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New Entry Decor and Planked Wall

You guys…I showed such self control and patience with this project – it’s not even funny!

Planked Entry way and fun decor ideas

 If you hang out here regularly, you know that when an idea pops in my head I normally drop whatever other 32,000 projects I’m doing and run out to buy the supplies. Forget measuring and planning, I’ll figure it out as I go along…OK, so I still didn’t really plan it all out, but I waited 4 months, 12 days, 7 hours and 27 minutes to get started on this one (exactly-ish).

Planked Staircase wall

I saw this pin from House Beautiful and was totally inspired to do this same planked wall treatment in my house.

I loved how it was more of a rustic cottage version of board and batten versus the really classic look. I was all gung-ho to get started, but thought I better swing this idea past the Mr. since it involved a little more than paint.

Entry way decor and planked wall

He liked the look, but doubted my DIY skills (oh ye of little faith!) and he had all these pesky questions about how I would run this all the way up the stairs, keep them straight, cut the angles etc…clearly he isn’t the wing it type!

Also it was spring so the weather was too nice to be cooped up inside with an endless DIY project. He made me pinkie swear (and I’m a woman of my word) that I wouldn’t tackle any big projects over the summer and revisit this idea in the fall.

Fine, no problem, I can handle this – I only obsessed about this wall every time I walked up the stairs and counted down the days til I could start. Being a woman of my word I waited until exactly the first day of fall (September 22, but who was counting?) and little man and I hit up Lowe’s!

Rain boot planter and other fun entry way decor ideas

I’ll be posting a whole super easy, no power tools required (not that I wouldn’t love to use some power tools, so if anybody wants to send some my way I’d be all over it!!) tutorial on how I did this (complete with my usual DIY hilarity and hi-jinks – let’s just say there came a point where the Mr. and I were actually having a discussion about which one of us should stand on the ladder based on our life insurance policies…but I promise this is easy. Super easy if you don’t go up the staircase like we did!). So stay tuned for the how to, but today I’m just sharing the prettiness!

I found this cool bench at our local ReStore for $15! I totally love it and it’s so much more practical than the table that used to sit here.

Entry bench and decor ideas

I got the coat rack for a steal too at the antique flea market, it was originally $75, but I only had $42 left in my wallet and the guy let me have it after I flashed my “woe is me I’m so broke, but that coat rack needs to come home with me, puppy dog eyes”. I keep my Grandfather’s old hat here (he was quite the sharp dressed man) as a memory to him and it just makes me smile.

Vintage coat rack and entry decor ideas

I grabbed these pillows for a pop of color from HomeGoods and I already had the oars here before (ok well 2 out of 3, I am an oar hoarder and added another one to my collection).

Entry bench and decor ideas

Vintage oars and other entry way decor ideas

This basket is for our guests shoes, our puppy Buddy has a serious affinity for chewing on our friends sneakers so now everyone tosses them in this basket. Can we ignore all the dust all over the floor? I planned on airbrushing it out (so much easier than actually sweeping :) he he) but I forgot…

Entry Decor ideas and planked wall

Ahhh, I can’t even explain how happy I am to have this project done! It made such a big difference just adding a bit of character right when you enter our home. Not to mention you don’t notice how steep and scary our staircase is as much (not my favorite part of our house, but I chose having a bigger kitchen over a pretty staircase). 

Board and Batten planked wall

 More on our steep scary staircase to come in the tutorial, but don’t worry all my limbs are still in tact…although if I was a cat I may be down to about 7 lives instead of 9 :)

UPDATE : Click here for the full tutorial.

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  1. Hi! I love your staircase! Did you put in the newel post? I was wondering where you purchased it. Thanks!

  2. This turned out amazing! We just bought a house that we are renovating and I’m really really want to add a planked wall at least somewhere. Like REALLY! You gave me confidence and the inspiration that maybe I can do it myself one day! Your home is absolutely beautiful. The lovely Trish at Uncommon Designs told me I needed to stop by and check you out!

  3. I love wood walls of any kind, and board and batten is a classic, lovely look. It looks lovely in your home, and your little bench is just too cute.

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  6. Absolutely LOVE this entry! You have great cottage style. I have been wanting to update my entry for months. I love the bench & the oars. I would love to invite you to share this at Modern Cottage Monday at Curate | by Carrie Corson:)

  7. Love this Kelly! I really want to live in your house! I think I might have to use your shoe bin idea for our new puppy too!

  8. Kelly it looks amazing! Give yourself a huge pat on the back! I’m a “wing-it” girl too and sometimes a prayer is all you need :-) The stairs are cute and all your accessories look great together. Well done!

  9. Hi Kelly
    I love what you have accomplished here – such a great look! How did you hang the oars? I have a couple that I want to hang on my wall, but haven’t found a way to do so that doesn’t have them tipping a bit from the top.

    1. Hey Megan, I just used 2 big nails on each one. It’s kind of just a balancing act, finding the right 2 points on the oar where it will balance. In other words…there are approximately 32 nails holes in my wall LOL :)

  10. Looks awesome! I love this look of the really narrow B&B…it almost looks like planks. This is a very popular exterior siding choice in my area right now and I always wondered if it would look as good inside. Great job! I love your house!

    1. That was exactly what I was going for, our exterior is this wide board and batten so I really wanted to carry it inside :) Thanks so much!

  11. I was eyeing that bench trying to figure out how to build it. I am a bench nut. I am going to build me one. Oh, and I love the wall too. It fits what I want to do in our downstairs bath, so I pinned it. Great job, can’t wait to see how you did it. Those stairs do look tricky.

  12. well worth the wait, you did a wonderful job! I’ve had that same ‘how you gonna take it up the stair wall’ with my husband and now I have proof that it can be done so thanks for that :-)
    the styling is lovely too!

  13. I LOVE it! So cool the texture and interest it adds! And I hope you get some power tools given to you – I’d lvoe to see what all you would create with those at your disposal!

    1. Thanks Jill, oh what I wouldn’t love for a few good power tools…I’m sure the MR. is relieved for now that I don’t have any…

  14. Your entry is gorgeous!!! Ours is a totally different layout, but if I had something like this I would totally do that.
    But I have been eyeing that idea for our basement staircase (I just haven’t told the hubby yet).
    I am also super jealous of your oar collection. I can never seem to find any! Plus hubby thinks I’m nuts. Where we live there is only one house between us and the lake (we can see it) but hubby still thinks anything too nautical is “over the top”. Silly man!

    1. You for SURE need some oars Sherry :) I get all mine at flea markets but there are a zillion lakes around here so they seem to always be around. Good luck with your staircase!

  15. I’m having a small tantrum of jealousy over here. You got the bench for FIFTEEN DOLLARS?!?! So. jealous.

    That board and batten turned out fabulously! You didn’t even use a power saw? You’re a rock star :)

    P.S. I can’t believe we haven’t met in person, favorite IG friend! You wouldn’t happen to be swinging by the east side of the state around Christmas, would you? I’ll be up in MI visiting my parents :)

    1. I know?! How did we miss each other at Haven!! Next year I’m going to hunt you down, in the meantime we at least have IG :)

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