Master Bathroom Reveal – Parent’s Edition

Guys, I’m not sure I’m a good enough photographer to do justice to this master bathroom.

I mean, we don’t need to talk about me falling off the toilet that I was standing on to get a good shot of the floor, or how I flushed the toilet on accident on my way down..

Bathroom with windows

Bathroom with concrete counters

Large tub in front of a window

I won’t mention how I accidentally took a little shower, because I backed into the faucet handle.

A close up of a door

I won’t show you photos of the nice goose egg on my noggin after I nailed my head on the concrete countertop trying to take a photo of the bathtub.

A vase of flowers sitting on a counter

And we can really just keep quiet about the back of the head light fixture incident. I possibly had a heart attack when I thought I broke the thing, I think my head is going to be ok too.

Master Bath Decor

 We’ll just keep all of this to ourselves and not tell anyone, thank goodness my parents don’t have a hidden camera in here. But if they did, rest assured the video would end up on funniest home videos. Come to think of it if I won $10,000 I might be able to get behind that idea. Maybe I need to start video taping all my photo shoots…

A close up of a tile floor

I could really start my own youtube channel, photography gone wrong or worlds clumsiest photographer! Blogger breaks leg in slippery bathroom photo shoot, I can just see the headlines now!

A close up of a shower in a room

Anyways, let’s just say enjoy the bathroom photos, because this was basically like shooting an episode of American Ninja Warrior for me :)

Bathroom stool in shower

Ok I’ll stop blabbing on and give you a few details, the counter top, shower floor and bath surround are all poured concrete. My mom didn’t want the worry of marble in these areas and I love the way it breaks up all the white.

Bathtub in front of large windows

My mom’s carpenter made this little cabinet piece in the back of the tub so she could keep all her books and soaps hidden away.

A vase filled with purple flowers on a table

Tried to get a shot of my parent’s view of the lake out their windows for you, the leaves are just starting to change across the lake.

A large tub next to a window

My mom found this cute little cart and accessories at World Market.

Small bathroom shelves

Master Bathroom Decor

A close up of a tub

I love the subway tile in here, it’s got kind of a 3D effect.

Tub and shower

We moved some of my mom’s orchid collection up here for a pop of color.

A vase filled with purple flowers on a table     A marble tile shower

Oh and I almost forgot the before pics –

A large tub next to a shower

Yeah, we have come a long way!

A large tub near a window   Bathroom cabinets and toilet

That’s the whole tour, or what I could capture without any more bodily harm to myself ;)

You can see my parent’s adjacent bedroom here. And more of their house tour here, here, and here.


Cabinet – Home Decorators – different counter top and hardware

Faucets and hardware – Delta

Garden Stool – Home Decorators

Bath Cart – World Market

Towels – HomeGoods

Light Fixtures – Pottery Barn

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  1. Yes i also would like to replicate this I already have the floor order the cabinet need the sink and Mirror. thanks

  2. Hello Kelly- this looks awesome. I know the vanity cabinet is from Home Decorators, but where did you get the sink- I like how it is thick and the square clean sink look. Thanks for any info! Trying to replicate this!! Hannah

  3. Wow, sounds like we narrowly avoided a lawsuit from injuring yourself in our bathroom! Great job as usual with the photos! I am loving how bright and white everything is now, such a transformation!

  4. Thanks for the smiles. How I wish that I could have a bathroom like that, but in a 200 year old home, we’ve knocked out walls and tried to make it as handicapped accessible as possible, but the bathroom can’t be changed. I am glad I don’t have to walk outside for a bathroom. Also, enjoy your parents while you have them.

  5. WOW!!!
    That is stunning!!!! Good Job!! I am DYING to gut ours (much, much smaller) but it’s at the back of our list :(
    You sounds about as clumsy as me! I am always covered in bumps and bruises and I don;t even notice getting them most of the time anymore :P

  6. Beautiful photos!! Ahhhhh what we bloggers won’t do for a good photograph. I can just see you — before pic– cut outfit, long blonde hair flowing, camera held confidently in your hand. After pic — bandage around head , crutches, camera hanging around neck kinda at an angle. Yep!! The sacrifices we make.

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