Top 5 Pinterest Family Friendly Recipes

My kids are totally picky eaters. It drives me nuts. Dinner time can be a battle in our house, but I am at the point where I refuse to be a short order cook and make everyone their own meal.
The new rule is you eat what we are eating or you can have a pile of carrot sticks. I’d say at least one night a week our daughter goes for the carrots…this week it was my attempt at Pad Thai that had her eating like a bunny…I actually joined her (it was a total FAIL!).
So when I do find something everyone likes to eat, it’s like winning the lottery! A peaceful dinner and full munchkin bellies are THAT exciting to me.


Here are my top 5 picky eater meals

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1. Crockpot Honey Apple Pork Loin from My Cross Fit Journey
This is so simple, delicious and healthy. You end up with a really yummy applesauce plus the pork loin. Bake up some sweet potatoes and you have a great meal. My daughter loved this one!
2. Spicy Tilapia with Dill Sauce from Scissors and Spatulas
This is not really spicy, but I still leave the spice rub off my kids portion. They love the dill sauce though. I serve this with quinoa with corn and black beans in it. We are still working on the kids with quinoa. It is not their favorite, but I consider them eating fish a big win!
3. Best Pot Roast Ever from Marie’s Cooking Adventures
This is another easy crockpot recipe, perfect for a busy day. Bonus you have potatoes and carrots right in there, so just serve a side salad with it and you’re done!
4. Sweet and Sour Chicken from Life as a Lofthouse 
Admittedly this isn’t one of the healthier meals since you pan fry the chicken before putting it in the oven, but it is delicious and I’m sure it is better for you than take out Chinese food. She has a great recipe for fried rice to serve with it.
5. Taco Corn Bread Casserole from Debbi Does Dinner
Taco night is always a hit with my kids but this casserole switches it up a little. The only thing I did different in this recipe is I always add a small can of tomato sauce to my taco meat to sneak some more veggies in (I have even added pureed carrots or sweet potatoes too, you can’t even taste it!)  

Now if I could only come up with an easier way to grocery shop with 2 kids! You moms with 3 or 4 kids, hats off to you! I always feel like I’m on the verge of a nervous breakdown by the time I leave the store. 
 For instance this week after surviving aisle after aisle of my son throwing 1 item out of the cart for every 1 I put in and my daughter randomly adding anything she could get her hands on – I finally lost it in the parking lot when my frozen turkey fell out the bottom of my grocery bag and landed in a puddle. 
 I possibly yelled “I hate you turkey!”…when I noticed a nice elderly gentleman staring at me…
 He offered to take my cart back for me – not sure if he was being nice or if he was scared of me…
Do you ever find yourself yelling at your poultry after surviving a grocery store run?

 And really I should have yelled at the plastic bag…the poor turkey had suffered enough.

 Please tell me I’m not the only one :)

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  1. First time on your site. Enjoying your recipes. Came across top 5 Pinterest recipes. You said click the picture to get the recipe, no pictures to click.

  2. Oh my goodness, “I hate you turkey” had me laughing out loud… very quietly because everyone is asleep, but still. I love love love your blog and all your crazy inspirational ideas. Consider me your newest follower :)

  3. I had twins when my oldest was 2 1/2 so I know about shopping with kids. I just picked up 2 buggies when I went in, put the oldest in the upper part and sat the twins on a blanket in the bottom portion, and pulled them along with me as I pushed the ‘grocery cart’ in front of me. They would each have a baggie of Cheerios or vanilla wafers to munch while we shopped, they knew they had to stay seated and that we would be finished much faster if they cooperated. They are now grown men and I do miss those days!

  4. Lol, you are so funny. There was one time when I was walking to my car from Trader Joe’s, in a rush, with things piled to the rim in my paper bag, when all of a sudden….the bottom fell out. And so did all of my groceries — lots and lots of produce. I may or may not have cried. ;-)

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