Summer Home Tour

Hey all! Today I’m sharing a little updated summer home tour, along with 23 other fab bloggers, since you know, I change things around about every 5 minutes. True story. There are actually a few things in these photos that have been swapped in the 3 days since I shot them…I know it’s a problem…

C’mon in anyway!
Front porch with flowers

Pardon our dust, we under construction at the moment, but I’ll get more to that later, just ignore our lovely building permit stuck in the window…and focus on my pretty window boxes instead :)

Window boxes filled with flowers

Keeping it real over here, or just real lazy because I totally didn’t notice the sign in there when I was shooting these photos.

Entry with wood oars hanging on the wall

We’ll start in the front entry where I display my collection/obsession of old oars.

White Kitchen Decor

You’ll notice a new rug in the kitchen and a few brighter blue accessories for summer.

White Kitchen Decor

I love having a big basket of fresh fruits and veggies out on the counter all summer to trick my kids into grabbing healthy snacks, bonus – they look pretty too.

White Kitchen Decor

Please make special note of the mint and basil plants that I have successfully kept alive for 1 whole month, pretty much a new world record for me.

White Cottage Kitchen

I just debuted my new living room paint color and tile this week so if you missed that post you can check it out here for more details.

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place

I updated my bookshelves with a some navy spray painted accessories and this cute $3 old tackle box I found at a vintage store.

Shelf filled with books

Grey Stone Fireplace

I’m really loving having more color in here, especially for summer!

Built in Decor

Dining Room Decor

If you hang out here often, you will notice my beloved plate wall is gone! The Mr. actually hated it, like hated it!? So weird right? He puts up with a lot of crazy from me, I mean I have a pair of skis hanging on my wall and he doesn’t say a word, but for some reason the plates drove him nuts. So, because I love him dearly I took them down and filled in the 2 million nail holes in my wall. I actually love the old windows hanging here anyways.

Dining area decor

I’m currently working on my master bedroom redo and you can check out more details of that ongoing project here.

DIY Wood Headboard

My daughter’s room also got a new bright and summery makeover recently and I kind of think it’s my fave room in the house.

Big Girl Bedroom - Anthropologie Wallpaper

I’ll end the tour by swinging back outside to our current messy construction project I mentioned…

A mudroom

It used to look like this…

Painted Adirondack chairs and fire pit

but now it looks like this…

A home renovation and addition

in anticipation of our new sunroom!! Can’t wait to have this finished up, I’m dreaming of curling up in there with a good book already, but in the meantime I’ll just enjoy the view and ignore the mess…which is typically how I roll :)

A dock in a lake

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  1. I just have nails above and below the oar and the right points to balance it. My mom has some hung though that she used a picture hanging kit to add a hook on the backside so you could try that too!

  2. hello
    I’m sharing a little updated summer home tour, along with 23 other fab bloggers, since you know, I change things around about every 5 minutes. True story. There are actually a few things in these photos that have been swapped in the 3 days since I shot them…I know it’s a problem

  3. Beautiful home! Do you know what the paint color is in your dining room?


  4. Hi, will you please share your paint color in the kitchen/dinning room with me? I love that light airy blue color!

  5. Can you please share where you got your table, chairs, and bench for the kitchen? They are absolutely beautiful, as is the rest of the home!

  6. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the paint color in your breakfast nook? I love it!

  7. We are currently building a house. Love your dining table! Would you mind sharing the dimensions?

  8. What a beautiful home! Love all of it. What is the name and brand of the your kitchen wall color? Totally love it!

  9. Hey Kelly, how did you fix those oars to your wall? Specially the top one? I have just scored two old oars just like that one with the fixation attached to it (and I would hate to take it off ).

    Thanks, your home looks LOVELY and DREAMY!

    1. Hi Catherine! I just have nails above and below the oar and the right points to balance it. My mom has some hung though that she used a picture hanging kit to add a hook on the backside so you could try that too!

  10. Love your lake cottage! What tile did you use on the fireplace? I looked through your site and couldn’t find the manufacturer mentioned anywhere. I’m trying to plan an 80’s fireplace renovation and need your fireplace details desperately! thanks.

    1. Hi Tommi oh shoot I’m not sure the name brand or anything I only had the sample for a day and never thought to write it down. I bet if you take a photo of my tile into a tile shop they could give you something really similar!

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  12. I LOVE your house!! So jealous! I was wondering where you got the ottoman in your living room, it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Of course I’d want everything in your house too! :)

    1. Hi Bianca, I found it on clearance at a local store a zillion years ago but Pottery Barn has a similar version!

  13. Love your home. Can you please share what you used for the kitchen counters. We are doing our house in a few weeks and I am still not positive about my counters. However I love your counters. Thanks so much .

