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Winter Dining Room Decor

I’m pretty sure I promised you the rest of my winter decor tour 2 weeks ago and then I sort of forgot the Mr. was whisking me away from the winter sludge to sit in sunny Mexico with friends. Not sure how that one slipped my mind :) but it was a fantastic week of napping in the sun and drinking margaritas. We are back to reality and I’m definitely missing my umbrella drink and beach view. It’s all piles of laundry and potty training duty over here, (just pee already Charlie, how many different piles of snow must you sniff!?) so I thought I would quick post the photos I forgot last week.

A room filled with furniture and a mirror

My DIY mirror has been in hibernation all winter, so I moved it over the buffet table along with my ficus trees and I love that come spring it will reflect the lake view. Well, once I remove the inch of dust on it first yikes!

red buffet table

A dining room table

I packed the wooden box on my dining table with succulents and moss for a touch of green that has easy upkeep (i.e. crossing my fingers I keep these all alive this time). You may also notice we are rug-less at the moment, not a design choice just a puppy potty training choice…

A living room filled with furniture and vase on a table

Succulent decor dining room

I’m still sort of swapping things out and finding pine needles lurking in the corners, but for now it feels happy in here.

A chair and dinging room table with flag

Oh, and to those of you who have been waiting forever on me to post the upstairs flooring makeover, you are about to be happy campers, the first of several posts is coming later this week – hooray!

A red buffet table

Alright, let’s all close our eyes for a minute and pretend we are back in Mexico and Alberto is bringing us a mimosa…

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  1. Hi! I’m wondering about where you got your two armchairs in the living room, I can’t find the source page for your living room but love the ssize I’d thise chairs! Thanks!

  2. Hi Kelly — I love your style in the cottage you just sold and was just looking for the source on a few items. Loved the light blue/white striped rug in your kitchen, window boxes, paint color in your master bedroom, and Also liked your white bed frame with the storage areas and the wood hooks in the bathroom!

    You have great taste! Can’t wait to check out the rest of your site.

    1. Hi Liz, all of those posts are several years old so I don’t think you would be able to find any of the items any more. The window boxes were built by our builder and the bed frame was from Pottery barn – thanks!

  3. So inspired great colors!
    Love the color of walls the blue shade is so fresh. What’s the name and brand ?

  4. Love your decorating! What color is the wall behind your beautiful red cabinet? I have just finished a board and batten wall and looking for the right white!! I have lots of blue (sea salt) and grays!
    Thanks, Joyce

  5. Hi Kelly:

    Love the simplicity of your decor. I just started following a gardening site on Facebook, and she is always doing projects with them. Wonder if you’ve heard of it…Garden Answer….she’s very talented and has great advice of maintaining succulents. My husband and I went to Mexico, Isla Mujeres and had a marvelous time…little Island off the beaten path. You have tot take a boat to the island from Cancun to get there. We had wonderful weather, it was in October. But living on the East coast, I”m ready to go back!!!

    Good luck with the decor! Can’t wait to see more…..


  6. We just purchased a cottage on the river. Complete remodel is in the works. Your décor is very similar to what I had in mind.
    Thanks for all the great ideas…..I love it! What type of flooring do you have? Is that a laminate or wood?

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! I, too, am wondering your source for the wicker chairs~ a casual comfortable setting ~ love the addition of a bench to a dining room table.

  8. Welcome back Kelly. Love the simple touches of green. Hope you are doing well. Cannot wait to see the playroom. Have a great week.

  9. Glad you were whisked away!!! Winter wasn’t to bad here until this past Sunday when we got another 3-4…. My husband despises the season and only wishes we could have stayed in Henderson. His job is in Chicago now and he’ll have to survive the cold, snow and sleet!! With that said we look forward to an early spring. Hopefully his mood will change! Love your pops of red and those sweet ficus trees.. Where did you find those… So petite and cute. Stay warm! Maggie

  10. Love the color pop of the red! I also love the succulents on the table they transition into spring so well.Thank you so much for the early morning inspiration!

  11. I love your red cabinet……what color and paint brand is it? And is it gloss? I want to do a cabinet in my bedroom and just love yours! It’s so refreshing and after this dreary winter I need something refreshing……where’s that pina colada and Alberto?

    1. The color is candy apple by Behr, and it’s a satin finish I think. It looks a little glossy in this photo because the sun was shining on it. And now I have Jimmy Buffet in my head, I need a pina colada asap!! :)

    1. I’m with you as well … Would love to know the details on how you did your flag frame!
      And as always, Kelly, you decorate so beautifully! Want to come out to California and help me with my home! It’s going to about 80 degrees today … I know you how you love sunshine ?❤️☀️

      1. If you type flag or fourth of july in the search box on my site it should pop up a post with more detail, but I basically hung the flag on the wall, built the frame with old wood and some brackets and hung the frame over the flag. Thanks!

  12. Looks great and if you hadn’t mentioned the dust on the mirror I would have never noticed :-) At least no-one went by and wrote “dust me” on the mirror so you could REALLY notice. I am ready for spring — but I was ready for spring December 26th. Have a great week.

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