Revere Pewter Kitchen Update

I’m back this week with another Revere Pewter Kitchen update over at my parent’s house. All the cabinets and walls are painted and the new floors are finished! It feels like a fresh clean slate over there. Like really clean. Like completely blank, because nothing is put back except the major furniture items. My mom was supposed to come home this week and we were going to go to town on revamping this space. We had plans to sort through what she had and power shop to mix in some new pieces too. Unfortunately, she will be staying in Florida for the foreseeable future, so all of that is put on hold. I thought I would at least share a few photos of the fresh paint and new floors.

First, let’s take a look back at the before, if you remember my parent’s built this house 18 years ago. The kitchen recently flooded and all of the floors were ruined, which kicked off this whole makeover. The antique glaze on the cabinets was starting to yellow and peel so now seemed like a good time to freshen everything up with a new coat of paint!


cottage kitchen before photos


A kitchen with a wood floor

It feels so fresh and updated!

Gray painted cabinets black countertops

I cannot wait to restyle these glass cabinets with some pretty finds.

A kitchen with a sink and a window

We swapped out the cup pulls and chunkier knobs for these simple black handles and knobs from Battle Creek Hardware.

matte black hardware

It’s funny how swapping out the hardware can really change the feel of a space! It went from a country kitchen feel to an updated modern cottage vibe.

Revere Pewter Painted Cabinets

We kept these black cabinet units the same for some contrast.

A kitchen with a wood floor

The walls got a fresh coat of paint as well. We went with Natural Choice from Sherwin Williams which is the same color they have in their Florida home. She has some really beautiful colorful paintings to hang back up that will pop against the nice neutral wall color.

A room filled with furniture and a large window

The dining nook feels brand new with the freshly painted table and built-in benches. We have plans to pick a new cushion fabric and some pillows to finish off this cozy space.

Gray breakfast nook

Imagine a wood tray with a big glass vase of hydrangeas on the newly painted table.

gray breakfast nook

The lighter more neutral-toned floors really made a huge difference in the whole house! I love how they look with their stone fireplace. They are all hand stained by a local company here in Michigan called Urban Plank. I know a lot of you wanted the flooring info, unfortunately, I can’t link them for you, but if you are local be sure to check them out!

michigan lake house

Also, I always get questions about my mom’s sectional and it’s from Art Van Furniture and they unfortunately just went out of business. Boy, I’m feeling really helpful with the links today ha, sorry!

lake house windows

So excited to add some fun throw pillows and throws in here.

white oak engineered flooring

A room with a wooden floor

I cannot wait to get shopping, get styling, finish this space off, and most importantly hug my mom when all of this is over!

Revere Pewter Painted Cabinets

I hope you all are hanging in there and staying well!

SOURCE LIST: Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission on products purchased through these links at no additional cost to you.

Cabinet color – Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Wall color – Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams

Hardware – BattleCreek Hardware

Table – Ballard Designs

Chairs – Find them here

Couch – Art Van Furniture

Countertops – Honed Black Granite


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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and so am late to the party but I was wondering if you knew what color those dark cabinets in the kitchen are painted? Thanks so much…stay SAFE!

  2. Oh wow! Before and after, your parents hardwood floors make me swoon!!! Wide plank floors always make my heart flutter. I do like the after color better, but I sure wouldn’t have turned down the before.
    I can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Your moms home is beautiful! You did a great job! I scrolling back through to look at the wall paint. Would you say it’s more of a gray neutral? I know lighting makes it look different for everyone.

  4. Beautiful and classy. Did you paint the cabinets yourself or have it professionally done. I am wanting to paint ours but am afraid we can’t do it ourselves. Thanks so much for your reply.

  5. I spy with my little eye what could be Flow Blue in your mother’s cupboard. Is it? Lovely glass fronted cabinets for display.
    The whole update is a breath of fresh air

  6. The kitchen turned out gorgeous. I have to agree with all who have said that the the Revere Pewter in your photos reads an off white…not the more medium greige that the color actually is. It must be the lighting.
    Can’t wait to see all of your final touches.

    1. Hi Judy paint looks completely different depending on lighting. If you see the giant wall of windows in several of the photos that makes all the difference as to why the paint is lighter in her space. Thanks!

  7. Gorgeous floors. Engineered hardwood or regular? My floors are similar looking in engineered hardwood and I would like to lighten them up. Is that possible? Can they be sanded and refinished? Help please.

