Valentine Pancakes

We eat pancakes for breakfast most Saturday mornings and my little diva refuses to eat round ones. I kind of agree, why eat round pancakes when you could eat heart ones? Hence the need for Valentine Pancakes!


valentine heart pancakes


or letters spelling fun lovey dovey messages…


A close up of food on a plate, with Valentine Pancakes

Bonus – now breakfast is educational too (if you have a Pre-schooler in the house trying to learn her letters).

valentines day pancakes


be mine pancakes


 Gotta have some “hugs and kisses” too.


A slice of cake on a plate, with Valentine Pancakes


This is so easy you just need a squeeze bottle,


Valentine Pancakes


a griddle, and a steady hand.

A plate of food on a table, with Valentine Pancakes
I pureed strawberries for a pop of red, and to trick myself into thinking pancakes are a nutritious breakfast to be feeding my kiddos so often. :)

Strawberry Valentine Pancakes

Now if I can just figure out how to make “pancake versions” of the entire cast of Mickey Mouse Club House – I’d be a hero…

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  1. These are so cute!! You are such a good mommy! I may have to try this, although I think Jack would eat them anyway, this would be a great vday surprise;). Have a great week,

  2. Very cute! I use the squeeze bottle for pancakes also, but it never occurred to me to make words and shapes! Thanks for sharing, my kids will love this!

  3. what a fantastic idea!!!
    stupid question though – do you not put maple syrup on your pancakes? I’m from Montreal ( maple syrup capitol of the world lol )
    so just assumed that’s how everyone ate them!!!
    but I’m definitely making these words for valentines day breakfast!
    Thanks for sharing

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