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Rain Rain go away…sunroom update

It’s raining.

In my house.

No biggie.


The rain this week and last has not been our friend. Especially since whompp, whomppp, our windows came in wrong. We have another week to go til they come in again (right this time hopefully!) so the guys are trying to do as much as they can without it being water tight. So no drywall, electrical, trim work, everything is being held off a bit.

Sunroom addition to a lake cottage

They did switch out our bedroom window with our slider. Which I was a bit scared was going to make this room dark but it looks great, at least as far as I can tell with half the drywall missing and piles of dust everywhere, but it has to get worse to get better right???

A dining room table in front of a window

Sunroom addition

We have the whole sunroom framed and wrapped up with tarps at the moment which is making our living room feel a little like a tomb with no windows. (PS since taking these photos this window is now gone and there is a huge gaping hole in it’s place, hence the rain inside my house…)

 Sunroom addition

The Mr. and I climbed thru the window and did some furniture planning in here, and we bought a couch which should be delivered about the time we are (cross your fingers) done with construction. The windows will actually be as big as the framing, they have just yet to cut the excess plywood off.

Sunroom addition

We also have plans for a circular coffee table, despite the weirdly hexagonal shape the Mr. made on the floor it’s actually supposed to be a circle. I still have my eye out for one of those. The long line along the back is going to be a window seat that runs the length of the lake side windows. We wanted to maximize seating in here without blocking the view so the window seat is going to be perfect.

A building with a wooden floor

The best part…

I climbed out the window onto our soon to be rooftop deck and sat out there, this is the view!

A lake view

It’s going to be so nice to have a glass of wine out here at night with the Mr. after the kids are down for the night. You know after they come out of their rooms for the 300th time for a glass of water/potty break/hug/one more tuck in/crazy nightmare….

Ok so maybe after all that, coffee in the morning is more realistic, but either way it’s going to be a nice place to hang out.

Sunroom addition

I’ve made a few lighting and flooring selections and I’ll be back later in the week sharing some idea boards about what I’m planning.

Also random fact, I LOVE the way new construction smells. It ranks right up there with new car smell. I think I’m onto something there…I could bottle it and make new construction spray…

ok so all the chaos may be getting to my head :)

you can see the sunroom plans here.

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  1. Your sunroom will be awesome when it’s done!! Do you know the name of the gray paint color on your home’s exterior? My husband and I are trying to decide on a good gray. Thank you!!

    1. Sorry Andrea I don’t! We picked the siding before I was blogging so I never put wrote it down :( good luck on your paint color! We went a little darker than I originally had planned and I loved how it turned out, especially with white trim.

  2. I also love that new construction smell. We built our house eight years ago and when we come home from vacation I can still smell it. I also love walking into Lowe’s (my all time favorite store) My husband cracks up every time we go in and I inhale deeply. Love that smell.
    Sorry you are getting a lot of rain and it is delaying the completion of your sun room. I’m envious of your soon to be roof top deck and that view.

  3. Your stories always brighten my day Kelly! Sorry about your rain party though ;-(
    The sunroom will be spectacular when it’s finished!! What a great view!! ;-)

  4. I swear every time we ever started a project where something had to be “ordered” it always was the wrong size, color, or it was damaged. {sigh} We just thought it was us but apparently it happens to quite a few. The view is gorgeous and you will love just sitting there with nothing to do ha! ha! ha! I thought that the hexagon /circle was your way of calling to the aliens for help :-)

  5. We are also under construction with a new room, our windows will be delivered next week. The room will connect to our breakfast room, and we will be able to enter our gazebo from it. Love your view!!!!

  6. Oh girl! I’m in love. The sunroom will be amazing….and even better…your balcony! There is something so calming and soothing about staring out into a large body of water. HEAVEN. ON. EARTH.
    That sucks about the windows! How frustrating! I’ve never done a large remodel project, or built a new home. I hear it’s pretty stressful. What’s your thoughts on it? For our next home, I would love to buy a real dump and fix it up myself…as much as I can do of course. I know NOTHING. But I figure I can learn anything I set my mind to. My husband just laughs at me!! :)
    I LOVE all your projects and your style! Can’t wait to have a house of my own! We rent, and it drives me nuts not to be able to do everything I want! :)

    1. We have done both, remodeling and building from scratch and I love both! I just love the whole process, it can be frustrating but the end results are worth it. I feel your renting pain, hard not to paint those walls!

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