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Teen Girl Bedroom Decor

Ok, look at me all on time and delivering on my post promises for once! Last week I shared the design board for my daughter’s Tween Bedroom Refresh – which, note the title change for this post to Teen Girl Bedroom Decor…My child informed me that she is really closer to 13 than 12 and she is almost, basically, not really, even a tween anymore. It’s time to move onto full-fledged teen. ;) She frantically stuffed all her dirty laundry (and dishes) in her closet yesterday, so I could shoot her room. So without further ado, her new TEEN room!

A bedroom with a large bed in a room

A double bed in a room

I mentioned we started with this art from Juniper Print Shop. They have so many great prints, but the colors in this one really caught her eye.

A made bed in a room

We pulled the seafoam/blueish/greenish paint color for her walls from the painting. She loves to peruse Pinterest (who doesn’t?) and found this color-blocking trend that she really loved, so we tried our hand at it.

A double bed in a bedroom

A bedroom with a bed in a room

It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, thanks to the laser level I borrowed from my brother. The level allowed us to just measure the height on each wall, line the level up, and shoot. My daughter traced the lines down the walls in pencil while I held it steady. Then we used Frog Tape to tape the lines and got to painting.

A bedroom with a bed and a window

It took a bit of debating to figure out what height to make the line. We decided to line it up with the grids on the windows, although you can’t really see that in the photos that well. It was so bright when I shot this that I ended up shutting the shades for most of the photos to cut down on the glare.

A bedroom with a large bed sitting in a room

She really loves her new much lower bed (so does our dog, Charlie, it’s his new fave spot to nap now that he can hop up easily). I will say the pricepoint on this bed is amazing, but putting it together is a chore. It comes in about a zillion pieces, but the Mr. and I managed it with minimal griping or marital strife.

color blocked walls, wood bed, white nightstands

We kept all of her old bedding, but added in the cute lumbar pillow and throw at the end of the bed for a pop of color.

white bedding, color blocked walls, teen room

The nightstands are the same too, but I swapped out the art so as not to compete with the new print above her bed. I found these gold frames at Target, and added in more printed art from BFF Printshop.

white and brass nightstands, brass lamp

Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

I love all of these print shops that offer affordable downloadable art. I’ve had a few questions about how I go about printing these out. For the smaller prints, I print them right at home on our home printer. The larger prints I actually have printed at my local Staples. I have them printed on heavier duty matte paper to make them feel more like real art.

white nightstand, brass accents, nightstand styling

The old prints found their way to this corner of the room with her new chair. If you only knew how many holes I put in the wall trying to get that stripe right down the center of these prints!

century modern chair, fun teen room ideas

And yes that electrical cord is making me all kinds of twitchy! I didn’t hide it in the photos, I’m a bit rusty getting my big girl camera back out for the first time in a while!

century modern chair, fun teen room ideas

girls teen bedroom ideas

I know some of you are surprised that we got rid of the hanging chair that she loved, but it took up a lot of space in her room and she was ready for a change. We found this cool midcentury modern one at a local antique store for $30. I will share the little makeover we did on it next week. Let’s just say it had a very authentic 50’s vibe complete with cigarette burns, but you would never know now! A new lamp and a few accessories, and this is now her fave spot to curl up with her kindle.


mid century modern chair, fun teen room ideas

This dresser was another find that same day at the antique store, again I will share that makeover next week too! Her old dresser was much taller and she wanted to have a mirror in her room that she could actually see herself in. This one was a perfect size, and with a few coats of paint looks so cute. And yes I’m doing this completely backward showing you the finished room before all the projects in it, but I just couldn’t wait.

white dresser, brass accents, round mirror

white dresser, brass accents, round mirror

For those of you keeping track, this is now the 4th “hairdo” this cute lady is sporting. Safe to say my daughter didn’t inherit my green thumb. She keeps getting a fresh do when the others have shriveled up and died. Hopefully, this one makes it!

white dresser, brass accents, round mirror

Over on this side of the room, I put up some fun hooks so she has a place to hang bags, hats, whatever she wants.

color blocked walls, wood hooks, wooden bed, white nightstands

color blocked walls, wood hooks, wooden bed, white nightstands

The new rug really pulls everything together here.

transitional rug in pinks and greens

transitional rug in pinks and greens

The subtle pattern is so pretty, the colors are perfect, and it’s nice and soft underfoot. I think that’s the grand tour? This was so fun to work on with her this summer and feels so much more “teen” now.