    1. They have engineered hardwood yes, I think you can do a liquid sanding process to refinish? I would contact a local flooring company to see your options!

  8. Has Benjamin Moore changed the Revere Pewter formula – or did you use enhanced lighting to whitewash the greige tone? I have gallons for our kitchen cabinets and this is not what we anticipate. The updated transformation is lovely and your mom will be delighted. thanks. PLEASE REPLY

    1. The color looks lighter in her home due to the wall of windows in their space. It’s important to test the paint in your own space because lighting makes all the difference! Thanks!

  9. Kelly,
    Your mom will love the transformation I’m sure! Such wonderful choices! I hope she will be home soon so that you can spend time together and shop till you drop! Can’t wait to see it with your final touches…you have such a great eye! Those floors made me have palpitations by the way…lol…..just ogling over them! ?
    By the way, if you are selling or getting rid of the previous hardware bin pulls and knobs, could you please contact me via email.
    Thanks for sharing another fabulous home with us!
    With a smile ~ Gloria

  10. Stunning transformation, Kelly! You are truly a pro! Black & white are always such a classic combo. Thanks so much for the shout out! We are giving all Lilypad Cottage followers 15% off until Sunday at This is a great time to tackle a kitchen mini-reno when you are stuck at home! ;-)

  11. It’s quite the change! I love the new floors! The pulls Really do update it. I wondered if bigger lights over the island would make a big impact. It’s a great way to update without a huge output.
    Note* The paint reads white on my iPad.

  12. Beautiful kitchen can I visit..ha.
    Can’t wait to see it all decorated, please share when it’s complete.
    What is the wood and color you choose for the floor. I was looking at their website.

  13. I noticed you changed from bin pulls to handles on the drawers, how did you handle the screw holes? Did you fill and then repaint? Love all the updates….like several others here, I am shocked that the cabinetry is painted Revere Pewter by BM. We painted my mother-in-law’s condo this color cut by 25% to make it lighter and it still was a very definite greige. On your project, they read a soft white. Love, love, love the floors too!

    1. Yes, they sanded and filled the holes before painting since she knew she was swapping out the hardware. There is a ton of natural light in their home so it appears lighter in here :)

  14. Wow! It looks so beautiful! It will be fun to see the finished place once you and your mom are able to shop, shop, shop. The Revere Pewter looks totally different in there compared to our walls. Stay safe and healthy!

  15. It looks AMAZING!!! I am so surprised the cabinet color is Revere Pewter as everything pulls more white than greige in the photos. Floors are perfection!
    Hope your mom is enjoying her AMI home … we’ve had some great weather down here the past few days

        1. Do you know if they lightened up the revere pewter at all? Or is it the original color? The home looks so beautiful!

          1. This is the original color but it looks lighter because they have so much natural light in their home. Thanks!

  16. So excited to see this update on the kitchen/flooring project! Love the new hardware, makes a huge difference! Now for the fun part, adding all those so important finishing touches!! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. You and your Mama are the perfect decor team! As always, everything is beautiful. I have no doubt she is anxious to see all the changes
    in person ?. I am keeping my fingers crossed she will be home soon!

  18. So pretty Kelly. It’s gonna look beautiful after you both style it with some awesome decor. Question, how does she like the black countertop? Does it constantly show dust all the time? Or is Easy to keep clean?

  19. Your mom’s home is really so lovely and it’s amazing how the new floor totally changes and updates the ambience. You and your mom will have so much fun shopping and styling together. Fingers crossed that will happen soon! ;-)

  20. It looks lovely! I can’t wait to see it decorated. I noticed on your living room post and now this one there are not window treatments. My husband and I purchased a lake house last fall and I am struggling with window treatments. I do not want to obstruct the beautiful view. I did purchase blinds and 2 (of my 7) my sliding doors have the old style vertical blinds, which I did not remove. Do you have any suggestions? The two doors that have blinds are in the main living area. The other three sets are in my dining room that lead to my sunroom, then a set from the sunroom to the deck. The ones from the living room lead to the deck as well and all face the water. The doors need replacing and we have plans to do that soon, I hope, but I’m struggling with what to put there as well. Thank you!

    1. I don’t know if it helps Tina but we love our fabric blinds–the pleated ones–that go up from the bottom or down from the top. Most just work with cords, but we do have motorized ones where the windows are hard to get to because of the furniture. Many of them stay half way down almost all the time so we still have privacy, but can see out. And we do have some windows toward the lake with nothing at all. Just don’t burn candles because the smoke will permanently stain them.

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