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Red Accent Table and a Giveaway!

My house is still a complete wreck – here I’ll show you..

A sunroom addition

Yup, still no sign of our new windows. In fact, we just got a call that now they won’t be here for another week, grrr, not a happy camper.

So to soothe my DIY soul I did a quick and fun project to brighten a little spot of my living room, my new RED accent table! This corner of the house is now officially my happy place.

Red Accent Table with OPI Paint

Let’s back up the bus a little and I’ll show you the before, maybe you never even noticed this little table before, it was pretty incognito, being almost the identical color as the walls…totally stealth mode – not exactly the look I was going for.

A close up of side table

I’ve been wanting to paint it for a while to help it stand out, but just wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Enter the new line of paint colors at Ace Hardware from OPI! Yes, like OPI as in the nail polish! How fun is that? Clark+Kensington and OPI have partnered to bring you the same gorgeous colors you love on your nails, but for your home.

OPI Paint Colors

There are 3 unique color collections for a total of 18 paint colors. I’m totally digging these colors, they are the perfect accent colors to add a pop of color to your room.

I’m personally a classic nail color kinda gal, so the OPI Red appealed to me right away.

OPI Red paint color

Let’s pretend my poor unadorned/mistreated/typically spray paint-manicured nails are actually painted in the same fab OPI Red whilst I point out my color selection! Yet another reason to love this paint, when I can’t have the perfect manicure at least I can have the perfect table :)

OPI Red Accent Table

This is a tried and true, classic red and I love it, but if you are scared of that much color there are several great neutral tones in the collection as well. Greys, blues, greens – there is a color for every style.

OPI Red Accent Table

The OPI paint colors are great for accents like picture frames, small furniture pieces and you could totally use them on your walls too! I went to my neighborhood Ace Hardware and had my gorgeous OPI Red mixed in Clark+Kensington Eggshell Paint Plus Primer and it covered beautifully in just two coats.

OPI Red Accent Table

I’m crossing my fingers I have more progress to show you on the sunroom next week, but in the meantime I’ll be hanging out here with my fancy pants red table dreaming of windows…

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Ace Hardware Blogger Panel. Ace Hardware provided me with products and compensation for this post, but all opinions are 100 percent mine. All opinions and positions here do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

Want to try out the new OPI paint line yourself? Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win $100 gift card to Ace Hardware and get your paint on! This contest will be open for 1 week and the winner will be notified via email – good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  2. I would paint my desk. The paint is starting to chip off the sides so this would be awesome!

  3. I love the table upgrade–the intensity of that paint color is wonderful! I have ALL sorts of projects I could see this upgrade on, starting with my sunroom:) And my craft room:)

  4. Love the red OPI color–I have some projects that could use this great color!

  5. I just finished building a vanity for our bathroom basement that we are finishing – it I screaming for a great shade of navy.

  6. I’d paid a coffee table we salvaged from a garage sale


  7. Love the color you painted your side table! We’re currently renovating our entire upstairs and I have many pieces of furniture that would love to have a new coat of paint on them!

  8. I had no idea about the opi line at ACE. I was just in there looking at paint swatches. I have a hutch in my dining room that needs a makeover.

  9. Love the OPI new colors and I have several diy projects on my list to paint such as a bedroom dresser and bed and a cute side table!

  10. I have a coffee table that is in need of attention, I would love to paint it a fun color!

  11. I will paint a night table for my daughter’s bedroom in a fun color.
    Your home is so lovely and I relly enjoy reading your posts and transformations.
    Thx for the givaway.

  12. I would paint a white wooden framed mirror that I have wanted to change the color of for a while – probably a red shade.

  13. I would love to update a wooden shelf of my grandmothers. I haven’t been able to decide on a color, but now I’m thinking the red you selected would be perfect.

  14. I love the new red table- great color. I’m getting ready to paint my very new (2 weeks!) granddaughter’s room. There is an ACE hardware at the corner close to their home. I love how helpful the employees are!

  15. I would love to paint a small table or tables in the same OPI Red – love the look of it and the pop of colour it gives the room!!

  16. I would paint my secretary with the OPI paint! i love your table by the way !!

  17. That’s a great idea! I have a similar table in our guest room that is screaming for a new color!

  18. I love your site and am not a very good DIYer but the red table would look great in my house!

  19. I have a little side accent table very similar to this one in my son’s playroom…that pop of red w/ his navy & nautical theme would be perfect! Thank you ;)

  20. I would paint my little garden shed! That color red would look great on the shutters!

  21. Love love love that shade of red. Perfect for a little outdoor bench I’ve been wanting to paint red.

  22. Love the red table! I would use it to paint planters outside on my deck…will have to check out OPIs other colors!

  23. I love OPI! Especially you don’t know Jacques! I would totally paint my whole house with OPI paint- we just finished renovating an old butcher shop in Baltimore City and it totally needs some spunky character!! Yay!

  24. I am so excited to hear about OPI and Ace. I have a very old dresser that needs to be painted and a spindle headboard. I will have to get to Ace and check it out. Good luck with your sunroom. Baby steps and big steps…..

