Lake House Exterior – Street Side

I hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend! Labor day is always sad around here as it is typically the day everyone pulls their docks and boats out for the year. It definitely gets quiet on the lake once summer is over. We had a pretty lazy Labor Day watching movies with the kids. We introduced them to The Never Ending Story and my daughter said “When was this movie made??”

I replied “the 80’s”

She said “Well that explains why the music is so bad…”


Charcoal Grey and White Siding Lake House

As a child of the 80’s I can say truer words were never spoken…

Then I threatened to perm her bangs ;)

A lake house with gray siding

With the colder temps, I’m starting to think about fall decorating, but I barely have my house put together let alone adding in fall decor, so I don’t think I’m going to make it happen this year. One space I do hope to at least make a little fall-ish is the front porch. This made me realize I never shared the completed street side of the house with you all. The sun peeked out for a little bit this morning after the rain, and I snapped a few shots so pardon the puddles.

A lake house front porch with benches

I love having these benches on the front porch. It’s the perfect spot to hang out with my coffee while my kids ride their bikes. All these pillows are just leftovers from the last house. I never quite found the right pillows for out here this summer, so the search continues.

I also was late to the game to buy planters for the front, by the time I got around to it back to school supplies were in stores! Thankfully I borrowed these old ones from my mom’s garage and plopped some clearance hydrangeas in them. I’ll probably transplant them somewhere now that summer is over.

A large lawn in front of a house

The guys did such an amazing job building the pergola over the garage and I love the character it adds to this side of the house.

Window boxes planted with flowers

You know I had to have flower boxes again (check out my flower box tips here) although having just 2 boxes versus the 7 I had at the last house has been less time consuming thankfully. I went with a mix of double impatiens, regular impatiens, and creeping jenny as the front of the house is mostly shady. They are starting to dwindle a bit with the cooler temps, but they were really pretty.

A large lawn in front of a house

I shared the lakeside of our home before, but I’ll share again in case you are new here. I’m really happy with how the dark siding turned out with the white trim, and I’m so glad we took the chance to go with a darker color.

A large lawn in front of a house

A large green lawn in front of a house


Siding – Vinyl shake siding by Mastic in the color Natural Slate

Front Door – Thermatru

Windows – NorthStar

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  1. Hi! Your house is so beautiful! I looove all of the character you’ve brought into your home. I’m currently in the process of designing our home to be built at the end of this year. I am planning to use the Mastic siding, but I’m wondering what material you used for trim? Thanks!

  2. Hi! Your home is gorgeous! We are remodeling our Lakehouse and currently trying to decide on the siding. Has your Mastic siding held up so far? We were leaning toward a blue gray color and yours popped up on Pinterest. Turns out that every photo that I have saved has actually been your house!

  3. This is such a beautiful home! Have you posted the floor plan ? I’m curious of the square footage of each level

    1. Hi Alicia I’m not able to share the floor plans online due to an agreement with our architect but its 2000 sq ft on the main level and 1800 finished in the basement – thanks!

  4. Found your home when doing a search of Mastic Natural Slate. We are building a lake home and I am in love with this color. After seeing pictures of your home I love it even more and finally convinced my husband that this is the color we must have! One question- is your shake 5″ or 7″? Thanks so much and for sharing pictures of your beautiful home!

  5. Do you have house plans (layout) for your home? I’d like to build very similar to this, this fall. It’s absokutely stunning and everything I’m looking for.

    1. Hi Jaren, due to an agreement with my architect I’m unable to share our floor plans. If you follow me on instagram I do a video tour that is saved in my highlights that gives you a better feel for the space – thanks!

  6. Love it! I’m building a home in NC and this siding is one we are thinking of doing! Our only fear is the fade since it is such a dark color…. how has yours held up?
    Jess (:

  7. I’m a little tardy to the party, but your home is gorgeous nonetheless! I love your siding color. Is it more gray than blue or vice versa? Could you share the brand of siding and color please?

    1. It really depends on the lighting! Sometimes it looks completely charcoal and sometimes it looks a bit blue. It’s vinyl shake by Mastic the color is Natural Slate.

  8. I love the corbels/brackets under your roof above your windows. I’m trying to find something this size, and I’m having a tough time. Do you know who made them? Did you have your trim people make them custom? Any info is appreciated. We live at the lake too and are redoing our house. Your home is beautiful.

    1. I don’t know who made them we ordered them out of a catalog but I’m not sure on the brand name. Try googling them a bit because there are lots of sites that sell them.

  9. Found your home on a search of lake homes with blue gray shake and BINGO it’s exactly the color I was looking for to put on our
    Chesapeake Bay home! So happy to see how beautiful it looks with white trim, just as I had planned. Would you be able to share the brand of the shingle and the color of the metal roofing? You mentioned before the color is weathered wood, but there are a few manufacturers that use that color name. We were going with a color more on the gray side but your roof color is much more becoming with that siding so hoping you can dig that up. Beautifully designed home!

    1. Hi Tammy, I looked back through all of my info and I cannot find the manufacturer of the shingles sorry! I just have a photo of it on my phone and the brand name is cropped off. The metal roof color is Burnished Slate and the company name just says Metal Sales on it. Sorry that’s not more helpful, good luck with your home!

  10. Your home is just beautiful!! I am also interested in learning about your shingle choice…brand and color! We are looking for the right shingle roof right now for our new build. We have very similar taste but will have white siding.

      1. I love your house colors! Do you happen to know the vinyl siding color? We are changing our siding & building an additional Garage in our backyard. We are looking at the blue color, can’t choose between Regatta or Indigo from Carter lumber choices. We are on an inland lake too in Michigan, in Linden. Thanks so much!