color blocked walls, white washed floors, pinks and greens

SOURCES: Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission on purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

White Wall Color – Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Green Wall Color – Azores by Benjamin Moore


Bed – the queen size is sold out right now


Duvet Cover

White Throw Pillows

Striped Throw Pillow

Pink Blanket

Knit Blanket

Landscape Artwork – Juniper Print Shop

C and Butterfly Artwork – BFF Print Shop


Pink Pillow

Chair faux fur – Ikea

Floor Lamp

Brass Tray

Brass Frames

Large Brass Frame

Wood Stools

Wall Hooks

Round Mirror

Planter – local store

Black and White Prints

Beaded Chandelier

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  1. This room is a HUGE inspiration for my daughter’s new room. We are hoping to do many of the same things. Thanks for the beautiful ideas! Do you mind sharing how far off the floor the color block line is? Is it 4ft? 5ft? Thanks!

  2. So adorable! Curious about the frog tape… did you wait for the paint to be 100% dry before you removed it? Thanks!!

  3. You have such an eye for making things beautiful. And your skills combined with your creativity are incredible. I barely let anything touch a wall since I am terrible at touch-ups (partially because I never have leftover paint when I need it.) because it ALWAYS shows where I did it. Obviously you do not have that fear since you put hooks up to hang things on that will hit the wall regularly. My husband would be much more relaxed in our home if I was skilled like you.

  4. Love how bright and uncluttered this is! I love the duvet cover and followed the link to purchase. Just curious-in your photos it looks white but the link shows ivory. Are there just no true white covers left, or is the ivory color very subtle?

  5. This room looks so relaxing and beautiful with the color choices! Definitely something she’ll enjoy for a long time. What did you do with her desk? Does she have a quiet place to work?

  6. A friend is now a featured artist on the Serena and Lily site! Susan Kinsella Art has several lovely pieces for sale, and her own website of course has much more.

    Love everything about the new room design, especially the 2-toned paint detail. Thumbs up!

  7. Hi Kelly,

    Your room looks lovely, just wondering did you chalk paint her dresser?
    Your daughter is one lucky teen.

    Thanks again for all you share.

  8. Your daughter has great style! I love the mix of old and new.
    Off topic but we are planning our new house and I noticed you don’t have a ceiling fan in your living room. I wondered with the high vaulted ceiling if you find any issues with heat circulation in the winter months. I really don’t wont to put in fans, but I do worry that all our heat will rise to our 2nd floor. So any advice from your experience would be appreciated.

  9. Perfection! Such a lovely room-so fresh and inviting. Although I hope you kept her hanging chair and put it someplace fun. Nicely done.

  10. What a beautiful room! A room your daughter can enjoy for many years.
    Can I ask the source for the beaded ceiling fixture!its exactly what I’m looking for.
    Thank you!

  11. Looks very sophisticated and lovely! I’m sure she’ll enjoy it throughout her teen years as its perfect for ‘growing with her’!

  12. What a calm and soothing bedroom style. Your 12 almost 13 year old, certainly has an eye for design (with help from mom) She has sophisticated taste beyond her age. This room will take her right into her college years. Sorry mom…hate to remind you that her teen years will fly by.

    1. I know it’s going by way too fast! She really wanted something more grown-up and it was so fun to bring it all together with her :)

  13. Wow, seriously gorgeous, Kelly! You are an amazing designer and I’m sure you and your daughter made some wonderful memories creating her cool ‘teen’ room! Now, about those ‘twitch-inducing’ electrical cords: I attach Command hooks strategically to the back of my furniture so I can route cords up behind dresser and sideboard legs, off the floor. Works really well! p.s. I’m so happy for Charlie, too. ;)

    1. Thanks Dori! Such a good tip with the command hooks! I normally tape the cords but totally forgot this time around whoops!

  14. What a fun project for you and your daughter to work on together. It looks so peaceful and comfortable. Gorgeous.

  15. Love this refresh! My daughter is 12- 2 months from 13 -and we have been getting ready to redo her bedroom. You have some great tips to get us started…Thank you!!

  16. Does she have a closet? And what kind of window treatments will you put up for the windows? You did a beautiful job!

    1. Yes, she has a walk-in closet, its the door you see to the left of the wood hooks. I’m not big on window treatments here on the lake because I think it detracts from the view. We don’t have drapes anywhere in this house. I prefer the clean look!

  17. Love it! Lots of texture and pretty colors and that bed! Super Timeless. I hope she feels special in her room.

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