Laundry Room Reveal

 I think I promised you last week I’d show you my laundry room (ok so it was 3 weeks ago!) but then laundry day rolled around and there were piles of clothes everywhere which you don’t really want to see.

Then there’s this fun deal Buddy Cuddles (meet him here) and I have, where he pees on the rug and I wash it, let it air dry, finally put it back on the floor only to have him immediately pee on it again. Not sure if this makes me the dumb one or him? Probably the former…

laundry room

Ok, can I just say how difficult this room is to photograph? It is long and narrow, here I’ll show you…


A door in a room

Buddy enjoying some laundry fresh out of the dryer.


And take a look at those floors, the Mr. and I laid all the tile in here ourselves, so don’t take too close a look actually :)


laundry room reveal

I keep extra cleaning rags to wipe Buddy’s muddy paws in basket 01 and my camera stuff in 02.


Did I mention that our laundry room is command central for us?


organizing laundry room

We each have our own file space.


Even Buddy has his very own personal food tins.


mail sorter

A place for our keys, and the Sunday school verse of the week.


A blackboard sign next to a door

The mail basket, ooh there’s a hint in there – I may be MIA in a few weeks :)


A close up of a basket

This board keeps me organized all week. I painted it blue and added some empty frames to add a little more fun.



I always write our menu out so I remember what I need to defrost or grab from the store.


whiteboard with text

If you have good eyesight (and if you can read my chicken scratch) you can sneak a peak and what ideas are coming up on the blog :)


Text, letter, whiteboard


I have a little spot for my magazines at the end of my long folding counter, I like to sneak some reading in while I wait to switch out the laundry.

magazine rack

Here’s another look at my Laundry Sign

A room that has a sign on a table

I got this shelf and everything on it from Home Goods.


laundry room shelves

This room is still a work in progress, this is poor Buddy’s blah little spot right now, but I have grand plans for a built in doggy bed and a better recycling area than these ugly old bins.


Stay tuned for part 2, but not anytime soon…remember my 32 zillion other blog ideas?


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  1. Do you remember where you got that wall mount file organizer?? I need one of those desperately for homework! Can you email me please!

  2. I’m also wondering where you got the metal hanging file/bins on the wall. I love them :) great job on your laundry room……I’m inspired to go tackle mine now.

  3. I, too, am working on making our kitchen and laundry/mudroom less cluttered and more functional. I’m going to second Stephanie and ask where you got your wire paper sorting rack that’s hung on your wall – I’ve been looking for something like that for the longest time!

  4. I love your laundry room!! Can you tell me what your countertop is made of? Thanks! :)

  5. Hi! I aspire to have such a functional command center! It’s beautiful! Where did you get the wire paper sorting rack you have hung on the wall?

  6. Love it! A great look and great organization ideas too. Love the white board with the frames added. I may have to find a spot in our kitchen for an idea like this. Or maybe inside our office armoire. (No mudroom and laundry room is upstairs with bedrooms.)

  7. Beautiful! Every single little detail! I love the frames on the whiteboard! SO cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I am pinning!
    Jaime from Crafty Scrappy Happy

  8. Oh I am having some serious laundry room envy over here! Just found you today through Southern Hospitality and am happy to have singed up to follow you :) Beautiful home. I grew up spending summers on a lake and the pictures of your view are so nostalgic for me. There is absolutely nothing like waking up to sunshine on water in the morning! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. What a great space! So organized. The command centre is so nice to have and Buddy is too cute (even if he pees on the rug). :)

  10. What a beautiful laundry room! I wouldn’t even mind doing laundry there. Awesome command center too! I’d love it if you linked this to my new linky party, “What We’ve Accomplished Wednesdays.” It is live right now.

    Have a great week!

  11. Love it! Mine is in the process of a redo. I have a huge scratching post and the puppy’s cage and all the ugly pet food/litter containers. Hubs makes fun of me because I said I wanted pretty pet food tins!! I’m showing him this :)

  12. Great room! Where did you get those really cute day of the week magnets that you show on the board with the menu?

  13. Love your laundry room! You are super organized. I wish I had just a little bit of organization. I am always all over the place. Gad to have found your blog over at Linda’s.Newest Follower.

  14. So pretty & functional! You are so good! My laundry room is attached to my bedroom & looks NOTHING like this:(. Wanna come for a visit:)? Great job Kelly! LOVE it! Have a great week, Jen

  15. So pretty! I love the white board idea. Our laundry room is in a part of the house away from the kitchen but maybe a good spot for my kids chore charts!

    Love the colors you selected too!

  16. Your laundry space looks just perfect:) Those tiles look great and I like the addition of baskets, the home goods shelf, and you love the rug. Your puppy is so cute. I have two dogs.. and live in the pacific northwest where it’s always muddy, wet, and icy in the winter. I go through SO many towels drying the dogs off!

    Congratulations on getting this done. We are DIY-er’s and I can appreciate the time and effort required to to these projects!


  17. You really used your space wisely! It looks so cute, too…I love all of the baskets and your framed board with the little frames. What a fantastic idea! You did a great job, even with the floors!

    I hear you about the puppy and the rug. Mine likes to sneak off to the bathroom (!!) during the night and go on the rug. Now I just use the rug during the day and I can clean the little puddle up with a few Lysol wipes. Dogs will be dogs! ;-D


  18. I love it, Kelly! I wish I had a pretty laundry room, but we just have a boring area in the basement for ours! Oh, and I think I may have seen my name on your board! We must talk about that soon! :)

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