Lake House Outdoor Decor

We finally had a glorious stretch of weather this past weekend. The kind of weekend that makes you remember why you live in Michigan in the first place! :) Only to be followed by colder temps this week but still, it has me dreaming and scheming of decorating and our lake house outdoor decor! After laying 19 yards of mulch, I’m ready to make a pretty spot to relax and enjoy our handiwork. In the last few years, I’ve focused on getting the pool area ready. Unfortunately, the pool will probably be out of commission for most of the summer, it was scheduled to be repaired and resurfaced but with the shutdown, everything is behind. So I’m going to work on the lakeside spaces a bit more this summer.

One rookie mistake I made last year with our master deck space was getting too small of a rug. So I’m fixing that this year and adding an umbrella for some shade and a few new accessories too! We spend the majority of our time out here from spring to fall so I’m excited to give this space a little cozy upgrade. Actually a few of these items arrived already – I love the pillows! But while I’m waiting for everything to be delivered I thought I would show you my plans.

lake house outdoor decor

We have had these chairs for 6 years and they are still in perfect condition. They are on sale right now and I can’t recommend them enough! I linked a similar side table to what we have and I’m adding in the rug, pillows, and umbrella. I also bought some new planters, and now that the greenhouses are open I can’t wait to fill them next week when it warms up!

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Planters (the ones I ordered sold out but these are similar)



Blue Pillow

Cream Pillow


I’m also planning a little refresh on our patio down by the lake. I’ve been using the same rug from our old house that is about 6 years old and it’s always been too small for this space. I think I’m going to bring that rug up to our other deck to use under our dining table. I’m excited about finishing this space. Oh, and I finally found our firepit table back online for you all since it’s been requested a ton lately! These planters I have linked are gorgeous but $$. I actually have some old planters that I’m going to try to paint to look like this so stay tuned for that post…or maybe not if it’s an epic fail.


lake house outdoor decor



Firepit table

Polywood Adirondack chair – these are indestructible and I love them, we have slowly been upgrading our wood ones to these.

Wood Adirondack chair – these are a great budget-friendly option

Striped Pillows

Solid Pillows



Oh and yes I mentioned that the greenhouses are open here now which means window boxes coming soon!! I’ve been gathering tons of inspiration on Pinterest so we shall see what direction I go this year – can’t wait!

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  1. Living vicariously through your blog, as we are not traveling to our lake house just yet. :) One question after seeing your chair cushions: how do you prevent stains fro sunscreen on upholstered surfaces? I have the family trained to put down towels, but I hate to ask guests to do the same.

    1. I haven’t really had too many staining issues but I do throw them in the wash every now and then too and bleach them – thanks!

  2. Can’t wait to see it all in place! We have the polywood furniture too – love it! Stays outside all winter in the snow.
    Do you bring your cushions and pillows in each night? If not how do you keep them looking good? I replace my pillows each year, but the cushions are too expensive.

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