for around $120 and I painted it the same peacock color that we used on the living room coffee table.

A room with a sink and a mirror

Love how fun the pop of color is in here now, sorry for the bad photos this was so tight to try to shoot! We swapped out the bamboo/palm tree shower curtain for this cute beige ticking one. You can’t really see the ticking in my photo but it is cute in person and works with the beige tile.

A shower curtain

Ok, I hear scary crashing from up in the playroom, so I’m going back into summer mom mode, but I hope to check back in next week again and finish up the tour with the dining room and full condo shots. Hope you all are having a fantastic summer!

Small Coastal Bath Decor

If you missed the rest of the Beach Condo tour you can check out the living room here, master bedroom here, and kitchen here.


Bedding – The Company Store

Mirror – HomeGoods

Rug – TJ Maxx

Green Pillows – Pier 1

Paint Color – Top Sail by Sherwin Williams



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  1. The difference between the before and afters of both of these rooms is amazing. They both look so much brighter and cleaner! I love the bright blue in the bathroom too, it’s so refreshing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love that you fixed the off center sink. That would’ve driven me crazy too. I would’ve have assumed it would have been so much more expensive to do but you got a great deal! LOVE how you painted it too. Great job!

  3. Wow what a difference it made just removing the ceiling fan and drapes and adding a fresh coat of paint. The furniture really pops with the bedroom’s new look. And painting the base cabinet in the bathroom that pretty blue was a stroke of sheer genius! Love all of the changes. So pretty!
    XO Barbara

  4. I love it! I am so glad to see you back for a bit and posting! I know its not easy with kiddos but I sure do love your blog. You are my GO TO blog for ideas, along with House of Turquoise. I was getting Sad with nothing new. Id love to see more pics of your simple cute boat dock. We have one and they are so hard to decorate. Do you put an umbrella stand and chairs? Do you put Plants? Do you do something else? Most of them are so plain and a little bit of dressing them up sure makes them inviting and pretty. I hope you do something on that to give us ideas! My husband built 2 benches on ours that are permanent and hes going to put some metal poles to strech out a SAIL SHADE if he ever gets around to it. They have them at COSTCO here for cheap! Cant wait to see what you do and your future posts! BTW How are your flower boxes doing so far this year? Hugs Dixie

    1. Hey Dixie, thanks summer blogging is tough but I have a ton of new projects coming up in the fall I can’t wait to share! I usually put chairs and a little table out on our dock along with flowers. We had a big storm roll thru and dump my flowers in the lake this year so it’s looking a little sad and bare bones at the moment. Your sail shade sounds awesome!

  5. It looks great! I am also a fan of the Waterlogue app. You mentioned it in a post a couple of years ago. I have actually made wonderful gifts with this app.
    I am seriously considering painting my bathroom cabinets. What paint finish did you use? I’ve had good luck with chalk paint, would this work on bathroom cabinets?
    Enjoy your Summer. I will not be making my annual trip to Traverse City this July ?. Any lake pictures would be appreciated!

    1. I’ve never chalk painted bathroom cabinets I’ve always gone with a high quality paint specifically for painting cabinets. Most local paint stores carry something like it. I would be worried with chalk paint it may not clean well with all the water in a bathroom. We are heading to Traverse City next week, sorry you are missing your trip this year!

  6. It looks great. I especially love the bathroom. Clean, light, bright. I love the pop of blue. Great job. I’m with the kids. A winter in Florida sounds pretty good.

      1. Loved this post! After seeing the pictures, I chose topsail for several rooms in my house. It goes with everything coastal. I’m in the midst of hanging pictures and they all look beautiful against this color.

        Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great decision to change out the vanity and to paint it blue – it all looks wonderful!!! Each time I read a new condo makeover post, I am amazed at how much you accomplished in just four days – it would take me at least a month or longer to just shop for one room and who knows how long for an entire condo, and then several months to put it all back together. You and your mom make a fantastic team!

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