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Custom Family Portrait Giveaway

I’ve been working on my gallery wall in the playroom for a few weeks trying to revamp the whole thing to fit better with the changes I made in the playroom. You can check them all out here.

A living room filled with furniture and a teepee

It’s still a bit of a hot mess work in progress, but I couldn’t wait to show off the custom family portrait that I got for this room!

A playroom with navy sofa

Custom Family Portrait

Isn’t it so fun? Elaine from Ink Lane Design Co made it for me and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I actually went to High School with her husband and she is a graphic artist with a really fun Etsy shop that I know you will love.

A close up of text on a white surface

 I sent her photos of our family (even Buddy made it in there) and a few photos of the playroom, so she could coordinate colors and she came up with this adorable portrait of our family. The Mr. is especially pleased with how tall he looks in the portrait, and she captured little man’s wild head of curls perfectly!

You can see lots more cute examples in her shop, she even does wedding portraits too!

Playroom wall with letters

I love the pop of color it added to the gallery wall. I painted all the frames in here white, because I felt like the multicolored frames I had before were  a bit too busy. I’m slowly switching out the photos with color photos and fun prints.

Playroom design

The other new thing in the room is this tv armoire. I love having the tv hidden away mainly, because it saves the tv from the weekly softball game my kids have up here, but it does look nicer too.

Although the color needs to go. We inherited this from my mom when we redid her bedroom and bath (see it here and here) and the off-white color just isn’t working with the new white walls. I really want to paint it a fun color, but having a color swatch card taped up there for the last 2 months is as far as I have gotten on the whole thing!

Any color suggestions for me? I’m sort of leaning towards Provence, but I’m having commitment issues.

Paint chips

OK back to the cute wall art, because after all I did mention a giveaway right? Yes!

Elaine is giving away 1 FREE family portrait (or couple portrait) to a lucky reader! Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.

She also is nice enough to offer a coupon code for 25% off any purchase from her Etsy shop, just use the code LILYPADCOTTAGE when checking out. The code will be good til April 30. She has lots of other fun printables and cute designs, (I will be snagging a few more for myself!) so be sure to check it out! The giveaway will be open for 7 days and I’ll email the winner directly, good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I would probably hang this in my living room on the gallery wall I’m putting together, though I might hang it at the end of the hallway between my daughter’s bedrooms. We moved into our current house about 9 months ago and then had a baby 5 months ago so I’m just now getting around to figuring out the art/hanging pictures. I absolutely love personalized art and only like to hang art/pictures that have some significance to our family, the new house has almost twice the square footage as the last one so I’ve been struggling to find enough to fill the walls.

  2. How Adorable! I would hang it in our gallery hall, it’s all fun pics from adventures on the water/LAKES/OCEAN, How sweet this would be! What a talented artist she is! Thanks

  3. Hi, I love the family portrait idea for a playroom! My girls would LOVE to have one to show off in their playroom to all their friends. It makes me smile to know they’re so proud of their family… A big one with six children!! <3

  4. Love your picture wall and the cute family photo. The Greek Blue for the armoire would be a great color with your sofa. Good luck picking paint color.

  5. I would hang this in my living room, the first room you see and the major hangout in our home. I’m currently putting together some prints and collecting frames, in an attempt to create a gallery wall. This print is so cute and would be a great addition. P.S. I LOVE what you’ve done with your playroom so far and LOVE the tentative color choice. Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for sharing your cute space.

  6. What a cute picture! She is super talented. And i too love looking thru your home for inspiration! We have a large living room with lots of empty wall space….i think i would find a good spot in there to hang this if i win! :)

  7. Although I like the provence color, that is a large piece and might be a bit overpowering, When I look at the couch and blue accent wall, I think you already have some strong statement colors. I think I would lean more toward Louis Blue or Duck Egg Blue. Even something along the lines of the chair sitting next to the armoire might look good. I would be concerned that Provence might draw too much attention away from the picture gallery.

  8. We moved recently to a “new to us” home. I’m having fun decorating and making it our own. This portrait would be the start of a fun gallery wall! Adorable!

  9. I would hang one of these awesome portraits in our living room. I love seeing family pictures peppered throughout the house!

  10. Love your blog. I would love that on my entry. Perfect pop of happiness as i start my day!

  11. Love your family portrait and would love to win one for my family!!! We would display it in our family room!!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! Love your blog!!!!

  12. I would display it on our gallery wall for a pop of color.
    I think your cabinet should be graphite. I painted a cabinet in graphite, loved it, but did a white wash thinking it was too dark for our room. I’m now in the process of painting it graphite again!

  13. I would give mine to my daughter who has a new daughter
    And a young son. She would probably showcase
    It in their entryway for all to see! They are so clever !

  14. We just bought our home and I am still trying to find new decorative pieces to put up on the empty walls. If we were to have one, the family portrait would either go in the living room or the kid’s playroom! This is adorable! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  15. Thanks for the chance at this lovely giveaway. We just bought a home two months ago and our walls are still empty. This would be perfect.

  16. I love the photo and I would love to have something like this. I would hang it where it would be on display.
    The color Provenance is perfect. It will blend well with the Mr.’s sweater. I also love the Greek Blue and Napoleonic Blue.

