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Parent’s Kitchen Update

Thanks for all the fun feedback on my parent’s kitchen last week (if you missed that post read it here)! The painter has been there the last few days and I couldn’t wait to share a quick update with you all. I hope you don’t mind these shorter iPhone shot updates of projects lately. I promise pretty completed room photos are coming! I just thought you might like to see the mess along the way.

A kitchen

My mom ended up choosing the Revere Pewter color and I’m so glad she did. Obviously, everything is still covered and a mess, but you can already tell how bright and fresh it’s going to be. Also, excuse the funny lighting in these photos. All of the blinds were down when I quick snapped these and I was trying to stay out of the painter’s way.

Here’s the yellow toned/antique glazed before again –

cottage kitchen before photos

and the progress shot!

A kitchen with a wooden floor

It will never cease to amaze me how a coat of paint can entirely change a space. Her kitchen instantly feels updated!

A kitchen with a sink and a window

She is also having the walls painted Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams (you can see a peek of it above). Their living room in Florida is painted the same color and it’s so pretty. You can check it out here (the before and afters on that one are fun too!) Several of the walls were affected with the water damage so this was a good time to update that too.

A kitchen area with windows

We’ve picked out some simple matte black hardware to go with the updated paint color as well. We are also throwing around the idea of adding a backsplash in a few spots too.

A large empty room

We are still a few weeks out on the new floors going in, but I am itching to get in there and style her glass cabinets and the rest of her kitchen as well.

Also, I realize I’ve left you all hanging on my son’s bathroom! I’m just waiting on the wall art that I ordered to arrive and I will share (hopefully) next week? Cross your fingers my UPS guy doesn’t let me down, because I’m so excited to see what you all think. I’ve never had every single comment on a post be in agreement like I did on that one. 100 percent of you thought I should paint the walls light…and I then 100 percent painted them a deep Navy – haha! With any luck, once you see it all pulled together, you won’t still think I’m nuts ;) – stay tuned!

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  1. What color did you do for the countertops?! Thinking of painting our cabinets Revere Pewter…it’s my favorite color! But am stuck as to what to do on the counters… don’t really want black.

  2. Love the layout of your parents’ house. You don’t have the plans by any chance do you?

  3. Hi
    In Australia, we rarely paint cabinetry in situ like this, but I see it often in American homes.
    What type of paint are your parents using …oil based ..?
    Fun project to watch! Love the beautiful paint colour! ?

    1. I think it’s water based but it’s probably paint meant for cabinets I’m not totally sure since they hired this out thanks!

  4. I am surprised that you did the painting first, and not the floors. Won’t you have to remove all the cabinets to install the new floors? With water damage like you mentioned, it might possibly have spread to under the cabinets and without removing them to inspect for possible mold/structural issues on the subfloor, aren’t you worried? Taking out the lower cabinets shouldn’t be too much of an issue as they are screwed in with either cabinet screws or sheetrock screws.
    I do like the color choices a lot and look forward to seeing how it all comes together.

    1. I wondered about this too. My sister’s contractor convinced her it was okay to put the floors in without removing the cabinets – and when their dishwasher needed to be replace they had to remove part of the flooring to remove the old dishwasher and install the new one – quite the headache!

      1. So they had a company come in and remove all of the moisture right when it happened but they are actually going to sand the floors down and put the new floors over top. This was much more cost effective than ripping them all out. I don’t really know the details of how they are doing it but this was the best solution their flooring contractors came up with.

    2. Hey Charisse, They are actually putting the new floors over top. I don’t really have all the details on how they are doing it but that was the method the flooring contractors decided on. All of the moisture was removed by a professional company and there was no mold etc. I don’t really understand the whole process but they have professionals on top of it!

  5. I love the color and design! Just a word of warning from experience, put some Brillo pad or spray foam in the hole in the floor under the fridge where the water connection is. Rodents and other critters could easily fit through that opening! Once your new flooring is in, it might be covered, but it gives me the heebie jeebies to think of giving them a freeway into the house… (#rodentphobia.)

  6. It’s a beautiful kitchen and I love the new colors your mom has chosen. How exciting to watch it come together! The really fun part is almost here – shopping for a few new accessories, styling the room, then toasting the completed project with a glass of wine ;-). You’re a sweet daughter, Kelly. p.s. you’re right, I voted for light bathroom walls but I must say I’m really loving the navy!

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