  11. What kind of outdoor sconces do you guys have? My wife and are building, and when given siding options, the one you have for your lake house was one of the ones we liked, and after seeing such a great detailed blog on it – not only have we become fans of that color, but your blog and style. Thanks!

    1. Hi Brandon thanks, we used an oil rubbed bronze sconce on the exterior. I think I just got them from Wayfair I’ll have to look it up!

  12. Love your beautiful house, and what you have done with it. Looking for houseplan ideas for a home in the mountains. How big is your house? Is there a way to purchase the floorplans?

  13. You have done such an amazing job designing your home and in selecting all of the products and features – it came together beautifully!! Your home has been such an inspiration, and I just wanted to thank you so much for always listing the products you have used – it has been extremely helpful for me – Thankyou!!!

  14. Bravo, and applause applause! I grew up on a lake in the Seattle, WA area, and there’s just nothing better (unless a farm is attached). Looking at this splendid exterior, I wouldn’t change one thing!

  15. I love everything about your house. You have read taste and an eye for design. Thank you for sharing. I count the days to read each new blog post.

  16. Lake front or even ocean front, gorgeous home. The colors are beautiful, very welcoming:).
    Truly a dream home, Kathleen in Az

  17. This is gorgeous!!! I love the detail above the garage. You mentioned the siding was vinyl, I haven’t seen any like this before. I would love to build another new home, not sure if I could get hubby on board ;)

    1. They have made huge improvements in this type of siding in the last 5 years it comes in all different textures and colors and it’s so practical and easy to take care of!

  18. Your house is gorgeous! I’m cracking up over your threat to perm your daughter’s bangs:) Are you liking the early cooler temps? I’m not ready for it yet in the Badger state but we don’t have a choice.

    1. I speak from experience as one who had my bangs permed a zillion times lol! Supposed to be in the 80’s this weekend here, Michigan is confused about the seasons as usual!

  19. Beautiful! I know you said you have cellular shades in the master bath. but do you plan on any other window treatments in your home? Street side? Or in the bedrooms, what sort of blinds or shades will you be using?

    1. We have the cellular shades in all the bathrooms and bedrooms but nothing on the other windows bc we face the lake and we own the property across the street from us there’s not really anyone to look inside :)

  20. Crikey Kelly, can your home be more beautiful?! And it will be this beautiful no matter what time of year. Kudos again to you, your husband, and the entire team that made it happen. Cheers and happy fall, Ardith

    1. Thanks so much Ardith, I’m very excited to experience all the different seasons here, the kids are excited about having a hill to sled down :)

  21. I am new to your blog & just love it. Your house is beautiful. I like the darker color with the white trim. It looks so much like the dream house I have in my head, lol!

  22. Thank you for providing me such beautiful leverage in the “let’s move to the lake” discussions at our house. My husband wants to go. I want to stay. But…. I keep telling him if he finds me one of these I’m in!

  23. So beautiful!
    Is it possible to get info about these benches please?
    Did you build it or buy it? They are so charming. Love it.
    Decorating our front porch still remains a real challenge for me. Some tips and advices will be appreciated in an other post. :)

    1. Hi Sanda, the trim guys build them for us. I’m hoping to decorate the porch for fall soon and share with you all but it’s going to be in the 80’s all week, not feeling like fall that’s for sure!

  24. Love love LOVE IT!!!!! Class all the way!!! I too am looking forward to some pics of the fall foliage around the lake!!! Blessings from Missouri!!!

  25. Love all of this & your former house! I need you to build me a perfect lakehouse! It’s all perfection.

  26. WOW, you home’s exterior has really come together! I especially love the trim around your front windows and the arbor over the garage doors. Nice! I’ve pinned several pictures of those features to save and hopefully incorporate into our next home. A job well done!

      1. I have recently found your blog and I am enjoying your decorating tips! My husband and I are building a new home in the spring…what is the approximate square footage of your home

          1. Absolutely gorgeous! We are designing a home for our lake lot and love the exterior. We would love to see the interior layout and rough dimensions if you wouldn’t mind sharing.

          2. Hi Troy, unfortunately, I’m unable to share our plans due to an agreement with my architect. You can get a good feel for the plan if you watch my saved stories on Instagram – thanks!

  27. Have followed your blog since well before the new house and loved watching it come to completion. It’s simply splendid, in all aspects!
    It would be nice to see a post focusing on landscaping before it gets cold (I’m a gardener and all I have seen so far is teasers). Also, I am looking forward to seeing views of awesome fall color from all your wonderful lakeside windows (the light in your home is wonderful). Blog on, gal!

    1. Oh shoot that would have been a good idea, a lot of our stuff is looking pretty beat up already by the cold snap we had the other week. I’ll be sure to blog about the landscaping in the spring though! Thanks for sticking with me so long :)

  28. Looks so good with your colors you chose for your house. Love your window boxes. What will you place in them over the Fall and Winter?
    You did a great job.

  29. Beautiful. Love all the windows to let the natural light shine in but I sure wouldn’t like to be the person to clean them all.

      1. Beautiful! What color paint did you use for the exterior of the house? We are about to paint our house & I love this color!

          1. If you follow me on instagram I have the color matched formula saved to my Q&A highlights but I also know several people have gotten a sample of our siding and had it color matched. Our siding is by Mastic the color is Natural Slate.

    1. Beautiful house and I love the color scheme. Could you please share the siding material and color? We are about to start building a lake home and this info would be super helpful. Thank you!

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