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Playroom Makeover

I have been slowly redoing our play room this last year. At the beginning it was just sort of a mish mash of stuff that was in the basement of our old house. We don’t have a basement being on the Lake, so we put the playroom upstairs and it is open for all to see (i.e. it needs to have a better cuteness factor than it used to!)

So here is the new room.

A view of a living room

A playroom

Let’s back up a bit and I’ll show you the before.


A living room filled with furniture and a large window 


Eh –  kinda blah, kinda beige. This sectional took up SO much room there was hardly any space for the kiddos to play.

So, we sold the couch on craiglist for $700 (I know right?), and got this new one on sale for only $400!


A living room filled with furniture and a large window


Since I had the leftover money, I bought these really fun beanbags from Pottery Barn Teen. These are so comfy, and more often than not, you will find the Mr. (and perhaps myself!) lounging in one.

Bonus – we can haul them out of the way for impromptu dance parties :)

I painted the one wall navy, and I love the way the white board and batten pops now. Honestly, did you even notice it in the before picture? Nope!

The letter wall also got a makeover – here was my first attempt.


Wall and Room


Eh – it just wasn’t coming together like I wanted. I realized it was just floating out in space on this huge wall and really needed an anchor.

So, I moved it to this wall and put the IKEA storage unit underneath. I also toned the colors down a bit.


Playroom letters




A room that has a sign on a wall



A close up of a plate, with Wall and Room


I’m loving the new nautical crisp vibe in here.

I also showed you our gallery wall on the opposite of the room here.


A room filled with furniture and a mirror


I got this table set from a thrift store for $100 – it used to be Barney purple, but now is a crisp white (which is usually covered in various shades of marker and glitter. Gotta love Magic Erasers!)

I also recovered the seat cushions in navy seersucker.


A room with art on the wall
I love these prints that I ordered from the Etsy shop Wallfry (they come in a zillion colors and sayings).

A close up of a sign

This room is still a work in progress – I have this huge wall to fill where the old letters were…

…and some obvious patch work to do, oops!

Text, letter
But I think I have an idea – stay tuned to see what I do with this…


A close up of a blue poster board

UPDATE:  You can see what I did with this blue poster board and giant wall here. I also updated the gallery wall here.

P.S. In case you think my kids are amazing well behaved super children who always pick up their toys – here’s how it normally looks. We have 2 huge closets in the playroom…

Here’s what’s behind…

Door #1                                Door #2

playroom closets filled with toys

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  2. Hi there love the honest post about the playroom! Looking hardcore for a navy couch and wondering where yours is from and with 2 kiddos what is the durability!! Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Kate, I got it a local store called Art Van, not sure if you are local? Anyways it was on major sale 4th of July weekend and I got it for $400. It has been great with kids!

  3. I love your letter wall! I’m working on my own now. Where did you find your letter B, J, and O? Thanks!

  4. Hi I Love your playroom, where did you find all the various letters and sizes, I’m having difficult finding some

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  6. This is so awesome. I love the khaki/navy combo. Tried to convince my son to use it in his room, but he wouldn’t go for it. Thinking about it for the family room. It’s so calming. I never thought a dark navy wall would have that effect. Beautiful!

  7. This is such a cool playroom, Kelly! I love the coastal feel (I just gave my son’s playroom the same look). The alphabet wall is awesome … love the board and batten … the blue accent wall … the awesome bean bags, and, most of all, that you have dance parties! LOL. *Becca* (now happily following by way of Savvy Southern Style)

  8. I love the navy blue color you used on that wall! The letters and gallery wall are also fabulous! What a great room for the kids, and kids at heart, to spend time in!

  9. It just looks amazing! I love how it works for the kids and adults (with the mess behind the doors and no-one the wiser… Love how the prints look too, thanks so much for sharing!

  10. This looks fantastic and I love how you showed the letters “floating” on a large wall and then moved to a smaller wall with storage underneath them. It really made the letters look bigger! Good tip! I also thought it was cute how you show imperfections something that magazines don’t do. Magazines were my favorite however they made life look like it had to be perfect. They never talk about burning food or holes in the walls…. They also photo shop women into fabulous models. I guess that’s why I am now addicted to blogs. In blogs they talk about mess ups and they show you how they learn from them.

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