  17. I’ve been looking at portraits like these for awhile, too. I think I’d like mine either in our main room, play room (when I get that up and running), or my office (which is also my bedroom atm.) Anyway, lots of possibilities. :) As far as the armoire, the Greek blue really jumped out at me. . .And at least from the pictures, would seem to tie into the tee-pee fabrics, etc. . . Thanks! :)

  18. I’m working on a gallery wall in my living/dining room and I would display the family portrait there!

  19. I actually have a friend getting married this summer and this would be an amazing wedding gift!

  20. Great family portrait! Very talented artist.

    For the paint, personally I’d go with something bold instead of muted or soft. The Napoleonic Blue would do the trick.

  21. When you come to visit our home you will find our fondest family photos hanging together in our living room for all to see. The only thing missing is a family portrait that includes Mum (I am always holding the camera).

  22. These are so adorable! I’d put it up in the kids homework nook because right now we don’t have any decorations or plans for it, and a cute fun family portrait would be the perfect thing to design the nook around!

    Also, I’d totally paint the dresser provence, but I think Florence would go well because it’s bolder and would look good with the blues and reds in the rest of the room!

  23. Such a great giveaway!! I would put the print on the wall going up my stairs in my gallery wall. Love your play room! !

  24. So cute! We are currently house hunting and I’d love to put a portrait in our future entryway!

  25. This is SO neat! I’d put ours in the family room where we spend the most time. These are amazing!

  26. I’m always drooling over these cute etsy family portraits! Hers are SO CUTE! awesome giveaway!

  27. Working on a wedding gallery wall in our bedroom would love to add this seriously adorable art to it!

  28. This portrait is the cutest thing ever!! Would love to display it in my entry way xoxo

  29. Thank you for this giveaway! It is so adorable! If I win I would hang our family portrait in our family room. We are adopting a baby this summer so this is just in time to include him in it!

  30. I’d love to give these as gifts for Christmas. It never hurts to get a head start. I’d put mine in our family room.

  31. I would hang this right by the front door to show it off to all my visitors. Go with Provence on the armoire. It’s worth the risk for the impact it will make on your room.

  32. Hi Kelly-Love your blog, and your sense of humor, you crack me up. Your choice for Provence sounds like a solid one. It will pick up the color of The Mr.’s sweater in your personalized portrait, and also the wide stripe in your teepee. Maybe add a throw with that same Provence color on your couch (the one you have there is beautiful), but this would bring more of that Provence color over onto your couch. Whatever you choose will be awesome, you have great taste. Can’t wait to see your finished bookcases upstairs. Hint, hint. :)

  33. Kelly – if your sweet friend can make your hubs taller, I’m sure she can make my hubby thinner!! Ha…I know he’ll ask :) I think that Provence would look great with the peachy/pinky (I’m very color technical!!) print right above the armoire. Good luck!!

  34. I would display the family portrait in our family room. Such a cute idea – thank you!

  35. So cute! I’m not sure where we would put it, our house is on the market so we’ve had to take down a lot of personal photos. But in our future home I want to have a entry wall gallery – so I’ll be dreaming of putting it there! :)

  36. Very cute! My kids are older, one almost ready to graduate, would be fun to get this done before she “takes wing”!

  37. Our loft playroom is almost identical to yours! As soon as I saw the fun picture of your family I was going to look into the price. Thank you for the chance To get it for free, plus the 25% off! Love pic gallery!

  38. I would hang a picture like this in our new house. On the gallery wall I’m planning in the hall leading from the foyer to the main living area! Love your style Kelly!

  39. How cute is that! I would hang it in my foyer. It would deserve a prominent place in our home. All who enter shall be amazed.

  40. The room looks great! I like the Napoleonic Blue to ground the large piece and pick up on your accent wall and sofa colors!

  41. Provence or the coral color (the “I” in the pillow) – love the portrait!

  42. That is adorable! I would put mine on my gallery wall that I am creating in my office! =)

  43. Super cute! I would give it as a gift to an adorable family with 3 small kids who would love it. :)

  44. i would display on our gallery wall in our family room…it would be a perfect fit

  45. The family picture is adorable! It would go great in our family room on the gallery wall I’ve been slowly working on!

  46. I think that is such a fun room and that portrait is adorable. Love to see what others do with their gallery walls. So inspirational. I’d like to see you put the Louis Blue on that armoire. Love your blog – you’re hysterical!

  47. I would display to complete the big wall in the main hallway of the house. I think you should go with Provence.

  48. I am currently putting things together for a gallery wall in our main entrance that this would work great in. Thanks for this giveaway! So cute!

  49. LOVING this portrait!!! Pick me:)
    I am with you on the Provence-I think it will look great! The playroom looks amazing!

  50. We have a very large empty wall in our basement family room that needs a gallery wall. This portrait would be the perfect addition!

  51. I have a very large family…9 grown kids…..it’s very hard to get them all together at one time and at one place to have a family photo done so this would be perfect!

  52. What a cute portrait! I have a gallery wall and shelves in our living room that I would add our family portrait to, or our playroom would be a fun spot, too. :)
    As for your armoire, I like Louis Blue or Duck Egg Blue. Your playroom is so fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

  53. Cute stuff. Love the portrait and the wall looks great. I like the color Provence. It would be a nice choice for the room. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s all done.

  54. I have away wanted to get a portrait like this and I love the style of this one, I will be popping over to the Etsy shop! Also I think Provence is the perfect colour, it is my favourite colour in her line and it looks beautiful, but I get your predicament, I always struggle choosing colours to paint my own furniture!

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