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Valentine Chalkboard

The Mr. probably makes it home only about 2 or 3 nights a week in time for dinner,  which is ok, because when he does he totally takes over bedtime duty while I clean up the kitchen (which may be code for drink a glass of wine and relax…). I love listening to him and the kids rumbling around upstairs and it’s always some version of this…

“I love you”

A close up of a blackboard

“I love you more!”

I love you more - chalkboard art

“I love you most!”

A close up of a blackboard

Well, I love you more than most!!!

I love you MORE than the most-est!!

and on and on it goes…erupting into a fit of giggles…

A close up of a blackboard

just a knock down drag out “who loves you more” argument,

followed by a tickle fight,

which turns into a wrestling match,

ending in a story made up of princesses and knights doing battle on the stock market

(he could really write an interesting children’s book about magic castles and 401k plans…)

A blackboard with text

Then there’s the good night kisses and hugs,

one more drink of water, one more potty break,

and then the sweet silence of bedtime.

A close up of a blackboard

All the while I’m down in the kitchen doing the dishes (ok, and sipping a glass of wine) secretly knowing I’m the one who loves them all the most….most-est :)

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  1. I’m in love with your chalkboard and it’s message. Even better is the back story behind the message! I’ll say it again, your blog is my favorite and this post was a great way to start the day!
    Enjoy listening to those moments…all while sipping your wine :)

  2. SWEETEST post ever. Seriously. I got a big smile reading it ~ I can only imagine how it makes YOU smile listening to all the love in your home. This made my day. p.s. LOVE your blog ~ the most-est! [your neighbor in Wisconsin]

  3. sweet post. sounds just like the sounds of what is going on at our house except… it never fails when they are all tucked in after the potty, one last drink of water, one last hug, one last kiss…..” I forgot to have my snack, I am hungry”!

  4. Well I love this post the most-est! Seriously, nothing in the world is better than seeing/hearing/feeling the love of family! PS is that chalkboard new? or did you paint your other one? I love the white!

  5. Such a cute post! I love reading your blog every day! Oh and your family and house is gorgeous! I wish I was your neighbor I love your taste in decor you could help me decorate mine! Have a great night! Jamie Harris

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