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Cozy Christmas Mantel

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and are still enjoying your stretchy pants and time with family! Or if you are one of the crazies who goes out for Black Friday – good luck to you!

Today is the final Friday of our Christmas Countdown! I hope you have enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects along the way, and you have picked up lots of inspiration now that it is time for you normal people (aka non-nutty-bloggers) to actually start decorating your home!


Today I’m sharing this year’s Christmas mantel. In years past I have hand painted, and hand stitched designs for my mantel and every year I get several emails asking if I sell them. I checked into the shipping costs and it was too crazy expensive plus there just aren’t enough hours in the day for this busy mama. So, this year I made a super simple sign that anyone can make – promise!

A room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Before I tell you how to make one, can you just geek out with me about how Christmasy my new fireplace stone is? Love it! So much warmer than our old tile!

OK now let’s make a sign. First get yourself some 1 x 6 boards and have them cut down at your local hardware store to the correct size for your mantel, or cut them yourself if you are power tool happy like me.

Then you need 2 1×2’s running the long way down the back of the sign to screw it all together. With me so far?

Next up I stained my boards with a grey stain, followed by a coat of white paint, and then sanded it all down for a worn look.

White wooden holiday sign

Here’s the easy part grab yourself a stencil from the craft store, this one was about $7.99. Trace your letters, fill in with paint, and sand again. Done! I promise you can do it!

A room filled with furniture and a fireplace

This year I’m going for lots of warm lodge/red flannel kind of thing. You know I typically love all white everything with a little sparkle thrown in, but this year I just wanted a cozy, casual kid friendly theme.

Christmas presents

I picked up these vintage skis at the flea market for $15, the Santa Sack is from H&M as is the Merry Christmas pillow. The stockings are ones I made from last year, that I just stuffed with cute little presents.

I’m off to hunt for our elf on the shelf, the kids have been asking for him and I perhaps hid him so well last year that I need to buy a new one, whoops!

You can check out my mantels from year’s past here, and here.

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  1. Can you tell me the dimensions of your sign? I think that would be the perfect size for my mantel.

    1. I would love to know the dimensions as well. I think that would be the perfect size for what I am looking to create! :)

  2. Oh I just love this!! I had already planned on doing a planked wood piece on my mantel this year – it is actually drying with the first coat of stain right now! :) Now I totally just want to copy yours ;) You have my most favorite mantels.

    I would love more information on the stencil? I looked last week and again today at craft stores and wasn’t finding a big enough one? Where did you get it?

  3. I love your mantle signs! I was wondering what kind of paint do you use? And do you use the same for the letters? Thanks!!

    1. Hey Natalie, it’s usually just leftover house paint that I have around or sometimes craft paint thrown in there too!

  4. You said the Merry Christmas pillow was from H&M, is that the clothing store that teenagers like?

    1. Ha yes, but they have clothes for all ages, I even get my kids clothes there. Their online store has a home section and their stuff is really reasonably priced and cute!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, all I did was take an old stocking that I had, traced the pattern onto the fabric I wanted to use, leave a 1/2 inch seam. I sewed it and then flipped it right side out. I used an old sweater to make the cuff on the top and hot glued some Christmas ribbon to jazz it up a bit :)

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