Pantry Wallpaper

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Hey guys! I know I promised my fall home tour was coming this week, but the other bloggers I’m participating with decided to push it back a week. Which phew, I’m actually thankful for because it gave me a chance to find actual real live pumpkins. My blog post plans got a little goofed up for the week though, so I thought I would share some updates on a few projects that will be coming to the blog soon like my pantry wallpaper!

I’m so excited about  finishing up our pantry. Here’s what it looked like last year when we moved in –

grey walk in butlers pantry

Here’s what it looks like as of this morning after my two tornados have been through it. Yikes it needs a bit more organization now that it’s fully stocked. Some clear bins and can organizers are in my future, but the biggest change coming in here is wallpaper!

A kitchen with a book shelf

Originally when we were building, the plan was for the walls to be tiled, but this was an easy budget cut to make when I was over budget in other areas. I knew it would be an easy detail to add to later. I’m glad I waited, because I feel like wallpaper will be more fun and versatile to change out someday. I’m wanting a little more texture in here, so I decided on this Cayman Cork Wallpaper from Serena and Lily.

serena and lily wallpaper

I think the black countertop will play well with the pattern on this wallpaper and it almost has a tile like feel to it. I’m hoping the grey paint will pop against the graphic pattern and the open shelves will stand out more. They will be getting a major overhaul styling wise too, because I’m cleaning out some of the stuff that I haven’t used since we moved in. I want it to be pretty, but it’s also practical storage space for us too.

A kitchen pantry

When I first shared this room, I had a ton of questions about if it was too big or if I thought I would really use this space much, and I’m SO glad we have this spot. After a year of living here, I really have loved that all the little appliances and counter clutter is hidden away in here. It makes mornings easy with my kids too, because I have all the school snacks – applesauce pouches, raisins, granola bars, etc… in bins on the bottom, so they can pack their own snacks in the morning for school. It’s also nice to have another work space. If I’m having a dinner party it’s easy hide all my prep stuff away.

As for my biggest reason for wanting the pantry – hiding from my children within arms reach of wine and chocolate, I can honestly say it has come in handy for that purpose too ;) If you missed the pantry the first time around, you can read more about it here.

Or check out some of the other rooms I have wallpapered like my daughter’s bathroom.

A bathrroom with a sink and a window

Our laundry room,

A laundry room with wallpaper

and powder room.

Lake house powder room serena and lily wallpaper

I plan on adding wallpaper in my “never before seen on the blog” son’s bathroom soon too. I’ll be sharing more about that soon.

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  1. I don’t envy you putting up wallpaper around those wall shelves but your pantry IS amazing! Have you considered tiling only about 15 inches up and painting above it a darker color? Your kitchen subway tile with dark grout is lovely and you have the benefit of natural light from the pantry window. I love, love, love the deep wraparound counters on two walls with the shelves for all of your small appliances below. Brilliant and swoon worthy! Whatever you do it will, no doubt, be gorgeous.

  2. I’ve already swooned many times over your beautiful pantry…in our old house, I don’t have the space for that luxury but I dearly wish I could..it would be divine. ?

  3. beautiful pantry envy!!! Enjoy all those moments with those kiddos they grow too fast and I miss that a bit my youngest is 18 and so so busy. Not sure why I added that but felt led.. Enjoy your day

  4. Your house is beautiful and it makes me so happy. You have a good eye for decorating. I love the size of your pantry. It is large but perfect for storage also.

  5. I love your pantry. I’m a big fan of keeping all that stuff, food, small appliances, etc., out of the kitchen and especially off the counters. And the wallpaper is going to be gorgeous! Good use of budget $$ :-).

  6. The wallpaper is beautiful Kelly, I do have an off topic question for you… Have you been happy with the penny tile in your daughters bathroom? We are redoing a kids bathroom soon and I am leaning towards that tile for the floor but have read a lot of mixed reviews! Thanks!!

    1. Yes I really love it still. I would never do it with a light grout though I’m sure it would be hard to clean. But we did a dark gray grout and it still looks great. It can be difficult to lay and have it line up right. We have the same in my son’s bathroom too in gray.

  7. Ditto to what Grace said:)
    It always makes me happy to see your pictures and the great energy you share.

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