  25. I would love to paint picture frames for my picture wall. Thanks for the incredible giveaway! I love your accent table :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  26. If they had the right color I just might get brave enough to paint an old hutch. Love the table makeover! I used to have a sunroom similar to your living room colors with pops of red and I loved it!

  27. I would paint my kitchen door that leads out to the garage. I can’t wait to check out all of their colors!

  28. About 45 years ago my uncle Isaac built my sister and myself a small cupboard for our doll clothes and tea party dishes. I used it all through school and college for various storage needs.Then my 26 year daughter used it for Barbie clothes and later books. Then my 20 year old son used it too. Now they are out of the house and it is mine again and needs some updated–painting and some new cute knobs. I just don’t know what color I want it yet, so I will be sure to check out the OPI colors. Thanks Kelly

  29. Love OPI colors! What girl wouldn’t drool over this. I would first paint my dining room table.

  30. My front entry bench is in desperate need of paint. I’d work first on that.

  31. I just love color. And since my husband and I just purchased our new house, I plan to use many bright and happy colors. You have given me the desire to improve what I have instead of buying new.
    Thank you!

  32. I have a bench that has become quite weathered looking as it sits on my front porch. It is just crying for a transformation! I need to decide between painting it red or yellow. Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. I need to repaint my living room tables. Feet and dogs have dinged them up.

  34. Headed to our local Ace Hardware right now for a fresh new color for our front door. I may have to sneak a peek at the OPI.

  35. I just picked up a little table out garage saling and I would love to accent with that paint. Thanks for sharing.

  36. i am working on a new crafting room so this would be awesome to paint shelves and stuff!

  37. I’d paint my living room bookcase, a chair (or 4), picture frames, or anything! I love color & painting stuff .

  38. I have a desk for my daughter’s room that needs to be painted…….I’ll have check out the OPI paint!

  39. Thanks for the great idea! I have a similar end table that needs to be painted!

  40. I have been wanting to paint the chairs for our dining table on the screen porch. That red would be the perfect color. Thanks.

  41. The coffee table and end tables in my family room are a bit worn and could use an OPI update. Red is just the pick me up color needed. I can’t wait to give it a try! Thank you for the inspiration.

  42. Love that color red! I would paint our coffee table. It is a drab color right now.

  43. Brilliant idea! I’ve always loves OPI nail colors and I’m so excited that the brand has broadened their scope. I have some old picture frames that need a makeover and some adirondack chairs that could use some TLC. Thanks much for sharing this project. Can’t wait to head to the hardware store this weekend!

  44. My daughter loves OPI nail polish and yes, I do need some lively paint to wake up this home of mine! Thank you, Kathleen in Az

  45. I love using color to pop pieces of furniture in the house, what a great idea they had combining nail polish and paint. I love OPI but don’t get to do my nails much because they are way too short so I just admire the colors instead….this is perfect.

  46. I love OPI nail colors!! I would use the paint to cover a small dresser and bedside table in my guest bedroom.

  47. I love the pop of red! I think red is such a great accent for any space. Looks great!

  48. I have a dresser thatwas gifted to me as part of a bedroom site. I’ve been itching to paint it but….. this woul be the perfect excuse – I mean opportunity!

  49. Love, love, love opi…so excited to use that paint on my next furniture refinishing project!

  50. What kind of material our your sofa’s? How do you keep the light color clean? In the market for a light colored sofa so any advice would be great. Love your blog!

  51. I have a table like yours and a plant stand that need a makeover! Not only do I get great ideas from your blog but I also get a chuckle. I love the way you write!

  52. Sorry to hear about the windows, hang in there. Great table makeover.
    I just love red!

  53. My nursery! We are stripping wallpaper and about ready to get some paint samples!

  54. I love your red table. I have red accents all over my house and was wanting to paint a table red. I think that I’ll go to ace and get me some paint.

  55. Love that color of red! I hate waiting and windows are not something you want to wait on…everytime we do a renovation though, it’s always something…

  56. Who knew my favorite polish is now an option for paint colors. Throw favorite worlds colliding!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and take heart with the renovations. I see beyond the dust and windowless cut outs to a wonderful space for memories to come!

    Have a wonderful 4th with the folks in your life.
    Enjoy your day

  57. I would love to try this paint, OPI is one of my fav brands!! Although i too have neglected nails!
    I have a console table in the living room that needs to be brightened up

  58. I love the new color! How patriotic of you. ;)
    If I could ever find a cabinet or dresser with the right dimensions, this would be the perfect shade for my older son’s bedroom.

  59. I have an outdoor swing that is in desperate need of some color. I love OPI nail polish, its the only brand I use and I would love to tell others my swing is a color by my favorite nail color brand! So excited to see your post. Thank you!!!

  60. Love that color and my nails looks like yours but if I had gorgeous nails I would want to paint them that gorgeous color. BTW if you’re in a bind and run out of nail polish will that paint work :-) ?

  61. I have 4 dining chairs that need to be painted.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity.
    Was wondering. What is the name of that plant you have on the table?

  62. I love OPI nail polish and am so excited to hop over to our local ACE Hardware store and try some out! Had you not posted about the new line I would have never known! Thanks Kelly!

  63. both our front door and mailbox need a pick-me-up. i love opi so much, it’d be a great addition to either project!

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