My Parent’s Kitchen Makeover – Before

I’m still working away in my son’s bathroom, if you have been following along on Instagram I’m in the home stretch! In between coats of paint, I’ve been running over to my parent’s house across the lake to help my mom pick paint colors for a little kitchen refresh.

cottage kitchen before photos

I thought I would show you some quick iPhone before shots today because I don’t think I have ever shared their kitchen here? My mom has been wanting to put a fresh coat of paint on her cabinets for a while now. They built this house the year I graduated high school, which yikes, was about 18 years ago now.

cottage kitchen before photos

It’s hard to tell in photos but the cabinets are a very yellow/creamy color with an antique glaze/speckle situation happening. Unfortunately, they have started to peel and discolor in several spots.

A view of a kitchen

This project got a little jumpstart when my mom came home this fall to find several inches of water awaiting her! Not the warm welcome home she was expecting. A pipe broke in their ceiling and their wood floors were completely destroyed. It’s hard to tell in these photos, but they are all buckled and the edges are curled up. It’s a little trippy walking in there right now, picture waves on a lake and that’s the state of their floor. You can kind of see it in the photo below. Since they have to replace all of the flooring, now seemed like a great time to freshen up the cabinets too!

buckled wood lfloors

The current floors were very warm toned, so she wanted to switch things up with a more neutral-toned floor similar to mine. You can see a sample in the photo below. Her honed black granite counters are still classic and work well in this space, so she decided a warm greige color would work well with the counters and new floors. The goal is to freshen up the cabinets with a bit cooler/less yellow tone and lose the antique look. We will also be swapping out the hardware for something more updated as well.

floor and cabinet colors for kitchen makeover

In the running for the cabinet color are Revere Pewter, Annapolis Gray, and Agreeable Gray. I painted a bunch of swatches for her and to be honest, I still don’t know what she is going to pick. They start painting this week so I’ll keep you posted!

cottage kitchen before shots

The black cabinet pieces that function as their pantry in here will be staying black.

cottage kitchen before shots

Her banquet seating area is getting a fresh coat of paint as well. I’ll be sure to share all the details when they finish up in the next few weeks, but it will be fun to see a fresh take on this space!


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  1. Can you please tell me the details on that flooring your mom picked? I’m stifling with flooring decisions! Thanks!

  2. Thank your mom for us for allowing us to see her makeover. I love your inspiration Kelly as we have a lake house on the northcoast of Ohio on Lake Erie.

  3. I am so excited to see this finished project!! Will you post it on your blog? I have so many questions about painting cabinets, hiring a painter, watch outs, lessons learned etc. I want so badly to paint my kitchen cabinets!! I have maple, shaker style and think they’d be perfect painted! Are you hirable as a design consultant?? LOL. Keep the great content coming!

  4. Love this kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the refresh.and the black cabinet is staying. Yah!

  5. Love the sample shown in pic of new flooring. Do you have a name or link for that exact flooring?
    You should do an open house for us Michiganders.

    1. Agreed! I’m a Kalamazoo gal and often wish I could see your projects and updates “live”! ?

      1. I am a Spring Lake gal wishing the same thing! We are renovating our our adding a huge addition with attached garage. I live your house and your moms too!

    2. So I think it’s a local company that hand stains everything but I will share any detail I can when its’ complete for sure!

  6. This could be our new-to-us kitchen! We’re considering repainting the cabinets in a light sage green. It plays well with the dark counters, wood floors and seems a bit warmer than grey. Cannot wait to see the updates :)

  7. I love how modern your parents kitchen is for being 18 years old. It doesn’t seem that outdated at all! Have they done upgrades to the trim and doors and things in their home? Or are those all original?!


  8. I love your Mom’s kitchen! I started following you and joined your blog because we recently purchased a lake house and decorating has been a little bit of a challenge. I have a LOT of open spaces (my kitchen is in the middle of the house like your Mom’s) and views of the lake. I have struggled with “do I use window treatments” and basics such as that. There’s not much out there for inspiration. Thank you for sharing!!

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