The Sunroom is DONE-ish

Alternate titles for this post could be “All White Everything” or “My Happy Place” or possibly “The Never Ending Story” would be more appropriate, but no matter what you call it, we are about 90 percent done with the sunroom!

A room filled with furniture and a large window seat

It got several coats of fresh white paint last week and it feels so bright now! Even on this freezing rainy day.

A room filled with furniture and a large window

I would love more white walls in my house, but the Mr. is not as crazy about my “paint all the things white” attitude. I compromise in most of our house, but the sunroom was all mine. MINE, ALL MINE! :)

A sunroom filled with windows

This is my all white everything room, walls, trim, ceiling, even the floors. Luckily the Mr. loves it too, now that it’s done.

A close up of a door

Remember these gorgeous Armstrong floors?

A sunroom with window seat

White Washed Wood Flooring

They look so beautiful now that the trim is finished and painted. I’m so in love with them! You can read my post HERE on how easy it is to install your own.

White Washed Laminate Flooring

Now I know some of you may be in the Mr.’s boat and not crazy about my all white room, but don’t worry, I’ll be bringing in plenty of color with accessories to offset the white.

Starting with the window bench cushion, can I tell you how much anxiety/indecision I’m having picking out a fabric in here? UGH, didn’t realize I was such a upholstery commitment phobe…

If any of you have a favorite fabric source, please share it with me, I’d love to know! I’m leaning toward blue stripes…

A room with a large window seat

So, things to finish still besides furniture etc…

We are missing the glass windows in the side transoms going into the living room.

The outside still needs some work too, we are missing a section of the roof, some siding, and shutters on the back of the house. BUT good news we found the right roofing material hurrah! So that should be finished up soon too.

Sunroom with large window seat

All in all DONE-ish pretty much sums it up!

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  1. I have to tell you I love the all white look for this room. You really enjoy the views and those gorgeous windows. Can’t wait to see it finished.


      1. What kind of door do you have going into your sunroom? French doors or sliding doors? We’re doing a sunroom soon off my kitchen and I was wondering. Your sunroom is beautiful.

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous. Yes ,I could see myself sitting out there listening to the birds singing and just relaxing reading a magazine or good book while having my morning coffee
    As for cushion color;(now this is just me) but I would use a natural color; tan or maybe a cream color and then come in with ‘pop ‘of color using orange, blue, teal, yellow, greens, etc. Like bringing some of the outside colors , inside

  3. I am an “all white room lovin” kinda gal too!!!!
    So GEORGOUS, great job!
    Can you tell me what white paint you used?

  4. Oh.my.word. Kelly this is AMAZING!!!! I would just want to lie down in the middle of the floor and soak it all in. LOL! Would that be weird if I came over and laid down in the middle of your beautiful room? ;-)
    Love it girl!!

  5. My favorite fabric source is fabric.com I just purchased ten yards for new valances in my kitchen. The fabric was $50 a yard from a local store for just $9.95 a yard at the fabric.com I have an amazing local lady doing my sewing if you need a source for that too!

  6. Love it! Just a thought on the fabric for the bench, it would most likely be something that you won’t be able to change as easily as a pillow, so I would go more neutral with your fabric and use your pillows & beautiful throws for color on the bench. Just a humble opinion. Love your style!

  7. Lovely! Give me the dimensions on the window bench, Please.
    How thick is the lumber used? Gotta have one!

  8. LOOK at those windows!!! Holy smokes, lady I’m totally in love! With every update of this sun room that trip to MI is getting more and more likely ;) well done, Kelly!!

  9. I love it all white! Great job girl;) What about a pretty natural (light cream/really light beige to contrast the white and tones in the floor) color duck canvas for the bench cushion with stripped and textured pillows so that you can rotate seasonal items easily yet still achieve the lake/coastal charm you like. :)

  10. My Mr. is the same way about white. I would really love a white kitchen, but that’s a “no” since we both love to cook. Maybe we could compromise elsewhere too. :)

      1. Hello, I’m in the process of renovating and I have been looking for ideas inspiration and came across your gorgeous sunroom. I’ve been looking for those woven wicker baskets, do you mind sharing where yours are from??
        Thank you ??

        1. Hi Maura this post is a few years old now but the baskets were from Pottery Barn. Not sure if they still carry them? Thanks!

          1. Just curious about your windows – what size were they, do they have screens built in, and where did you buy them?

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