  14. So beautiful Kelly- I love every inch of your home!! I could go on and on and on but I would rather go back and gaze at your pictures a second and third time and pin them all! Stunning- so fun to be on this tour series with you:)
    ~Krista from The Happy Housie

    1. Thanks girl! I’m loving all the new photos of your home, still obsessing over your kitchen redo – just fab!

  15. I LOVE your gorgeous home Kelly! Such a dream place to live and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… you’re adding a sun room? Yay! So fun and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out. :) So wonderful sharing the tour with you and all the girls. Hugs and I hope you’re having a great week! xoxo

  16. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I can’t decide which is my favorite your kitchen or your daughters room!!

  17. Hi Kelly, love your home! What us the wall colour of your living room and dining room? Thank you

  18. Can I just move in? It would really save me a lot of time and money! Love your home and the summer touches are fabulous. Can’t wait to see the sunroom.

  19. Kelly! I am totally and completely blown away by your gorgeous house! Everything is so, so beautiful! I just love your style so much! Thanks so much for sharing– lovely being on tour with you this week!

    ~Abby =)

  20. Your home is stunning and that view!!! Can’t wait to see how the sunroom turns out! LOVE all the beachy touches!

  21. HOW HOW HOW do I even decide what to comment on? Seriously STUNNING!!!! I want to come over and visit and walk through each room with you. You have such great taste! I’m so excited for your sunroom makeover!!!!

  22. Kelly, I know I say this all the time but you have some view!!! So peaceful and relaxing. Love what you have done with house for the summer. Can’t wait to get decorating again, very soon!!!!


  23. Hi Kelly! I’m just loving your summer home tour. It completely inspired me and I got right to work on my own home. I especially love the plants you have scattered all over your home-soooo love that, but I am alittle plant obsessed over here tho. Lol! One question, where did you get those cute salt and pepper jars in your kitchen? I love those! Thanks!

    1. Hi Clarissa they were from HomeGoods and only $3 a piece! I love them too, although my kids like to play with them :)

  24. Hi Kelly,

    It goes without saying your house is fab. Utterly stunning. Seen as your sharing please pass on how you managed to keep the herbs alive. They are a serious thorn in my side!! :-)

    1. ha ha I have no idea!!! Water and sunshine, water and sunshine and good vibes :) ps they are still alive!

    1. Hi Rebecca! I didn’t my builder did, but I don’t think they would be too difficult. Just regular old boxes with some prefabbed corbels all stained the same color.

  25. Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Your home tours never disappoint, always inspire, and are simply gorgeous! I just love your style, girl! ;)

  26. What an exceptional and beautiful home! Totally magazine worthy and this post is getting marked as home decorating ideas! Thanks for sharing with us … Hope you’re getting some summer weather now. Enjoy the process for the new sunroom addition … Can’t wait to see how it turns out.
    As always, I thoroughly love your posts/blog.

    1. Thanks so much Natalie! I am so excited to start decorating the sunroom I’ll be sharing some of my selections too, I’m itching to get started :)

  27. Kelly, do you remember when you were just starting out and I was one of your first fans? I want to take some of the credit in discovering your awesomeness mkay? so so beautiful….all of it! xo

    1. yes and I was in awe that you would even hop over to my little ole blog, thanks so much for always supporting me, my sweet talented friend! Can’t wait to see you in person next week!!!

  28. ok, that settles it, I’m MOVING IN!!! HA HA, I loved it all!!! And totally noticed the pillow, AND I believe the ticking stripe pillow and the navy with white polka dots, because I’ve been eyeing those ones from H&M too!! Love it all Kelly, seriously just stunning!! XO ~Bre

  29. Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love using the vintage windows on the wall, super idea!
    That was a thoughtful thing to take down your plates for the love of your husband.
    Have a beautiful day!!

  30. Sooooooo gorgeous! I LOVE every bit of your home. I’m so glad to hear you have an oar obsession too! That sunroom is going to be gorgeous with spectacular views. I’m actually finishing up our sunroom and can’t wait to share soon on the blog. x

  31. I love your beautiful home but I can’t get past the beautiful doormat at the front door. Is it a mat or a rug? and where did you get it?

    1. Hey Gayle it’s actually a rug from TJ Maxx. Since our front porch is covered it doesn’t really get wet so it works ok there :)

  32. I love your home and the bonus is you not only have a lovely view you live close to your folks! That is wonderful. Wish my daughter lived closer :-( Can’t wait to see what you do with your sun room.

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