Christmas Mantel

 Hi everyone! I’m so ready for the weekend, but I thought I would quick share my Christmas mantel with you all.

I made a fun sign for my mantel this year. With all my indoor decor I have been going for a more natural rustic feel.

nature christmas mantel


A sign above a fireplace

 I wanted a snowy log cabin look for this sign. I couldn’t find any old wood for this one, so I bought 3 boards from Lowe’s and had them cut down for me. (If you bat your eyelashes and look extremely helpless they will usually do it at no charge…or you can go the screaming kid route…trust me, they will be soooo happy to get you out of the store :) )


A close up of a wood sign

I stained the boards dark walnut and then hand painted the sign in white. It looked a little too clean, so I took a tooth brush and splattered white paint all over for a snowy affect. I also dry brushed some areas with white paint. Then I sanded the whole thing down. It looks a little cabinesque cabiny cabinish like a log cabin…I think…


A close up of a wood sign

(hello! If I realized I was going to show up in the ornament shots I would have at least brushed my hair, ha!)


A fire place sitting and a chair


Remember my little “Love You More” sign, now it’s a pillow. My ever talented mother knit my brown throw.

a pillow in a chair

Close up on my brilliant sewing skills – I was going for a, ummm, handmade look?

A table topped with glasses of wine, with Candle

My Christmas Candles are on either side of my fireplace on my bookshelves. They look so pretty at night all lit up.

Christmas stockings

I made these burlap stockings last Christmas and I still love them. I got the inspiration for them from Cottage Instincts, but there are a zillion beautiful burlap stocking ideas on Pinterest! 


Clearly, sewing is not my forte, so these were mostly made with hot glue and burnt fingertips  :)

A wooden box filled with wood

I stole the wood from my brother’s stock pile (I’m pretty sure he would never read my blog, so I think I’m safe) although clearly we have a gas fireplace, but just roll with it ok? :)

A room that has a sign on a mantel

Now, I just need to get going on my Christmas shopping so I have something to fill those stockings with…

Who am I kidding?

  If I put anything in them they will totally fall apart, I really gotta work on the sewing thing…

How’s your shopping going?


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  1. Amazing! I’ve always wanted a mantle and now that I have one I’ve found it’s the hardest area for me to decorate. I love this look and the fullness of the mantle. The sign is perfect!

  2. Gorgeous and I might have to copy you and put some real logs next to our gas fireplace. Sometimes it just has to be about the aesthetics and not the function!

  3. I LOVE your sign and got a laugh at the wood by your gas fire! But isn’t gas SO much less messy than a real wood fire? The stockings are cute, every post I see people have matching stockings. Ours were made one at a time as the family grew and they do not match. With the last kid about to leave the next maybe I’ll get matching ones for just the two of us next year.

  4. Thanks for posting! The sign has could go in so many directions depending on personal design preference. Anything from your log cabin look to cottage, floral or chic. Thanks for the inspiration and have a great holiday. BTW…I think you’re incredibly talented!

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